Monday, September 22, 2008

And I Also Don't Have a Little Dribble of Tobacco Spit Runnin' Down My Chin - To Look at Us, You'd Never Even Know We Were Related!

I'm over here today. As my Grandaddy FriedOkra used to say as he was climbin' into his pick-'em-up truck out in our driveway, headed back to Clemson where he lived, "Y'all come with me."

(I don't think he really meant it, though. Grandaddy FriedOkra was a bit of a loner.)

(But I'm not a loner, and I really do want y'all to come with me!)

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  1. Stopping by very quickly to wish you and Al a happy, happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!
    I can't log in over there half of the time. FRUSTRATING! But I'm reading!

  3. Dearest Megan. I don't visit your blog often enough, so I figured.....I'd include you in a meme.

    Kiss the peanut!