Friday, December 12, 2008

I Love Friday So Much I Could Just Flop Myself Down and Roll Around In It, Don't You?

I'm over at Chic Critique today singing the praises of my new Sorel snowboots. Y'all go see 'em, they're FANTASTIC.


It is 8° here.

Please forward HEAT under separate cover.

And if you could please arrange for my children's Christmas outfits, which I ordered from Gymboree a WEEK AGO, to arrive today, too, that would just be super.DEE.duper.


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  1. For some reason my response wouldn't post over at CC, but those boots look wonderful - they are cute and warm too? A rare find. I've got no pull with deliveries I'm afraid. I sent a mini tree and a stocking to Andy over 2 weeks ago and he still hasn't gotten it. It usually arrives in 1 week so now I'm getting concerned!

  2. Arranging clothes? You'd better get someone else. Heat? Some people say that I am full of it. So... put your face up next to your computer screen and I'll send some over.

    Feeling it yet? You're not close enogh.

    I had a nice lady mail me some okra once. This is what I drew for her in return...

  3. I lOVE my Sorel boots!! I have splurged on them whenever I need boots ever since I was in middle school. They are wonderful, and the best things ever made for the frozen tundra we call home.