Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On A Completely Unrelated Note, Did You Ever Imagine Doogie Howser MD Was Gonna Grow Up to Be So Handsome?

Somedays I just can't come up with a suitable title, you know?

My mom got her a computer yesterday. Now she's had a computer before, it's just that she moved into a new house and then hadda wait awhile before she got all hooked up and back online again. We all know how THAT goes, don't we?

But can I just tell you how strange it is to hear my Mom say "DSL" (which she pronounces, because she's Southern an' all, Dee Ayess Ayull)? I mean, my Mom is no dummy, people, but we're talkin' about a woman who didn't get a Mah-crowave Oven until the late 1990s. Mom's never cottoned much to The Advanced Technology. Her sayin' Dee Ayuss Ayull, or even Eee Mayull is prob'ly always gonna make me do a full-on double take.


And then she got on instant messaging and shot me a "Megan? Are you there?"

I wasn't, of course, because nothing I do around here is ever instant anymore except diaper replacement after that unmistakeably tell-tale sound of another, um, eruption from the boy.

Oh yes, and falling into comatose sleep the nano-second my head hits the pillow.

You coulda knocked me over with a feather when I saw Mom'd successfully navigated instant messaging because frankly even I find instant messaging mysterious and I can't actually INITIATE a conversation on there myself. I just have to wait around for someone to say sumpm to me and then I go, "Hey, look, a new window opened and somebody's talkin' to me in there! How'd that happen?" I gratefully converse with whoever's magically appeared on my screen until they "hang up." And then that illusive window disappears and I go about my business again.

But anyway, my point bein', I got an Eee Mayull from Mom later in the day and thanks to her hasty composition (none of her emails are longer'n 2 lines, but somehow she packs about 10 days worth of news in there. How does she do that?) I will forevermore correlate Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden's resignation with a nearly 1000 point rebound in the stock market.

I don't think I'll be the only one makin' that connection, though. You get into a certain area in South Carolina and you learn Right Quick that As go the Tigers, so goes the rest of the world.


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  1. Ah loove tha sound of your Mama's voice, honey. Ah am from Gawja, and folks kin always teyall as soon as ah open mah mouth ta speak.

    Ha! I am working at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, in northern Arizona. The number one question people ask me is "Where are you from?"

  2. I love the southern accent. I am from WV and people always say we have thick accents and i always tell them that they apparently have not been to South Carolina or Georgia. I love the charm that comes with the South. I dont know what i would do if my dad sent me an email or a message. He can barley work a cell phone lol. I would probably have a heartattack!

  3. I love the mother/computer combo. I can't tell you how many times I have been on the phone talking my mom through opening a photo attachment I sent her on her email!
    (Our typical conversation:
    Her: "Honey, it's STILL not there!!" Me: "Ummm, mom, remember to hit 'refresh'....that's button with the two ARROWS at the to the long white BAR at the top...")LOL

    I wondered if you'd heard the news about Clemson. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of their season goes! (We haven't played them yet...GO COCKS!)

    Also, I didn't know if you ever went to the State fair but it's in town right now and I think we're going tomorrow or Thursday. MMMM...all those yummy fried treats! Is y'all's fair any good out in Illinois?

    Love from SC,

  4. Poor Poor Megan must be sleep deprived, because what on God's green earth did THAT have to do with Doogue Howser? You're mom voice sounds just like yours (in my head) well maybe she has a tad more drawl than you do. But I reckon the grits and biscuits and gravy taste the same.

  5. Bout time they let Tommy go. Although, he's the one laughing all the way to the bank. Hopefully Dabo Swinney will kick the Tigers in HIGH gear!!! GOOOOO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. My grandma sends me daily emails.
    But the most startling to me is that my Great-Aunt Nellie is online. She's my great-grandmother's sister. Whoa.

  7. I think I would fall out if my Grandmama started using a computer at all, let alone e-mail. My husband sent me the article about poor Tommy Bowden yesterday.

  8. My mother has not figured out the computer stuff, its a bit entertaining to see her try but frustrating when I've gotta be the one to explain something to her. I think I'll leave it to my boys to explain it all to her, they are experts already.

  9. douggie Howser did grow gup to be cute and gay as he himself has admitted.

  10. Doogie and used to live across the street (he moved last year) from a relative of mine. So we used to spy on his cute self when he would come and go.