Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Also, I Asked Her, "Wow, What Do You Think of Aretha's Hat?" and She Said, "Well. It Has a Big Bow on It."

So yesterday was a Big Day, huh?

Bean and I watched the televised coverage of the inauguration completely enraptured. It took her awhile to understand that nobody was gettin' married, though, and disappointment shrouded the remainder of the day after I explained there wasn't going to be any Big White Cake.

Let's see. Thanks to me ONE TIME, in sheer desperation to find some sort of common ground upon which to build, likening the President to a, um, king (as all the founding fathers took one big collective whirl in their graves, sorry guys!) Bean now refers to the White House as "the castle" and the Obama girls as "the princesses."

Oh well. We'll get 'er there eventually, right?

The video'd interview with Bean? FAIL. She wasn't in her on-camera mood, so I ended up with 3 minutes worth of footage of me askin' 'er questions and tellin' her to sit up and look at me and her rolling her eyes and growling and sayin' "You're makin' me angry!"

Apparently I'm no Barbara Walters, but then again, I'm guessin' Barbara's never had to juggle her own camera in one hand AND a fussy, sweet potato-covered baby in the other while interviewin' her subjects.

That failure aside, I still think overall we accomplished the mission. Bean and I watched, she and I discussed, and she told Daddy about what she'd seen happen when he got home. My daughter, for whatever reason, only speaks the name of our new president as all one word, and it's always in all-caps with multiple exclamation points, like BARACKOBAMA!!!!

So the dinner conversation went like this:

Me: Bean, tell Daddy what we watched on TV today.


Al: Really? What was he doing on TV?

Bean: Oh (casually), you know, he jus' got born as the President of the world.

(Yep, hadn't even stepped foot in the Oval Office yet and already he's gotten himself a big promotion!)

Al: Really? What else?

Bean: Um. His wife brought a present to Mrs. Butch. It was a pen and a book, wif pages so she can write a story tomorrow.

Megan: What's President Obama's wife's name? Do you remember?

Bean: Um. The Lady?

Megan: Yes, the FIRST Lady.

Bean: The First Lady! And Daddy?

Al: Yes baby?

Bean: They have TWO PRINCESSES too. And one is a big girl and the other is even a BIGGER girl.

Today I asked her what happened yesterday and she got all cross and rolled her eyes and said, (And her tone was all, Gee whiz, lady, can't you REMEMBER these things? We watched it like, ALL DAY, for cryin' outloud.) "Mamaaaaaaa, BARACKOBAMA!!! rode in that big black car with the green glass and then he was the President. What's for breakfast?"

Made a huge impression on that one, it did.

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  1. I blogged! Thank you so much for sharing Bean's thoughts of the day. I love hearing a 4-year old's take on the world!

  2. Mom's are funny like that! I think she'll remember though!

  3. My two wouldn't even watch it with me. They were all "he was ALREADY voted IN, what's the big deal?" {SIGH}

  4. Oh and when the Pope died a few years ago, I had to explain it to my then five year old that he was sort of "the king of church". You work within their realm of understanding. ;-)

  5. Me and Bean. I noticed that big ole bow, too. Makes me think of the helicopter bows you see on little girls here in the south. Not that I would have been guilty of doing that to my sweetie - only once or a hundred times.

  6. I missed all the ruckus from the other day I guess. But I love your blog so much! The only thing I would add to your festivities would be 'did you buy a newspaper'? It would be a tangible thing to keep to mark the day.

  7. How sweet! I just love hearing about our children's view on current affairs.

    Yesterday was a wonderful day in our nation's history. Glad you enjoyed it with family!

  8. Loved hearing Bean's take on the day. And the hat? Yeah, Bean, it was a REALLY big bow. My thought exactly!

  9. If you're Aretha, you can wear a big bow and get away with it.

    Bean will remember.

  10. Nice, Hat Chick :)

    Kids tell it how it is, dont they?

  11. I laughed at this. HARD. I SO love your Bean.

  12. Sounds youngest says his name "Brocco Bama".

    It was a Big Day. Glad you shared it with us.

  13. Funny how you already have no idea what you are talking about and she's only four! Back in my day my mom didn't know what she was talking about til I turned 13. Ha! I love it! What a memorable day!

  14. Sounds delightful. I sort of used the idea of a King as well....blush....LOL

  15. Yeah, Aretha's hat was something but then she is not known to be conservative. We got a kick out of it, though.

    I am sorry for any negative comments you experienced. I thought the post was honest and fun loving.

  16. Yeah, that's about exactly how things have gone down around here. You know they think we are nuts on a daily basis.

  17. I scrolled down and read the post that apparently caused some hub-bub, but, uhh, I'm just not seein' the problem. I think what you did with you baby girl was great!

  18. How fun. That is hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could capture my kids craziness as well.

    Have a good one!

  19. I for one loced Aretha's hat. She is the queen, and can wear any dang hat she wants, because she sings sooo good.

    I'm glad you take the time to teach your kids about the important things going on in their world. Believe me, she'll remember it when she grows up to be a Big Girl.

  20. How wonderful! I love Bean's thoughts on the day, so real and honest. Boo asked me if his girls were princess' now too, hard to have them understand.