Friday, October 24, 2008

Boing! Boing! Boing!

That's the sound of Y'ALL, bein' bounced over to Chic Critique where I'm finding out I've been livin' a lie for forty one years.

(You'll note from the pictures that this was really not the best time for me to be puttin' any kind of spotlight on my pooped-out lookin' eyes, but I did it anyway. Oh! And BONUS, you also get to see my new very short hair, too. My friend Maha the Hair Genius is back in business and has cleaned up all the damage done by the Angry Prairie Dawg. And since then, I've been wearin' a colander on my head at night so when he climbs into bed and starts trying to nibble on me, the entire household's (theoretically) awakened by a tremendous CLANKITY CLANK CLANK.)

(Not that we're ACTUALLY asleep anyway.)

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  1. LOL my husband feels the ame way but instead of clankity he gets Stop it!

  2. That's been me too lately--so little sleep. And I don't even have any excuses like you do. I just get weird sometimes and can't sleep.

  3. Cute haircut! Don't worry, you will get sleep again (in about 18 years!)