Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday, I Love You More than a Nutella and Cheeto Sandwich

Ever'body's still alive here at FriedOkra Manor. We've had a busy week although if pressed, I doubt I could recount exactly what we've been s'busy doin'.

I do seem to recall a particularly frantic moment crammed between the kids' carseats in the back of my vehicle feedin' Peabody in the preschool parking lot, though. Nothin' like nursing a squirming peanut under intense pressure in a drafty car in broad daylight to make a noteworthy impression on your child's teachers, don't you know?

I am so put together lately, people! SO FANTASTICALLY PUT TOGETHER!

We're off to tour a PUNKIN FARM today with Bean's preschool class - at 8:45 in the morning. I wonder if the PUNKINS'll even be awake yet? I have not even TOLD Bean about this trip because THAT CHILD LOVES HER A PUNKIN so if she'da known we had a PUNKIN PICKIN' adventure in our future she'da been askin' me "Is it TIME yet Mama?" every 9.62 seconds until this morning. And since her sweet little mouth rarely ever closes as it IS, I didn't think givin' her additional chatter fodder would play out in my favor. Plus, now won't it be fun to pop her in the car thinkin' she's headed to preschool and then arrive at the FARM and surprise her? Oh, the joy.

Peabody will accompany us on our PUNKIN ODYSSEY in his Snugli (which is where he lives now except at night, when he reluctantly and with much persuasion and coaxing allows himself to be placed in his bed, as long as I follow the rider he's provided me which lists all ten thousand and fifty nine crib-sleep rules TO THE LETTER and do it at exactly the right moment in his very, very complicated two-month-old sleep cycle.) I am slightly worried about how I'm gonna get myself up into the back of the wagon for the hayride (yes, I do believe we'll be treated to a hayride at the farm. At 8:45 in the morning. I wonder if the HAY'll be awake? You know, I guess I kinda hope not. The thought of riding around in a truck bed of AWAKE HAY kinda scares me, actually.) while wearing a 13 pound sack of very cute potatoes around my neck, because as I may have mentioned before, I possess as much coordination and grace as a dizzy elephant wearing 4-inch heels.

So it could be a very interesting hayride for the preschoolers and my fellow parents.

Hmmm... maybe I won't take the camera, after all.


It's officially fall here. I can tell because there's a nip in the air. And the local beauty "salon," which makes its home in a little portable trailer up on cinder blocks along the main drag, has sign out front that says, and I quote:


I strongly recommend that you call ahead for an appointment. With a smart, savvy marketing plan like that, they're gonna be VERY busy, people.

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  1. I must confess the title today made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  2. Hey, nursing in the backseat of the car is NOTHIN', girl. Try nursing a squirmy boy while walking through a three-hour-long museum exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls with your in-laws. Or at the park while trying to keep an eye on the two year old. Or at the zoo, while trying to keep an eye on not just the two year old, but his 7, 5, and 1 year old cousins, too. Or... hey, try it while on that hay ride. THAT should make a good impression on those teachers! Oh, but don't forget--you have to stay completely and discreetly covered the whole time. I'm here to tell you, it can be done. It CAN be done.

  3. I think the most difficult nursing session I had with Ava was while we were on the road - on our way to YOUR HOUSE! That 10 hour car ride in which we were trying to beat the ice/snow storm. She was strapped in her car seat (of course) and I was leaning over her (with my seatbelt PULLED to its limit) nursing her until James would point out a vehicle coming up beside us and I would stop, she would cry, the vehicle would pass and I'd start up again. Until that little one was satisfied and my back was killing me. Good times....
    xoxo Julie

  4. I hope you take your camera because this outing screams blogging opportunity - and of course glorious photo ops of Bean!

  5. That sounds like so much fun! I remember doing that when I was Bean's age! Makes me wish Jojo had a punkin' patch to go to!

  6. I've only recently found your site, and you have me in stitches each and every time I visit. THANK YOU! :-)

  7. I wanna go to the Punkin farm... except I'd have an 18-pound very cute sack of wiggly potatoes that would want to be simultaneously held and let down to play...
    Maybe the punkin farm should wait til next fall...
    Have fun!

  8. Thank you for the laugh. I needed one.

    "I possess as much coordination and grace as a dizzy elephant wearing 4-inch heels. "----CRACKED ME UP!!!

    I hope your trip to the Punkin Farm was fun.

  9. You have quickly become one of my top fav blog reads! I heart your style and humor!

  10. Your blog always makes me SMILE!! I love your style of writing-and I can always relate to what you are going through. Keep posting!! :)

  11. I just know you will have the time of your life up there on that stack of hay ridin down a trail to the Great Punkin patch with a 13 lb peanut around your neck. TAKE the camera for us!!!

  12. Hee!
    My dad told my kids, grimly, that the pumpkins are all ready now and that they'll all rot before Halloween. Thanks for that, pappy.

  13. Hope today's PUNKIN expedition was all that and more.

    And that if you had to nurse Mr. Peabody on the trip, that you didn't get any hay stuck where no hay should go.

  14. I hope you had a great time picking those punkins.