Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hi people -

It's me. You know, peace-lovin', goofball, let's-all-laugh-and-eat-some-biscuits-together-on-the-porch me? And all this conflict is givin' me hives, so I'm closing the comments to this post.

To anyone who's been hurt or offended by the contents of the original post or any of what was said in the comments, sorry about that. It happens, I suppose, although it hasn't ever happened HERE and I'm bummed it did this time. Please know that I write every rambling post with a heart full of desire to bring Moms and women (and man, Dad) together, not drive us apart.

If you have additional thoughts you'd like to share about this post, by all means, please email me directly at friedokra4me at gmail dot com. I'll welcome them with gratitude as long as they're meant in the spirit of respect and friendship. But if you're looking for a heated argument, I'm not your girl, and FriedOkra is just not that kinda blog.

MMMMMWAH! Love y'all.


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  1. Megan, obviously I missed all the drama because I have no idea what happened. I re-read your post and can't imagine what you said that could cause a controversy.

    You've handled this with class; keep your head held high! (((hugs)))

  2. I'm with Pam. I missed the conflict too and don't know what you posted about that could have even caused it. Hang in there!

  3. Many hugs Megan! I missed it as well. much love to you. You are a peach....and nothing would change my mind on that.
    mwah......right back at you!

  4. Conflict? What on earth could you have written that caused conflict? I totally missed it! Love ya!

  5. I missed the drama too. I read your post and don't remember anything controversial about it. Anyway, hang in there and it will blow over soon. You have a lot of readers who love you.

  6. Oh shoot! I always miss all the juicy stuff :).

    I read the post yesterday, and just re-read it now and I can't imagine what could have possibly brought about any controversey. Hold your head high, remember, YOURS is the only opinion that matters when it comes to this here blog!

  7. Drama...really?? Who could anyone honestly say anything negative about that post? Even if one didn't vote for Obama, you have to love the passion that you have set forth in helping your child remeber this inaguration. Sorry you've had to limit what you talk about on your OWN blog. No worries Mrs.FriedOkra, we think you ROCK!

  8. I was your first commenter yesterday and happened to re-read some of the other comments this morning (before you shut them down), and completely understand why you made the choice to close the comments.

    I think what you wrote was, as it usually is, honest and sincere. If other people have to take your well-thought-out words and make them out to be something they aren't, they don't deserve to be able to comment.

    I hope you, Bean and Peabody were able to enjoy the day. I would love to see a post on the pictures you and Bean were going to draw, or a post about her thoughts of the day.

  9. I am with everyone else; I don't see one thing that could even remotely be construed as controversial or offensive. Do some people have nothing better to do with their time than to start drama and make someone else miserable!?!

    I am so sorry hun that you had to experience that. You definitely handled the situation with an abundance of grace.

    Hugs to you...
    Anita, a Knitting Junkie!

  10. I read the comments early yesterday (there were only 3 at the time, and one was actually a response from you). They were supportive of you, and I left thinking, "Good for you. You were honest about what the day meant to you and your family, and others are respecting that." I didn't leave a comment yesterday because I had nothing to add to the conversation. Although I didn't see the controversial comments, it sounds like some people don't know that old saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Keep being honest. We've gotch ya back!

  11. In defense of all commenters yesterday, I gotta clarify here. No one leveled any attacks on me personally. In fact, I enjoyed some of the discussion the comments sparked. Toward the end, though, I felt like things were taking a negative and slightly personal turn. I cut off comments in the interest of preventing things from getting out of hand. I'm not mad at anyone, nor did I get my own feelings hurt. All's well. I just felt like it was time to ensure that all STAYED well.

  12. I missed the controversy, too. I hardly ever read the comments. But I echo all these comments. CANNOT IMAGINE what was to be offended by. Aunt Joy

  13. I missed all the juicy stuff...I'm keeping to many plates spinning (and too many blogs in my feed reader) to keep up.

    I can't imagine what all the 'fuss' was about. I did not vote for Obama, but my children and I watched the events yesterday just the same. I'm sure many others did as well.

    I hope you won't let a bad day keep you from keeping everyone posted on your beautiful Bean and Peabody. I think you have a lovely family and a fun writing style. ;-)

  14. Look - now you have other non-commentes all curious. But curiosity is better than criticism, or "almost" criticism. ;)

    I see nothing wrong with the post whatsoever, I don't even see anything that could possibly be construed as an agenda. You dealt with it gracefully and sweetly! Good job.

    Oh and I like the new profile pic. :)

  15. I have no idea what you are referring to, I didn't get a chance to follow up on comments. I went back to check my comment and of course its gone. I can't even remember what I wrote for my comment. I think it should have said something like...
    Your post was wonderful.
    It was and still is.

  16. Love your blog, babe.

    Really, what in the world--I'm ready to be indignant on your behalf, and think I'm glad I missed those comments.

    Nate's Mom

  17. Dang I missed me some good blog drama. But seriously? What was in that post that may have pissed people off? Cuz I just don't see it. Shake it off Megan, you're as wonderful as always. Now for whoever caused this ruckus, they need a serious time out and maybe no dessert for the rest of the week!

  18. I hate drama, bah. Like everyone else posting here today I seem to have missed whatever happened & I can't, for the life of me, figure out what kind of controversy that post could have caused. (And it's driving me NUTS so you should email me, haha.) Of course, you know how I feel about Obama and I did the same things that you did regarding the inauguration (I have a feeling it will definitely be one of those "Where were you when...?" days) so obviously I wouldn't see how it could bother anyone. Glad your feelings weren't hurt anyway! xoxo

  19. Hiya!!

    I am quite amused by our curious nature. I too was late with my visit and everything had already 'gone down' by then.

    I will say this though and it is from my heart - I did not vote for BARACKOBAMA (lol, Bean) but the fact is that he is now MY president and his authority over me has been OK'd by the Lord. Romans 13:1 says that "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God." BARACKOBAMA is not a mistake - he has been set apart for this mission from the Lord. Therefore, I will pray for him and submit myself to the leadership in which he provides.

    I am excited that Bean remembered everything this morning. I miss you!! xoxo Julie