Friday, November 28, 2008

If For No Other Reason Than the Fact that the Pumpkins on Our Front Porch Have Pretty Much Been Reduced to Primordial Ooze

I was gonna post a picture of me in the pilgrim dress my mother made me a few years ago yesterday but the opportunity to put it on and TAKE a picture never really presented itself, so I guess that'll have to wait for next Thanksgiving.


We had a busy little Un-Turkey Day yesterday. Un-Turkey because (hangs head in shame) I served um, er, well I uh ... chicken. And not even a baked whole chicken. Chicken breasts baked in a goo made of cream of chicken soup and packaged turkey gravy with some Stove Top Stuffing poured over the top.


Mama committed Poultry Fraud. And on Turkey Day, no less.

And then, as if on cue, my transgression quickly brought the requisite roster of plagues upon the household. First, I discovered that my pantry had EATEN the can of cranberry sauce I bought Monday. It was tragic, people. Al conducted a frantic and frenzied search of the entire kitchen AND the back of my car to no avail and returned to his place at the table looking like Droopy Dog.

The man apparently loves him some cranberry sauce.

To make matters even less pleasant, Peabody started teething - and I mean TEETHING LIKE A RABID BEAVER WITH AN INSATIABLE BABY-FIST JONES - at about the exact moment I bent to put my MOCK-URKEY into the oven.

And then last night, before the clock struck midnight and put an end to my Day of Falsified Fowl Reckoning, Peabody finally perfected the art of rolling from tummy to back.

Mmmm hmmm. You know what that means.

I'd've spent the rest of the night putting him down, watching him flop over happily and grin up at me and coo out a pretty little, Ah-gooooooo! if I hadn't come up with and immediately latched onto the handy argument that HEY! A well-placed dose of Tylenol would be certainly be in order for a teething baby, that you cannot deny! and squirted a nice shot of pink snooze-juice down his cheerful little throat.

After which he flopped once or twice more and then was out like a light. WHEW.


Now y'all, don't go callin' me un-American or anything but I actually find Thanksgiving dinner a bit lacking, specifically in the CHEESE, GARLIC AND CHOCOLATE arena.

Well, I'm JUST SAYIN'.

That did not, however, prevent me from horking down a mammoth plate-load of leftovers for lunch today.

It DOES mean that the FriedOkra family will be supping on lasagne, Caesar salad and garlic bread tonight and going to bed with a happy little clouds of dragon-breath over our heads.

We'll be decorating the Manor for the holidays this weekend, after I clean. You should see my house right now. Gives whole new meaning to the term Black Friday.

What're y'all up to?

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  1. Mama's taking nekked baby pictures! :o)
    (I, too, have used the well-timed squirt of Tylenol once or twice when the screams are louder than the fire engines that scream by).
    Happy Black Friday!

  2. Oh, and I've shared a few, too.

  3. I think you can be forgiven for that bit of turkey fraud! We had the works and will be dining on it again tonight!
    I worked today but after supper we will start decorating our Manor!

  4. Happy Black Friday!

    We are spending the holiday with Mama Phyl and Bob-Bob and we also went the route. Topher and I cooked and I suggested, er, decided that we should smoke the sucker. It was ok, but was lacking something in the flavor department. We will have to work on that.

    Topher and I also got up at 4:40 in the AM(!!!) to go down to the Wal-Marts to buy up some bargains. Talk about scary. What was scary (good) was that we were in and out with our 6 bargain toys in, get this, 15 minutes!
    We also got a bit techy/nerdy and got some bargains at Staples - WAY different crowd.

    So today was a bit of a haze and I REALLY need to go to bed and SOON.

    Enjoy the lasagna - sounds yummy

  5. It sounds like quite the Thanksgiving over at your house. You spent time with the family and that's the most important thing, right? I totally get the Black Friday House. I wouldn't let the pizza guy in as it is right now. I guess I better get busy cleaning before I decorate or maybe I'll do it as I go! Have a great weekend.

  6. We had chicken, too. Not only that, we had them in the form of fajitas...cooked out on a grill. And we made fudge, so the only thing we were lacking from your dream meal is the garlic! :) I'm sure that the Pilgrims don't mind. They either had fajitas, too or wish they had!

  7. I like you more now. Because you had chicken. I decided this year that I can finally admit I don't even really like turkey. I said it out loud. The family gasped. I just sat and smiled while eating mashed potatoes...with no turkey on my plate. gasp! :)

  8. No Turkey here either I worked on the Blessed day and then we went to the hog trough for several plates of just about everything on that hog trough.
    My kitchen is in shambles with the layin of the new floor an all. I can't find nothin. Its all worth it for a new floor.

  9. You would have been so proud of me!!! We actually didn't 'do' Thanksgiving dinner till today though. The weather was really good here yesterday so we decided to go boating and put turkey day off till today! I made my FIRST EVER real cranberry sauce!!!! James hated it, but Cheri and I loved it (Jeff and Cheri got here yesterday around 1 and we were out the door for a little sunset cruise by 2:30.) I made Turkey, Ham, Cornbread dressing, fresh green beans, sweet potatoes, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, and we had cresent rolls. AND my house is clean :-) I'm just sayin...

    BUT, I don't have me a scrunchy, yummy newborn attatched to my hip either. Happy Thanksgiving (a day late) to you, my sweet, sweet Megan!!!!!! xoxo Julie

  10. Chicken, Turkey - none of it can fly faster than the farmer! Glad you had a good day other than the MIA cranberry sauce.

  11. Ms.FriedOkra,
    Just wanted you to know that Clemson squashed Carolina on Saturday. 31-14! GO TIGERS!!


  12. Confession: I don't like a bit of the Thanksgiving dinner. I ate turkey (because I can almost stand the taste), green beans, and a rather nutty fruit salad. Should've been called a nut-salad.
    Can I come to your house next year? Pretty please???
    I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do if we ever have a real-live adult Thanksgiving at my house. In my kitchen. With me cooking.

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