Monday, November 10, 2008

Plus, A Good Cuppa Swump Water Every Mornin' Really Helps Inspire That Humility I'm After

"You let a black man in your white house years ago."

HA HA HA HA! Every time I scroll past that last line, I crack up.

It's morning. Godawful early morning. And you know what?

I'm thankful for cawfee.

I really love cawfee. And I'm not a cawfee snob at all, either. You could heat me up some brown stagnant swump water and pour in a little half-n-half and I'd guzzle it down gratefully and perk right up.

Today my cawfee was brought to me by my beautiful, sweet, sleepily dottering little husband, on accounta he's on vacation this week, praise the Lord. We have all week long together. It's he and I against the world (okay, against the chiddren, and they will inevitably win, because they're little and cute and we are SUCKERS, but still), and I'm happy about that.

We're gonna work on our basement project this week, and laugh a lot. Those're the only expectations we've set for the week: 1) Work together, and 2) laugh a lot.

Sigh. I get a joyful lump in my throat just thinkin' about it.

I'll hopefully be back later with some before pictures for y'all, so you can see what we're up against down there. OH, WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM?

For now though, I'm over at 5 Minutes for Parenting today, wearin' wool and tryin' to get back in good with my Shepherd.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm Cawfee lol. I am a coffee addict and can not start a day properly if i do not have the hot substance to do so with. Read your log at 5 Mins today and commented. i started reading their blog first and foun dyours through them so i guess i am on the right track. Have a good monday and enjoy your time with you hubby!

  2. Oh Yes!!! I have to have at least 2-3 cups of that swamp water before I am adaquately awake to perform any type of task. Have fun in the basement!!

  3. Sounds like you have a great week planned. Enjoy the laughs!

  4. *sniff, sniff, snuffle...wail* I miss cawfee!! I can't have any on account of our lil' Sweet Pea that's waiting to be born. That first cup after the baby's born is gonna be like manna from heav'n!

    I like the game plan that you and Al have worked out. I wish you strong backs for the basement project and many laughs along the way, y'all!

  5. We love our coffee here too. I could drink swamp water, but the hubby is a connoisseur, so Starbucks it is. I truly can't tell a difference. ;)

    Oh, and I'll have to watch your basement project. We've been planning/procrastinating a basement cleanout here.

    I enjoyed your 5 minutes post. It seems like every few months, I have to be yanked back from my wanderings into self-sufficiency as a parent. It's really easy to do, and the exhaustion in their early years can set me up to be tempted.

    It's worth it to run to God, though. I needed that reminder today, so thanx!

  6. Dave's old boss (former, not elderly) calls coffee "hot, nasty, bean-water"...and I shall never, ever forget him for that! :o)
    I love the smell of the HNBW, but not so much the taste.
    Unless, of course, it is a Mocha Latte from Starbucks. Or a Mock-a Latte that I've made myself by adding a packet of hot chocolate to a cup of coffee and adding whipped cream or marshmallows.
    That's some good stuff, Maynard!
    Good luck this week meeting your goals! :o)

  7. With this head cold the cawfee burns my poor throat. Oh, how I miss my cawfee today.

  8. Sounds like an awesome week you have planned!! I just started drinking coffee this year, so I am sort of a snob about it. It has to be flavored coffee and doctored up a lot!

  9. Will you still be my friend if I don't like coffee? I've tried, but just can't bring myself to drink it.
    Have a great week with that man of yours, and if you get anything done, it's just a bonus!

  10. As a former Starbucks barista, I USED to be a coffee snob. Right up until about the time AJ got mobile. Now I don't care what it tastes like or where it came from. I just gotta have it.

    Now you and Al enjoy the week together and I fully expect you to not be around HERE too much! Your time together this week is way too precious. Best of luck on your project!

  11. Oh - I'm so glad he's home to help. It's always nice when you're not the only one gettin' beat up around the house :-)

  12. We are just about to reduce ourselves to the humbling task of Basement a la Fini!

    My job?
    To "clean out" my CRAFT CRAP as my hubby so sweetly calls my creative corner!

    Good luck to us all!