Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Our Big Ol' Preschooler

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Her Posse

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Yes, that's right. My little Beany Bee Bop loaded up her backpack with a change of clothes and her two best furry pals and became a REAL Big Girl today. Daddy, Mr. Peabody and I escorted her into the building, gave her kisses and hugs, and walked away as she happily put her things in her cubby, hung up her coat, and scurried off to play with a VERY (intentionally, I'm sure) non-chalant, "Bye Mom, Bye Dad, Bye Peanut."

I didn't cry. Are y'all proud? Actually, I wasn't even sad. Because even though I still plan to homeschool my little Okrabuds starting in a year or two, this foray into preschool feels right for Bean at this stage in our lives, and I know she's truly going to love it. She needs some time and experiences all her own right now. The only things I felt walking away this morning were giddy excitement for her and a huge sense of pride at how she's grown up and become (acceptably) independent and ready for this, and I've been right there with her throughout the process. And dang y'all, that just feels GOOD.

I can't wait to pick her up and hear all about it. I can't wait to tell her how proud I am of her and HOW STINKIN' MUCH I LOVE HER.

Oops. Did I say I didn't cry?

Guess I called that one a little early.


In other, smaller milestone news, guess who wore his first little pair of BLUEJEANS yesterday?

Mr. Peabody! And he wore a pair of jeans that didn't fit Bean until she was three months old. My boy? He's GARGANTUAN, people. How did Al and I even MAKE this big, strapping lad?

Anyway all day long I was thinking, "I really should take a picture of the boy in his jeans for the blog!" but DUDE! I was too busy gettin' my bee-hind and a slimy little wax paper bag full of my innards handed to me on a silver platter by my chillun to go get the camera. Seriously! If I'd known yesterday was coming I'd have REVELED in last Thursday, because last Thursday was a lighthearted romp on the spring training practice field compared to the grid-iron callibre beatin' I took yesterday. I had my hand on the phone to call Al and BEG him to come home early and save me startin' at about 3:00 PM.

But then I imagined how ludicrous that might sound to a man who works a 65 hour work week wearin' a silly little scrap of fabric tied so tight around his neck he can't swallow right, and I sucked it up.

I may be gettin' kicked upside the head lately, but I do it in the comfort of my favorite jeans and a v-neck sweater, and I can swallow anytime and anyway I want to.


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  1. Awww...Bean is so cute in her little backpack! And I'm sure the jeans were cute- my little man wore jeans when he was tiny, and I loved them! Today he's in overalls & I really need to take a picture, too! :)

    I'm sorry your days have been so hard lately- I only have one, but he's been teething, and I completely understand, because OH- the SCREAMING! I just can only take it for so long, and then I want to scream, too. Hope your days get easier soon! :(

  2. So sorry you're having some tough days (and I realize that is an understatement.) You're a better woman than I--a couple of times I DID beg my husband to come home early. And when he came home, he was greeted by me thrusting a baby at him, saying, "Here he is. I'm done."

  3. Bean looks like such a big girl!

    Can't wait to hear all about how fabulous her day was!

    And hang in will get used to having your bee-hind handed to you on a platter!

  4. What fun, I loved preschool(teaching) and my boys did,too. Although I can't say I didn't cry I was happy for them.

  5. Bean looks so cute - (and old) all ready for school. As for you - the first day is the worst. It gets better!
    PS - Hope you know how happy I was to see that orange critter on her backback! I'm glad she likes him.

  6. I love baby jeans! They are so stinkin cute!

    Yeah for Bean! Such a huge day.

  7. Aw our girls at getting so grown up!!!
    Beautiful Bean as ever :)

    I still have Jove's first baby jeans, I'm tempted to frame them ;)

  8. Your little Bean is beautiful and so grown up.

    I love baby jeans. They just look too cute in them.

    I am sorry your days have been so bad lately, I am sure your days will get better. I am on baby number four and they always get better. It does seem those first months with a new one are hard. Hang in there!!

  9. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! Such a cutie-patootie!

  10. Aw, I'm so sorry the days home alone are rough. You are a good mama, and even though the kids are making it seem like they don't know it, they do. They are SO blessed to have Mr and Mrs FriedOkra as their parents.
    I remain in awe of you. :o)

  11. Hi, Megan,

    I am a new reader of your blog, and it is so much fun to read! I have an award for you over on my blog - no obligation to follow up or continue it, as I know your hands are more than full these days. Just wanted to send some props your way and let you know how much I enjoy your posts!

  12. Ya think it was the moon or sumtin? Ughhh what a horrible terrible bad awful day!! Here's to a better tomorrow.

  13. I hear you, my friend. (Do all my comments to you start that way lately? Feels like it.)

    I, too, am feeling sucked dry lately by my sweet and loving offspring. There are MANY days when I want to call my husband and say, "Come. Home. Now. I will be at Panera until sometime next Tuesday, at which point I pray my strength and fortitude will be restored."

    But then I remember he works many, many hours each week at a job he really doesn't like (for the time being, anyway) which allows me to stay home and be HERE for these precious little ones.

    The day are long but the years are short. Say it with me.

  14. She's gorgeous and you're brave. (And gorgeous, too, of course.)

  15. Anxious to hear how Bean did on her first day. Another commenter wishing you were having better days. You're a great mom, Megan. The Good Lord knew what he was doing giving you those precious ones.

  16. Your BIG preschooler is SO-O-O cyute! I'm sure that she feels like she is hot stuff going to school.

    It's so hard to believe how grown-up our babies are getting!

    Hang in there

  17. I'm sure she is going to love preschool. Princess is always ready to go back to her friends, teachers and fun activities after a long weekend.

    Did Bean talk your ear off when she got home? Or did she already master the I-don't-know shrug? Most nights we get the shrug. I thought that didn't happen until the tween years!

  18. That Bean is about the cutest patootiest little Bean ever! So glad she was excited and that you were doing well with it too. Aren't babies in bluejeans just indescribably delicious? I sent Sweetpea to daycare in a pair today and I just wanted to eat her up!


  19. I love first day of school pictures... my kids have to endure them every year. The first year pictures are especially sweet!!

  20. Cute blog . . of course, it does me no good right now, as I'm looking for things to do with actual okra, not people nicknamed after it. Oh well, as you were!

  21. They grow up too fast!! My little girl started K this year! Where has the time gone!

  22. Look at her!
    Big preschooler ready to take on the world with her posse.


  23. hugs! Love the pics of the bean. I hope she loved school. :) sigh....our big girls.

  24. Even though I homeschooled her later, I sent Blondechick to preschool at that age too, for the same reason--it seemed like she needed to go be independent! Most of my others, I have not; but she had a GREAT time there.