Friday, December 19, 2008

On Fridays, We Always Go A-Callin'

And today's no exception. Y'all come with me over to Chic Critique, where Bean and I are showing off an AWESOME line of hair products made especially for her wild CURLS! (You have to capitalize it when you're talkin' about Bean's CURLS! They don't know how to be lower case, these babies.)

Also, my friend Steph at Problem Solving Mom posted yesterday about staying connected with your spouse and keeping romance alive in the hectic holiday INSANELY MAD RUSH. Some good ideas there, for the next few weeks and beyond!

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  1. Left you a comment at Chic Critique but want to stop here and tell you how beautiful Bean is. I love her hair and she is just over all beautiful. I will definatly be checking out the Mixed Chick products for my niece and my son who wants to grow his hair out long! Thanks!!!

  2. Got anything for stubbornly straight tresses? My girls would like to try THAT. :)