Monday, December 15, 2008

A Little Sunday Afternoon Nappypoo


Our little guy's a little over four months old now, and he's finally learning to enjoy one of MY favorite benefits of babyhood: The All-You-Can-Sleep Sunday Afternoon Nap.

Oh, to have that freedom and luxury myself!

Anyway, while Peabody was sleepin', Bean and I made Eggnog Spritz for the neighborhood cookie exchange comin' up this Wednesday night. There's a picture of us in our matching aprons, and a long overdue thank you note I wrote to my sweet elder child, who's stood by me over the course of these four crazy months in ways I never expected her to, over at 5 Minutes for Parenting.

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  1. I commented over at 5 minutes but though ti owuld zip over here and tell you how much i enjoyed your letter to Bean. Kids never fail to amaze. You have 2 of the cutest kids i have ever seen, but hey when mom and dad arent bad lookin lol!

  2. Just had to comment on the picture of you two girls! Bean is looking so much more grown up, she is turning into a big girl.

    Both kids are adorable as always!

  3. Love the pictures!! What a special time for you and Bean. :)

  4. Oh the precious boy! There's nothing cuter than a sleeping baby.

    You'll get to take Sunday naps again. I nap while Mr. Blue does, after I've set Miss Pink up with a snack and a movie. Works perfectly.

  5. Loved the Letter to Bean! I've been there and sometimes am there now. I wonder if I'll ever be able to give all three of mine the proper attention. It can be SOOOO hard. But those babies - oops, I mean, Big Kids, are amazing how they understand us when we don't even understand ourselves?!

    By the way - love that there blanket that Peabody is snuggling under - wink, wink, nudge, nudge

  6. oh how I love me a wonderful afternoon nap....sigh...replenishes the soul.

    heading over to read you other post.

  7. Oh my goodness...that white blankie is the exact same one that my little one (now 5) calls "my very own". He used to call it his "wee-wee"...thankfully he was willing to change that name!

  8. Your entry over there made me cry. I remember so many of the same feelings from when Boo was first born.

    The pictures (the one there and the one here) are adorable. Of course. :)