Friday, February 13, 2009

How I Really Didn't Save Valentines Day. At All.

Ah, yes, the second half of this week has gone muuuuuch better than the first. Bean returned to her normal happy, perky self by Wednesday, thankfully just in the nick of time to head back to school for her First Ever Valentines party. I'd almost literally been holding my breath hoping she'd rally in time to go, as I recall a time from my own childhood when I stayed home sick with strep throat instead of goin' off on the bus with my chums to collect my Valentines, conversation hearts and my absolute favorites, those gummy, chewy red-hot hearts.

Clearly if I still remember it in such vivid detail I must have suffered horribly, and I really didn't want Madame Drama to have to experience such misery.

Also, I have a lot to learn about being the mother of a school-kid. Fortunately, in the nth hour, I'd impulsively picked up some little fun-sized bags of m&ms for Bean to give out with her Blues Clues Valentines, thinking, OH! she'll have a little sumpm extra to put in her friends' bags! She'll be a Valentines Party hero! But wouldn't you know every single other kid brought a little treat to give out too? Man, not only was Bean not any kind of a hero (although she's the only one who brought m&ms, the best candy on the planet, so we've got that goin' for us) she really only narrowly escaped bein' labeled The Kid with the Cheapest Schmuck of a Mom in all of Miss Brenda's 4 year-old class.

Valentine providence, I tell you. Providence.

I am totally on track to be put in the Remedial Mothering class next fall.


But I did get sumpm right this week! Check out our new Graco Ipo Twin stroller. It arrived yesterday and Bean and I had it outta the box and put together in about 20 seconds flat, and then Bean insisted she and Peabody have a little inaugural voyage in it. Around the living room and kitchen. And around. And around. And around.


Oh, Mama! I love this stroller. Great quality, handles like a dream, plenty of storage, and it's not too heavy and pushes fine with only one kid in it. If you're looking for a double for twins or for a baby and your older child, take a look at this one. I got it for about 25% off the average retail price at

And with that, I gotta stroll, myself. Y'all have a great Friday!

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  1. I wish I'd had the same nth-hour impulse you did! I was slightly embarrassed this morning when my son was one of the only kids without candy, or without hand-made Valentines (HAND-MADE!!). Just the store-bought Lightning McQueen ones. I was proud of myself for remembering anything at all -- looks like I'll have to step it up for next year!

    Love the stroller!

  2. If you had been paying attention to my tweets on the 11th you would have known all about the explosion of Valentine's Day at preschool. Seriously, why isn't a card with a handwritten signature not enough anymore? One kid brought loot bags, another cupcakes, another brownies and their teacher made special sugar cookies for snack.

    Princess is sure to be bouncing in her car seat the whole way to grandma's house tonight!

  3. Well now you have a full year to plan the next Valentine's Day. Little tip, anything stuffed in cello bags and tied with a big bow makes even cheap candy look mahvelous. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Glad Bean is feeling better! My 7 yr old came home from school with a bag full of Valentines and tons of treats to go with them.

    We taped Valentine Pencils to her 3D Shamu cards, to give to her friends, lol. I remembered all the candy from last year... didn't want to contribute to tooth decay this year.

  5. Just found your blog, and oh so quickly added it to my list of favorites! I'm really enjoying your posts!

    Anyway, my 2 (almost 3) year old daughter's pre-school doesn't celebrate any holiday except Thanksgiving. I guess that's the easiest thing to do in our very culturally diverse neighborhood. A bit boring, but easy. Luckily we were scheduled to bring snack yesterday, and I asked the teachers if I could bring little heart shaped rice crispy treats. She said sure, so I did. Along with red & white plates & napkins, all of which I was positively giddy about!

    So we get to school yesterday & there was a huge commotion in the gym. Apparently yesterday was the big pajama party & we didn't get the message. Loud music, snacks, cute kidlets in cute pajamas. The whole nine yards. Yay for them, but all those cute crispy hearts that I was so geekily excited about were completely overshadowed! All of a sudden I was 5 years old & ready to throw down with a temper tantrum! Thankfully I kept it in check until I got home to the hubby & he gallantly let me vent all over him.

    Oh well, maybe I'll have better luck next year. And I'll be sure to keep the M&Ms in mind!

  6. Fancy stroller! And Peanut is so big! My girls took homemade V-Day cards to school, that they made themselves, and I taped little bags of sweet-tarts to them. I was happy with that b/c they had fun making them and used materials we had at home. Some people definitely do more with the goody bags, but my girls don't even seem to notice who gives what.

    Glad y'all are feeling better.

  7. I wouldn't have thought to put candy with valentines. Of course - I'm old! They didn't do that stuff way back when!
    Love the stroller!

  8. Oh man, I sure am glad that Emily's kindergarten doesn't do anything like that. I am definitely THAT mum who doesn't know to put treats with the card! It's hard enough for me to remember to bring something to contribute to the fundraising grocery raffle.

    And look how big Peanut is!

  9. oh come on Megan.....don't you know that society is so darn stuck on consuming...that we HAVE to buy more and more and more stuff to give kids on Holidays???? is sort of scary, sad, and yummy at the same time.

  10. Um, yeah. We had our first VDay party this week, too, and I was amazed at what some of the moms came up with. And ashamed of my lack of creativy. Or, maybe, like Corey said, I was just trying to fight the consumerist flow and be a rebel. Yeah, I'll go with that.

    NICE SCORE on the stroller!! We have a double, but it's not the side-by-side, it's the other kind. We use it ALL THE TIME. Especially since AJ does not want to be worn in the ERGO anymore - that double stroller is a LIFESAVER. Sure, I feel like a bus driver when we are out in it sometimes, but I'll take that over feeling like a pack mule carrying one (or more!) child on a hip.

    Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you and Al get in some extra smooches!

  11. Well, I could also be part of that class this week. It was parent observation week at my daughter's dance school. I forgot. All the moms were there for her jazz class...except me.

    I've missed just this one in 5 years, but don't you know my drama girl was not a happy camper.

    When I had a chance to redeem myself at the next class by being present, my camera and video camera both had dead batteries.

    big sigh. We try. We do our best - sometimes that's all we can do.

  12. When I was teaching kindergarten, I had to put a strict limit of 1 piece of candy attached to each valentine. I know that sounds mean, but the year before, I had kids show up with TREAT BAGS for each classmate, and when you have 30 students...OH THE SUGAR!!! There were so many candies and cards that they wouldn't even all fit into their little Valentine collecting boxes!

  13. So glad Bean could make it to her V-Day party! I, too, am a lover of Valentine's Day. In 2nd grade I skipped all the waking up feeling sick warnings and insisted on going to school because I didn't want to miss out on party day.

    Long story short - I didn't make it through the day, and it wasn't pretty. But seriously, what sadistic PE teacher decides to have kids run laps after they've consumed mass amounts of cupcakes and candy hearts?

  14. I was glad that I had gotten Boo's valentines early, since there were two mom's that forgot and I was able to help them out a bit. Whoops!

    So glad that Bean is feeling better. I had to miss one party for scarlet fever, not a good time.

  15. You could always look down your nose as you say condescendingly, "Oh I NEVER allow my children to eat refined sugar," and then watch as all the mamas hasten to cry neither do they as they hide the treat bags full 'o crap. Of course, you'd have to coach the kids to not look at you funny and wrinkle their noses and say, "HUH? Yes you do!" Or you know, reach for the M&Ms and cram them down. Just tell them M&Ms are for PRIVATE TIME.