Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here You Go, Ladies! No More Swump Water.

So, I took time away from FamilyFest 2008: The Basement Project last night to hoof it on down to my friend Melanie's for Bunco night with the girls. Upon my arrival I was BESIEGED (okay that may be a bit of an overstatement) with "WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF YOUR BASEMENT?" and "WHY AREN'T YOU BLOGGIN' THIS WEEK? WE GO TO YOUR BLOG EVERY DAY AND YOU'RE NOT UPDATING! KINDA GETTIN' TIRED OF THE SWUMP WATER, ALREADY, LADY!"


Ain't nothin' wrong, people. It's just I've got my best friend home all day every day with me and I'M SUCKIN' THE EVERLOVIN' NECTAR OUTTA EVERY MINUTE HE'S HERE. That, and we've been down in the basement up to our armpits in shelving and shop-vacs, colorful foam floor tiles and storage units and TOYS, TOYS, TOYS, TOYS since Sunday afternoon.

When we make up our minds to do sumpm, we DO THAT SUMPM.

Behold the "new" Play Area. (Cue the angelic choir.)

TOYS! All in one place! Downstairs in RAINBOWLAND where they can be played with and distributed to the proverbial four corners without drivin' me OUT OF MY TREE!)


And the new Exercise Area.


Oh. Yes, you're RIGHT. The treadmill isn't even plugged in, which may give you some idea of our commitment level to Exercisin' right about now. But hey, we're gearing back up to it.

Baby steps and all that.


And the Storage Area.

Now I know. I KNOW. You're thinking, "Oh. Storage. Yippy." But believe me, people. THIS was the part of this job (besides layin' all those confounded rubber floor tiles which took Al about 24 man-hours and more diagrammin' and geometrifyin' than it took to build the dern LOUVRE.) that took the longest and makes our scalps tingle the most when we gaze upon it.

Because no, I didn't get to take any BEFORE pictures thanks to our bit-chomping excitement to get started, but for an imaginary BEFORE view, picture this: Take a stick of dynamite. Light the fuse. Toss the dynamite over there under the shelf with the carseat on top. Go ahead.

Now wait.


Alrighty. Now open your eyes.

What do you see?

All that stuff on those shelves blown and scattered and tossed and covering the floor of the entire basement such that you could NOT negotiate a through-way to the HVAC to change its filter if the entire house was filled floor to ceiling with dust. It was TOTAL UNNAVIGABLE CHAOS. Christmas ornaments co-minglin' with baby sneakers rubbin' elbows with 22-year old grammar textbooks topped off with a sprinkling of craft-and-gift-wrap detritus and 120 lbs. of assorted office supplies.

Oh, it was UGLY. My basement has been a source of shame and humiliation for two years. People'd come into my house and make as if to open my basement door and I'd freeze in panic and BEG them not to descend into that HIDEOUS PIT OF ABOMINATION.

Some people heeded my warning. Some people didn't.

A few have never returned.

But NOW! Now, it's all sorted and stored and neat and tidy and many, many loads of unpictured stuff were dragged up the stairs and out to the curb.

YES MOM! We threw some stuff away!

I know! Miraculous!


But the BEST thing about the basement - the nicest, most high-tech thing we installed, which will REVOLUTIONIZE basement occupancy for years to come and bring happiness to all, is our FANCY STATE-O-THE-ART PITCHER TUBE AND PIVOTIN' TV STAND that we can swivel to face the exercise area OR the play area, dependin' on which party's winnin' the Battle of the Brain Rot that particular day. Check it out, people.



I know. Kinda takes your breath away, doesn't it?

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  1. First of all, WOW.

    Second of all, WOW to me for being the first commenter which hasn't happened for me in like, oh, way over a year.

    Thirdly, you managed to use the word detritus and I bow with humility before your throne of vocabulary wonderment.

    Seriously, KUUUUUUUUUUDOS to you and Al. THAT is a lot of hard work and I bet you are just sitting on the floor, shaking your head in wonder over it all.

    Enjoy the rest of your Hubby Lovin' Time!!

  2. Oh, how simply mahvalous!! That HAS to feel about as good as getting all your Christmas shopping done. Woo-hoo!!!
    Glad you and Al are enjoying each others compnee even if all you've been doin' all week is workin'. Let the FUN begin!!!!

  3. May I reiterate? WOW!
    It almost makes me want to do something similar with my basement-disaster-area. And huge kudos to Al for doing that much work on his week off. When I take vacation I do not want to be working that hard.

    One little thing. What is up with the walls? It kinda looks like you've got padded wall which, considering you spend your days with a boob-noshing infant and a being with boundless energy (a 4 year old) I can see how it may come in handy. Just wonderin'.

  4. You guys did amazing...that needs to be a project that my hubby and i can tackle. It is very nice to have a place for toys that isnt your living room. Where did you buy the mats from? My sister has been looking for them and cant find them for a decent price.

  5. Now that t.v. IS state of the art - haahaha! I love it! The basement looks great and, as always, it was very entertaining reading all about the adventure!

  6. Aren't those foamy square things the best!!! I have those set up in our basement as well. Although I don't have those cool white walls. Wish I had me some of those. Glad you are enjoying your time with your honey.


  7. You've done great! Not only have you enjoyed each others company but you accomplished a lot!

  8. I was wondering about the padded walls too. Talk about planning ahead.

  9. I want to move into your basement.

  10. Yay! Congratulations on getting it all SO stinkin' beautimus! I have basement envy. Or, I would if I had a basement. :o)

  11. Wow!!! It looks great! Well done you guys!

    I'm so jealous! you guys have such big houses in your country, I wish we had a basement to be a playroom!

  12. Megan, I especially love the padded walls since I think if you spend enough time down there with the might need them. LOL. Just kidding. The basement looks great and the kids will love having a rompin room.

  13. Wow!! It looks great!! All that padding is great.

  14. Great, GREAT job! It looks wonderful. Will you come help me with my basement now? I laughed so hard when you wrote about people attempting to open the basement door, etc. I get those same feelings about my basement. I jump up, running toward the door, please don't go down, ppplllleeeaaassssee...

  15. I love it!! Everyone must have basement envy! I, too wonder what is that on the walls? Miss you this weekend, but it is rainy here. That will take another edge off the fun, I'm afraid! Aunt Joy

  16. Y'all stole my joke! Yes, padded room indeed. That's nice, thick, city-government (I believe) manadated insulation on all those walls. It keeps the basement toasty warm and yes, may serve another vital function for me over the long months of winter!

  17. I got here late, but by god, those are padded, aren't they. hahahaha! I wish I had thought of that when my kids were little.

  18. It looks wonderful! The tv stand has to be my favortie. Does Bean like it? Now she has space!

    You guys did a great job.

  19. Great... we got so much mileage out of our playroom and if it's messy then no one has to know :)!!

    Fabulous job!

  20. Wow! Nice job. I'm so jealous. I'm actually from WI, but live in VA. And can you say, "No Basements...." I weep opening just thinking about it!

    Enjoy your space!