Monday, August 11, 2008

She Can Call it What She Likes, FriedOkra Calls It Chicken DEEEE-Vine.

I'm busy snugglin' my sweet snuggle-puppy Peanut-Pie Mr. Peabody (isn't it funny how immediately you come up with about fifty lovey-dovey nicknames for a new little baby - how easily they just roll off the tongue once inspired by all that ittybitty cuteness?) and hopefully taking many long and much-needed naps. I have a few new pictures and thoughts about the labor and birth to share when I get rested, but in the meantime, enjoy this delicious post from Lainey at Blog in My Eye.

Thanks Lainey!

Shhhhhhhhhh. I'm blogsitting today. And I don't want to wake the Peanut...or the Mama. I won't keep you long. When big life changing events are afoot, I tend to just stay out of the way and pray (must be 4th child syndrome). I thought I'd do what any self-respecting Mama would do in this situation. Share a casserole.

I did not inherit a rich culinary heritage. Exhibit A. But my husband, on the other hand, definitely got the cooking gene from his very talented Mom. I fell in love with him while he made me a humble meal of pasta and jarred sauce, somehow adding the love into the mix.

Years later, a typical exchange between my mother-in-law and I would sound like this:

Me: Mmmmmm, these lima beans are delicious? What did you do to them?

MIL: Oh, I just cooked 'em with a little butter and salt.

I return home wondering how just adding a little butter and salt to my pitiful frozen lima bean water is going to make them taste like heaven. Clearly, something is lost in the translation and lack of direct genetic transfer.

I'm learning though. It's only taken me 13 years to catch on a little.

Here is one of our family's favorites from the mother-in-law's archives. I call it Betty's Chicken Divan, and variations of it abound online. My kids, who are not always crazy about casseroles LOVE this one. Of course, to capitalize on the familial love, I call it Grandmother's chicken casserole.

3 cooked chicken breast
2 pkg. cooked frozen broccoli (I sometimes use fresh)
1 can cream soup
1/2 t. curry, or more
1/2 c. mayo
1 1/2 T lemon juice

Line casserole with 2 pkg. cooked and drained broccoli. (I'm even so adventurous as to occasionally try another veggie like asparagus). Place chicken over. Pour soup mixture over. Sprinkle generously with cheddar cheese.

Bake at 350° F, 35 minutes until bubbly.

Now go be a blessing to some Mama who needs some casserole-love. And share your own favorite casserole recipe upstairs in FriedOkra's Recipe Forum!

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  1. Wow! That's even easier than the recipe I posted today.

  2. It's especially interesting to realize at six years old, your still calling him "little bubba" and "baby bear". :)

    I bet your peanut is oh so sweet!

    Wanted to tell ya, I finally made your banana bread french toast and OMG, was it delicious! Gave ya some kudos on my blog and think I convinced a few others to hop over here and grab the recipe. My family thanks you for a scrumptious Sunday brunch!!

  3. Baby J. is officially referred to as "Butter" in our household... poor kid. I'm afraid it'll stick.

  4. Thanks to Lainie for filling in! The casserole looks delicious! You just snuggle that little Peanut and enjoy him!

  5. Oh just enjoy that little guy all you can. :) Hope all is well in the okra household.

  6. I LOVE this recipe! I actually make it, pretty much how you've written, I have a strange craving for Chicken & Broccoli casserole (what we call it...your name is bettah).

    Yummy guest post and I can't wait to see "sweet snuggle-puppy Peanut-Pie Mr. Peabody" :).

  7. Had fun blogsittin'. Take a big ole bite of Mr. Peabody for me! You're so cute.

  8. Oh this DOES sound delicious...and EASY! I can do easy!

  9. Yum, yum yum, thanks Lainey!! I have made a similar version of chicken divan, but without the curry and a little more labor intensive - I'm definitely switching to your recipe next time.

    I have the same nickname proliferation gene, I get it honestly from my Dad. ;) Can't wait to see some more pictures and hear your birth story, Megan!

  10. Megan, I miss you, but I am so glad to hear you are reveling in the sweet tenderness of that new fresh baby. You deserve this, mama. Take your time and breathe it all in. Heather and Cami

  11. I've made this for years ... as it's always a hit ... and if you like curry, use it .. makes a difference! Oh and one more thing ... we do one thing different ... Cover the top (after the cheese) with crushed Ritz crackers ... then bake .... it's our favorite part ... Yummmmm

  12. Sounds like another hidden way to get vegetables in my kid's diet!!

    Thanks for the recipe!!

    Glad to hear your getting some cuddling and resting with your little guy. the first few weeks are always such a whirlwind!

  13. I just read this whole post in a whisper voice in my head because you typed shhhh at the beginning. I even hunkered down a little bit in my chair.