Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Letter 2008

Nifty image of the Jolly Elf Himself in our living room by

Well Ho ho ho, Beautiful Cobb Family –

Santa loves his trip down this chimney every year, although this year he was a little nervous and made his descent slowly and carefully lest he be mistaken for the Grinch and smacked in the puff as he climbed out the fireplace! Right, Miss Bean?

What a year it’s been for this family, indeed. An exciting event back in August, huh? Ho ho ho! Welcome to your lovely new little guy, Peanut. Santa is always happy to see families so full of love for one another expand – another child for Santa to treasure, and another dose of childlike wonder in the world. My two favorite miracles, all wrapped up in one.

Al, look at you, my boy! A father now to four thriving children, a loving husband to Megan and the best manager any branch of your firm has ever seen, bar none. You do it all, my man, and you do it with a gentleness, but a fire, a generosity of spirit and one of the kindest hearts Santa has ever known this side of well, himself. Ahem. Santa continues to be impressed with you as you expand your knowledge and better yourself through continued higher education. You are fine man, my son. A fine, fine man.

And Megan. Santa's heart swells with pride in you as well this year, as he has watched you carry your Matthew, deliver him, and face the challenges new motherhood inevitably brings. And you’ve been tired and frustrated and overwhelmed as any mother would be, learning to meet the needs of her growing family. But you are doing beautifully, sweet lady. Don’t be too hard on yourself, for it is your tender heart your children and husband crave the most – not this perfect person, this perfect home, this perfect life – just YOU, your own creative, warm, eager, loving self. Let it be enough for you, dear one. It will always be more than enough for them.

Alex, what can be said of a little girl who brightens the lives of everyone around her with her own unique blend of sweet, smart and silly? Santa has watched you grow for four years now, and what a big girl you’ve become, in the blink of an eye! You’re in school this year, and loving it – you come home every time full of excitement and wanting to show your Mama what you’ve got in your backpack. And what a helpful, loving, devoted big sister you are to your baby brother. Santa beams to see the two of you together, laughing and playing. And you’ll continue to have more and more fun in the years to come. You'll be the best of friends, each the one person the other can rely on no matter what. Your parents have given you the best gift a person could ever receive – a sibling. He is yours forever.

And Matthew, the sweet little Mr. Peabody himself! Welcome, young man. You’ve already begun working a bit of elfin magic on your family, with your face-splitting grin and those perky ears that would melt the heart of the iciest snowman. Santa is pleased to be leaving a little something for you this year, and looks forward to visiting you every year for many years to come. Grow well, little fellow, and before you know it, you’ll be big and strong and crazy like that sister of yours, and the two of you will be tearing around this house, laughing and playing, making memories together that will last your whole lives.

You all are richly blessed with one another and with this warm, cozy home and all of its comforts. But Santa’s covered a lot of ground this night and he knows many children and families all over the world who want for so much, including the very basic necessities of life. Santa hopes that each of you will reach into your hearts and find ways to share what you’ve been given with those who need an extra blessing at Christmas, and the whole year long. There is no better way to say thank you to Your Loving Father, God than to help Him care for others in His world – to be a light and a blessing where you can be.

Honor the One who is truly The One, above all, and worship Christ as we celebrate His humble birth today, and every day of your lives.

A sleigh-load of love to all of you from the North Pole, until next year.

Santa Claus

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  1. Aww - I love the picture, but the letter about has me in tears! Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Cobb Family!!! xoxo Julie

  3. Merry Christmas! I love your sweet letter - thanks for sharing it!

  4. What a sweet letter and treasure to hold on to. Merry Christmas to you all...

  5. Geesh Megan you got me all in tears. That was beautiful!

  6. That was sooo beautiful, have you been "receiving" a letter like that every year since Bean was born? You have a gift, er Santa does I mean.

  7. God bless your family -- merry Christmas!
    -- Nancy

  8. That Santa has a way with words! Beautifully put. Merry Christmas!

  9. What a beautiful a beautiful family!!!

    Ho-ho-hope your Christmas was a blessed and merry one!!


  10. I always love those letters Santa leaves your family. Great thoughts on a wonderful family. Happy new year, ya'll!

  11. Holy Cow, that's beautiful. Please, Megan, listen to Santa's words to you. He is a wise man, and knows that your family really does need only YOU.
    That letter is an amazing treasure that the kids will cherish for many, many years.
    Merry Christmas, Dear! :o)

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