Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Me Now, Holy Cow, Could Someone Pinch Me Please?*

This is my four-hundred ninety-sump'm-eth post!

Which means in a few days I'll be posting here for the FIVE HUNDREDTH TIME, people.


Nearly five hundred times I've opened up this white Blogger box and typed out something of myself to share with first one person, then seven, then 20, then 100, and now 350+ sweet, loyal, forgiving souls who, for some reason've seen fit to indulge my ramblings day after day.

And I'm touched. Touched that 18 months ago I nervously fried up my first serving of Okra and hoped somebody out there would sniff it out and enjoy it, and since then y'all have just kept comin' back to the table, so to speak, for more.

It baffles me, really. (But in a good way.)

Thank you.

So much.

I'm feeling like we need to do something special to mark the occasion of FriedOkra's five hundredth post. Something all new. Something monumental.

Which of course means I've been completely stressed out and my mind has gone totally blank and I've spent the past several days hiding behind the big ol' Aigner boot box in the back of my closet nervously humming the score to Broadway's Annie and eating ranch-flavored croutons straight out of the package.

Fortunately for y'all, though, there's Al. And he has come up with a fabulous idea for post #500, and he's even offered to be actively involved in the project, bless his husbandly, take-matters-into-my-own-hands-so-my-wife-will-stop-muttering-and-shivering-and-perpetually-smelling-like-Hidden-Valley heart.

(And get out of the closet.)

(No, not THAT closet.)

But we need your help to bring Al's Fabulous Five Hundredth Post Spectacular to life. And I know I've asked you this before, but I'ma ask you it again, and this time I want to you to REALLY (all of you, because Monday was De-lurking Day and I didn't EVEN take y'all to task on that!) and I mean REALLY think about this. Not that you haven't in the past, really thought about it, that is, but yeah.

This time it's for all the money, people. The whole enchilada.

I need y'all to ask more questions. Only this time, Al's gonna help me answer them. And we're going to answer your questions in a way that'll (hopefully) surprise and delight y'all.

So ask away. We'll answer the best of the questions, best meaning probably the ones that make us laugh the hardest, maybe? Who knows.

And remember, this whole thing was Al's idea, so make sure you take this man to task, okay? Work him over good. He needs it!

All-righty! Fire away, people. Make sure you include which one of us you want to answer along with your question.

*Lyrics from "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" by Martin Charnin. From Broadway's Hit Musical, Annie.

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  1. Hi Megan! :)
    I have really been wondering....and this might not be the best place to ask...and I think you will know right away who needs to answer this question...but seeing how I am expecting my first, I am just dying to know how the *ahem, adult disposable undergarments *ahem worked out for the first few days post-partum.
    I have been wondering since the hysterical post when they were purchased. Sorry if this is a little too...personal. :)

  2. My question is for Al -

    If you had 48 hours to yourself - no work to do at the office or at home, and your lovely wife and beautiful children were out of town and for whatever reason you were NOT with them, what would you spend your time doing?

  3. I'm really looking forward to this post. I love your posts anyway and since we get the bonus of having Al too - how great is that!
    My question is for Al:
    Megan is very honest and open in her blog. She has a great sense of humor and is willing to share her embarrassing moments and laugh with us. I know from what she has shared in the past that you have a great sense of humor too. Do you have any funny stories about yourself or the two of you, that you're willing to share?

  4. For Al - boxers or briefs? Stocks or bonds?

  5. Hey that's why we call them blogs.for our rants,raves,prayer request and what ever else strikes our fancy that we blog is all over the place.

  6. This is a more "serious" question that my Hubby and I visit every so often and it might make for an interesting post. We ask each other, "What can I do better?" and sometimes our answers are quite serious and sometimes they are silly. I think one time he told me to get my own toothpaste because he's tired of how I squeeze the tube. He also has asked me to not leave dishes in our sink. I haved asked him to actually hang his clothes up after trying them on insted of flopping them on top of the already hung up ones on the get the picture! It's our chance to just revisit our relationship and be honest about what is bugging us. So take it as you will and have fun! Keep the gloves up! :-)

  7. I'm just wondering if you've ever been to Southern Illinois. It's really beautiful down here, especially in the fall. One more, do you like morel mushrooms? We pick loads in the spring. Mushroom hunting is one of my favorite things to do. If you do like them, how do you prepare them? This one's for you OkraMama.

  8. Al?? Really? How lucky are we! We get you both. How wonderful!

    Okay, Al...take a look at your lovely/hilarious/fantastic/amazing wife. Really, take a look right now...done? Tell us one thing about her at this VERY MOMENT that takes your breathe away.


  9. Yay 500! My question for Al is this: how does Megan take after her mother's personality and how does Bean take after Megan's? And does Bean have her mama's southern accent?

  10. I just love love love your blog! I never miss a post (unless you don't post and then i miss your silly butt)!

    This is a serious question for you both! I myself am in an interracial marriage and have 2 (hopefully 3 by the end of the year hehehe) beautiful children, but i often still see people making faces and comments when they think no one is looking. What is the worst form of racism you have faced as a couple and how did you handle it?

    Sorry for getting all serious on your booties!

  11. Since I been hanging around here since, well, pretty darn close to the beginning, I feel as though I've come to know Al quite well. I am JUMPING at the chance to ask him a bunch o' stuff.

    Here are a few from which you can choose, Good Man Al:

    1) Megan has no qualms about sharing the most embarassing things she has ever done or had happen to her. How about you? What is your most embarassing moment?

    2) If you had a million dollars and you absolutely could NOT invest a penny of it, how would you spend it?

    3) Do you believe in aliens, ghosts, or the paranormal?

    4) What first attracted you to Megan? (Besides the fact that she has the most lovely first name in the entire world . . . *wink*)

    5) After you are gone what do you most want to be remembered for?

  12. I'd loooove a response from each of you on this...
    What was your best date together?
    And your worst?

    This could get interesting, hehehe!!

    Great idea for the big 500 Al!!

  13. 500 posts? ye dogs! you have a lot to say. of course...I haven't looked at my stats in ages, and I might have that many as well. LOL

    so here is the question....let's say that you just found out that I moved in NEXT DOOR to you, and you decided to invite Sugar Bear and I over for a playdate and some food. What would you feed us pacific Northwest girlies, to ensure that we have a proper welcome to the house of Fried Okra?

  14. hmm -
    I love your blog and am proud that you're at 500 posts! such a milestone :-)

    anyways, it seems from your posts like you've made it through the ridiculously exhausting phase with peanut. I'm wondering how you did it? what's your biggest advice? and what are some ways that Al supported/helped you through it?

    :-) I need all the help and advice I can get here!

  15. I'm not a good question-asker so I'll leave that to everyone else. I AM interested in the answers to the other questions posted so I'll be looking forward to your five-hundredth post. :)

  16. Another serious question for Al. . . about something Megan posted about earlier this year -- after going through the heartbreak of divorce, what has changed that makes you secure in the permanence of your marriage? Just wondering what the Husband's take on this one is after Wife Okra's excellent post.

  17. Al, with all of the amazing recipes that Megan post on the blog (and I assume cooks for you), how do you stay looking slim and fit??

    And a lot of people have asked about your most embarrassing moment... but is there any moments that Megan has blogged about that you wish she hadn't? (do you read her blog?)

  18. I am so distracted by the thought of all those morel mushrooms that I can't think of anything but food. (Cathy--we used to have them on the farm where I grew up, loads of them, and we'd flour them and fry them in butter and they were like AMBROSIA and NECTAR of the GODS! Now, inexplicably, they don't grow there anymore and it's been YEARS since I've had them. I am so craving them now!!!)


    What are your favorite foods--both of you? Do you have any meals you make together?

    What about ice cream? Chocolate-chunk-something or something-berry? (I say there are two kinds of people in the world--the former and the latter.)

    Congrats on upcoming #500!


  19. Aww, I like Fritz Facts' question. Al, pretty please answer that one? :o)
    These related questions go out to either-or-both: How long do you plan to stay in Chicago? and Where do you hope to "end up?" and Why?