Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We've been talking about and playing with the sounds of letters lately around FriedOkra Manor. I'm SO EXCITED Bean's showing interest in reading. Feels like I've been waitin' for this stage forever. She's initiated a neat little game we play off and on throughout the day, and yesterday's session made me laugh.

Bean: D for dance! (Shaking her booty.)

Mama: M for music!

Bean: G for guitar!

Mama: T for TICKLE!

Bean: K for KISS! (Smack. She kisses me.)

Mama: H for HU-U-UG! (Squeeeeeeeeeeze. I hug her.)

Bean: (Muffled.) Um. M for Mama?

Mama: Yes, B for Bean?

Bean: Mmmmf. (Squirm.) T.

Mama: T?

Bean: Mmmm-hmm. For Too Tight.

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  1. She's got a good sense of humor! Now where does she get that from?

  2. Neat game that teaches while having fun...

  3. Wow. That's adorable. And super smart. I am definitely a preschool teacher at heart, and I can't WAIT to teach my little man- only a couple more years to go! :)

  4. C for completely cute.
    Love her. xoxo

  5. Dacey is TOTALLY into letters these days. Like, OBSESSED. It's so fun to see the little learning games they come up with on their own.

  6. Gremlin was doing this while grocery shopping recently and all of a sudden this cute little girl ran up, got right in his face and said, "H for Hi!!!!" Gremlin just looked at her stunned, then glanced over at me and said, "Uh...she made me forget all my alphabet." I lost it!

  7. Only 4 years old and she's already lighting quick with the come backs? That's one smart and creative girl you're raising.

  8. oooo we love it here too. :) sooooo wonderful!

  9. Yay, that sounds great! I'm waiting for Arthur to be ready too, and he is definitely showing more interest, but is not as quick with the letter sounds as Bean yet! I'm so excited about homeschooling, and I knooow there's no rush, but I can't wait for this big Ready-To-Read milestone, you know? :)

    Good for you and Bean, having fun while learning! :)

  10. haha to funny. That Bean is one smart little girl.