Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Missing Ring - Part II

Originally published July 2007.

We had a rather large (for us) argument about the ring this morning, which I knew was coming, because that's the inevitable product of boundless emoting and almost zero communicating. Lots of assumptions made in the void, lots of conversations that happen inside one head or another, words put into minds and mouths that never thought them, much less spoke them.

But the air clears, as it will, on a breezy bright day. Our many many years of caring for one another have etched a groove, through which a clear river of laughter and love always flows, to wash away muddy pride, anger. Self. Bless that groove and that river. I pray they continue to grow deeper and clearer and more lively over time.

The ring?


The hand?

Right where it belongs - in mine.

Thank you Lord for my husband. Thank you for his love and for my love for him. Without You, we'd just be two people. With You, we're one. Thank you for the bond of our marriage through You. Thank you for teaching us how to love one another selflessly when it matters the most. You know where that ring is, and You know why it's there. So it's not really lost at all, is it?

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  1. I understand so much how you feel about the ring. I lost the first thing my husband gave me, not a ring but a gold bracelet. I could not tell him, I did not want him to know. I spent many many nights walking around the house, looking for that bracelet. He asked me once why I never wore it, and I am sorry to say, I lied and said, it is so nice--I never go anywhere to wear it.

    Then, I went to my niece's wedding. As I was taking my camera out of the camera bag, there it was! My bracelet that had been lost for almost two years!

  2. Awe.....sad about the ring. But what an ending =) It's not "things" that matter the most.

  3. My Father lost his wedding band when he was drinking heavely and Mom and Dad fought about it for a week.Then they relized that the inportant thing was that they loved each other and that even though his band was gone he was not,and that was the important thing.

  4. My hubby is on his third wedding ring. (one marriage, one wife (me!) - but three rings).
    Losing the first one really stunk - I know how it is to feel attached to the symbolism, to what the ring *meant* at the time it was given.
    Now - a couple of rings later - it's still good to see shiny gold on his strong hands, but better to know that the promise will never be lost.
    Lovely post.

  5. Completely understand! My husband lost his wedding ring about four months into our marriage. But he felt to bad about it that I couldn't be mad at him for long. We went out the next day and got a new one for him.

  6. Truer words were never written.

    I liked this ending, even though it didn't wrap everything up into a neat little package. It reflects the reality of life.

  7. Oh, this was sweet. I just need to know- is there a part 3?