Friday, September 12, 2008

Where the Heck is the Off Switch on These People?

I've got two posts started and one in my head but no time to finish and post 'em. It's 100% true what they say about two kids bein' triple or quadruple the work of one. That's some kinda funky math they got goin' there, these kids of mine.

But today is FRIDAY which means tomorrow the adults present multiply by two and who knows, maybe we'll give 'em some decent competition over the weekend and have 'em worn out by Monday?

Yeah, I'm kiddin' myself.

I'm back at Chic Critique today talkin' about a nifty product I've been trying out on my new short hairstyle. Y'all click on over. I'll try to get back here later today, chillun permittin'.

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  1. It gets easier pretty quickly. Just wait until Peanut is old enough to play with Bean, you'll have more time to write (and hopefully by that time I will have more time to read, haha).

    Oh and I would like to see more pictures of your little legumes. :)

  2. If you find that off switch, be sure to let me know. Lately, I can't find time to complete a thought in my head, much less sit down at the compute and type something remotely intelligent or witty.

    It get easier, eventually. But right now, it's just plain ole consuming.

  3. I absolutely agree it gets easier, and would even venture to say that once Mr. Peabody IS old enough to play with Bean, you'll have more time than you did with just her. Live-in playmates. You won't have to play the constant and sole role of Entertainer.

  4. I loved it when Boo was old enough to actually play with was a huge help.

    Pictures are always welcome...

  5. My kids love fried okra ...I love fried okra..and you know I could really relate to your blurp about getting the "knack of" I followed you on Tweets and found you through my greek bloggy friend.

    So come by for a visit when your not already crowed in your day! and ahem..nice meeting you!
    Have blessed weekend!