Saturday, January 31, 2009

And Bonus #26 - I'm content to accept there are just some things I'll never understand in life. Like why anyone'd write a song about muskrat love.

I was tagged on Facebook a couple or forty times to do this one (and I may have just tagged some of y'all on YOUR Facebooks to do it too, so get to randomizin'!) Thought I'd throw these up here, too, since my Dad has now made it clear to me that he's poised to Unsubscribe my arse if I don't knock it off with all the BORING FASHION POSTS.

(I'm not certain this is gonna be that drastic an improvement, though, just so y'all know.)

1 - I'm fairly surprised at how wide-eyed I still feel at 41. I'm full of dreams and have even more that I want to see, do and learn about than I did at 21. I think at 21 I thought I'd be old and boring at 41. Oh, wait.

2 - I hope this body can hold on for at least another 41 years so I can get it all accomplished.

3 - I wonder, sometimes several times daily, what I ever did before there was email. I guess I must have used ... ugh... THE DREADED PHONE!

4 - And how'd I live without the internet? I probably Google at least 15 random things a day because I MUST HAVE AN ANSWER TO THIS BURNING QUESTION! STAT!

5 - All the things I wanted to be when I was a child have come true, even though I kinda abandoned hope they ever would while I was in my 20s and 30s - a mom, a writer, a Midwesterner who wears goose-down and various types of fur and trudges around in knee deep snow for months out of the year. Yep, that's me, now!

6 - And I might whine about the struggles and the heartaches and perils of any and all of the above, but make no mistake, I love this life. I really AM livin' my dream.

7 - My favorite place to kiss my babies is right between their noses and their cheeks. That little dent's the perfect size and shape to fit my lips into and smooch away! Although I love their lips, too. Heck, I just like kissin' em.

8 - Al proposed to me at a birthday party he planned for my 36th birthday, among twenty-something of our closest friends. I will never ever forget that amazing night. Although in the fact that I said twenty-something, I recognize I may be losin' full command of the finer details.

9 - I will also never take that wonderful man's love for me for granted, nor will I stop reminding him how lucky I feel to have him for mine.

10 - I am LOUSY at sending cards and presents to people on their birthdays. I love birthdays, and I love people, but I guess I don't love calendars. Or the post office.

11 - The older I get, the more I recognize there's more'n one right answer to almost every question, more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, and plenty of love to go around.

12 - Which makes life a lot better, but a little more complicated for poor little decision-challenged me.

13 - My favorite food is buffalo chicken salad, hold the salad, with extra bleu cheese and plenty of celery. But I don't much care for actual buffalo wings because they're too much work and I hate gettin' all that goo under my fingernails.

14 - I love to travel. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I hope my kids will be the travelin' kind because I really want to get out and see more of this world with them. I think traveling and living all over expands people's perspective and open their minds and hearts to people and things different than themselves and their own experiences. And that's just GOOD.

15 - Shoes. Me likey the shoes.

16 - Bean and I love to fire up the 80s tunes on YouTube or the ipod and dance our little hearts out. You know, 80s tunes are even more fun without all that teenage angst.

17 - I love to cook. From Southern classics to rustic Italian dishes to fabulous holiday meals. I'll try my hand at just about anything, if I can find the ingredients locally. But I think my favorite thing to make is still my Mom's recipe for home made mac and cheese. Because it, my friends, is culinary perfection, every time.

18 - In blogging, I seem to have found an outlet for all the random conversations I used to have in my head.

19 - But I still tend to get lost in my own thoughts unless I really, really make myself focus on the here and now.

20 - I work better alongside another person. Not necessarily WITH someone else on the same project, just in close proximity to another person who is also working. Or appears to be working.

21 - I guess I don't really believe in karma, but I do kinda see that what goes around comes around, more times than not. In knowing this, and in genuinely liking people, I try to be, you know, nice.

22 - But don't mess with my kids. Seriously. Don't.

23 - I love to laugh. And to make someone else laugh? Oh, that is what I live for! For what I live! Whatever!

24 - I once climbed a 50 foot alpine tower and rappeled down with a raw egg wrapped in a bandana tied to the belt loop of my shorts. I made it, but the egg didn't. I am still working through my grief.

25 - I'm startin' to see what they mean by "You get what you pay for" and thinking I'll learn to live with less, if I can just have good, quality less that will last.

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  1. #4 - I do that, too! I'm always firing up the laptop & jumping on Google or Wikipedia to find out some trivial information that I just HAVE to know.

  2. Good idea to post this. I did it on Facebook and have been tagged several times since. I found it hard to come up with 25 things.
    I like the fact that you are having random conversations in your head. I have them too!

  3. A couple of people have tagged me on there too but I haven't done it, haha. Maybe I'll do a blog version instead.

  4. doing the seven this meme was tough enough,so I'm just nor gonna do this one.

  5. I've been tagged for this too - but 25 is a lot of random so I'm still working on it.

  6. Love #13 - you're too funny. Thanks for making me laugh every single day!

  7. I, too, cannot remember life without Google. How did I manage to survive without having instant answers at my fingertips?

  8. I think a lot of us bloggers HATE talking on the phone- it's so awkward compared to online conversations! :)

  9. Sometimes I think we are connected in a really weird and special way. I just posted my 25 things from FaceBook this weekend too. do read it....I think you'll like it. cause i'm all about #23.

  10. #16: Have you and Bean tried It's a free radio site where you type in the artists/songs that you like and then it searches for similar songs. I bet you could get a real great rockin' '80s station going!

  11. Awesome list! I wish you lived across the street from me - we'd have a good time hanging out, fer sure.

  12. Love your list - I need to find you on FB!!
    #7 I love to kiss the back of babies necks, that lil dent is just so yum!
    #16 I have to agree with Jenna - I started with Duran Duran one day & ended up with the best playlist ever!!
    #20 I am the same way - part of the reason I never get any housework done!!