Monday, July 14, 2008

And Now the Kid is Awake and I Must Hie to Her and Humbly Serve Her Every Need. Because That is What Mothers Are For, Right?


That's our new desk. You remember, the one the Backstreet Boys delivered back in May and were kind enough to teach me which end of the power cord goes into the wall while they were here? Yeah, that desk. I'm sitting at that desk right now, typing away on the trusty year-old laptop Al surprised me with after the Great HP Implosion of 1997. But I took the picture in the evening yesterday as the sun set to the west, and this morning of course it's gettin' up way too early, just like I am, on the other side of the bed from where it lay down, while the world sleeps around the two of us and the clock on the desk ticks loudly and resolutely toward the start of another summer day on the prairie.

Mornin' world!

I'll be headed out this mornin' for a routine OB appointment that, because of my Advanced Maternal Age (which my doctor pointed out gets charted as "elderly" - OHMYGRANNY I'VE BECOME MY GRANNY)(I laughed at the time but dang, y'all, really? Elderly, at 40? Haven't the chart-code maker-uppers heard 40's the New 30 etc., etc.?) includes a non-stress test and a sonogram in addition to the good old 36-week internal exam.

You know what always makes me laugh when I go to the OB for an internal exam? Always, because it never fails? That I'm going in with the full knowledge that the doctor's going to make herself quite familiar with all of my South-of-the-waistband anatomy, making full use of stirrups and bright lights and instruments and what have you. There'll be no stone un-turned down there when she gets done, yet Mama always very carefully folds her unmentionables and tucks them surreptitiously under her little pile of outer clothing.




Got a few more pictures for you, just for fun.

Another favorite spot to blog.


(The new bedroom chairs and infamous table that required the emergency door-frame-ectomy to get it in the room.)

And Peanut's little room, almost finished except WHAT TO PUT ON THOSE WALLS, PEOPLE?




Today's the day my first official Monday post, Here Stands A Mother on the Edge. Of Everything. appears on 5 Minutes for Parenting.

I wrote it Saturday, sitting at this desk, as Al sat in the chair over there in the corner reading a textbook. When I got to about the fifth paragraph and began sniffily-snorting and wiping away tears, he looked up.

Are you -- CRYING?

Uh-huh. (Wipe-wipe, eye-fan eye-fan.)

I thought you were blogging!

I aaa-aaa-aaa-aaaaaam.

Well, are you OKAY?

Ye-eee-eees. (Sniffle)

And he shook his head and went back to reading. He read the post later and kept pointing and asking me, Is THAT the part that made you cry? Oh, wait, no, THIS PART?

I still can't even READ one sentence in the post because it sends me right over the edge. And I WROTE it.

I don't know why I do these things to myself, people. I'm a glutton for punishment, is what I am.


  1. Nursery is great! I love the colors and the bedding!

  2. I'm going in for a routine OB appointment today as well (31 weeks). I do the same thing (with the unmentionables) but never really thought about it before. Now I will be thinking about it and laughing every time. You crack me up!

    Also, I love love LOVE those 2 chairs in your bedroom!!! Do you mind sharing where you purchased them?

  3. Cassandra - I got those chairs at a locally-owned furniture store that does mostly custom stuff, but send me an email and I'll see if I can dig up some particulars for you!

  4. I do the SAME thing with my underwear when I'm at the OB, haha.

    Off to read your other post. xoxo

  5. OB stuff: hilarious and so true. KNow exactly what you're talking about!

    Pics of home: all very cozy and sweet.

  6. I love those chairs.So pretty. Peanut's room is adorable. I am thinking of adding some vinyl lettering to my youngest's room. I just need to think up something cute for a little boy's room.

  7. It's the hormones. When I was pregnant, I cried over the prelude at church. NOT that your other post isn't comPLETEly tear-worthy. Very beauty-ful.

  8. didja HAVE to go and share the "Elderly" charting point with the rest of us AMA's out here?!?!

    I turn 35 EIGHT days before this babe is to be born. And I'm ELDERLY?!?!?! HOOEY!

    Love the nursery! Off to read how you're on the edge of everything!

  9. I am the exact same way about my just seems so personal and private. Ha!

  10. The picture of your desk looks like it jumped out of a design catalog. Can you come and fix me house? I just don’t have that designer’s touch and my house looks so not-quite-finished.

    I do the same thing with the unmentionables. It doesn’t matter what she’s seein’ up close and personal no one needs to know if I’m wearing pink floral granny panties or a turquoise striped string bikini. That’s for me to know and Honey to find out (if I’m in the right mood).

    And I’m really glad I read Fried Okra before the blogs where you moonlight because I’ve received the warning and am sufficiently armed with tissues before clicking over. Why? Cause I’m a glutton for punishment too.

  11. Megan read you 5 minutes of parenting and it is so funny because I was in your shoes 2 years ago! I told you your heart was big enough to love two or four for that matter! They are yours and that is all it takes. Though they are trying at times they love you and you love them with all your heart!

    Love the chairs!

  12. Elderly? Pshaw..
    They must be a glutton for punishment saying that to a VIBRANT pregnant woman!

    Anyway...enjoyed your pics. :)

  13. HA! Like Cassandra, I never thought about the incongruity of hiding my underwear from my OB. Yet, I always did it.

    You are too funny, my friend. Wouldn't that make a great stand-up routine?

    About the nursery -- why not get some talented painter (or you, if you feel so inclined) to paint some small canvases to match the bedding? It's an idea stolen from Pottery Barn, who does that with their bedding then charges $40 per $5-canvas. There are artists on eBay who do that sort of thing.

    Off to read your 5MP article now, with tissues at the ready.

  14. I love the desk, the chairs, the nursery! Your house is lovely and so inviting. I hung the quilt that came with my daughter's bedding on the wall above her bed, if you are looking for something on the wall that might work? I just sewed a little thread on the back of the quilt and hung the 3M hooks that I hope just peel off as advertised, pretty quick and easy. Off to read your 5 minutes for parenting article! :)

    Take care,

  15. The nursery looks great! I found you through your entry at 5minutes...which made me a little sniffly remembering how I felt the same way 3 years ago. My daughter is now 7 and that fresh little babe we were waiting on is 3 and obsessed with transformers :)

  16. I do the same with my undies at any doctors appointment. Haha!

    I adore your Peanuts (that's what ours it nicknamed, too!) nursery. We're moving into our house, which is almost completed, at the end of the month and I am just itching to get his crib and dresser set up!!!

    As for the walls, I'm going to go with some sort of easy-to-do wall mural or decals (

  17. That part about your underthings is SO TRUE, I did it too.

    And I love the rug in the baby's room.

    I just realized, reading your post, that my newborn son (who is now 3 months old and no longer a newborn) has already outgrown the crazy turtle neck and eye rolling that newborns do. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??

  18. I'm on the shady side of 35 and just had Monkey. I didn't fall into the "you're old" people. Shew. You're not old!

  19. Your flowered chairs are BEAUTIFUL! I love them! And the nursery is so cute, too! I have a great idea for the walls- if you like to be crafty at all- I made the letters of my son's name out of cardboard/cardstock, & sponge painted them blue & added little stickers with ducks & all, and stuck them up on his wall- Bean could help you, too, if you like to do crafts together. I will try to email you a picture of it real quick. :)

  20. I just love Peanuts room! Your other new furniture is great too.
    I laughed about your unmentionables, because I think we all do the same thing! I'm off to check your other post.

  21. I just laughed out loud. Because I too, fold the undergarments and tuck them in nicely. THAT would just be embarrassing...
    And got done crying over your "5 Minutes" post. Well done.
    I'll be back.

  22. The nursery is great! Love the colors.

    I too fold my under-garments. And tuck them into the folds of my pants. Don't know why...makes me giggle now that I think about it.

  23. LURVE your picture share, the chocolate paint on the walls in your office is delish. As far as Peanut's walls, I wish I could tell you that I am a master quilt maker and could whip one up to match the walls and that awesome area rug. But it's just not so. Do tell where the rug is from please. We have a store here called Home Goods, not sure if they have them in your area, not sure where your area is. Anyway, they are somewhat like a Pottery Barn outlet, it's hit or miss. You might find something fabulous to hang on the walls. Do you do garage sales? Good finds there too. What about painting a great big CUBS logo?

    About the undies, I swear there is a rule in one of those HIPA forms you fill out at the gynie's office, 'must fold underwear and bra neatly inside other articles of clothing.' I wouldn't want the Dr to think I was messy.

    ELDERLY!!! LOL, I'm 45 and 2 1/2 years ago I too was in the delivery room. Only it was awaiting the birth of my 1st grandson, talk about feeling old. But that boy is an absolute delight and has brought a happiness to my life I didn't think was possible. Love multiplies, you will have enough, for Bean and Peanut and their babies too!

    Thanks for another great post, see you in the am for coffee ;)

  24. I bet that wherever you got the nursery bedding from probably has a few matching wall hangings or pictures. It might be worth a try since it would pull it all together nicely. Good luck! :)

    Also - you could check Homegoods...

  25. The walls? I just visited Sara's art house and discovered that she can do fun things with any color and any scripture OR quote. Check her out. :)
    Just a thought! :)

  26. Maybe by hiding our undergarments we are giving the medical professionals the idea that women don't wear underwear anymore. Who knows?!

    Your home, by the way, is decorated so nicely. I always love to see how people do up their nurseries. Thanks for posting your pics.

  27. Love the pictures. Your home looks so cozy.

    I had to laugh at your OB comments- I make sure even my bra straps are tucked under clothing and not peeking out.
    But my biggest fear is having an Odorous Emission whilst the Dr is examing my lower regions. Which one time I actually sat up and made the Dr move because I felt like I was bout to pass gas. He smiled and said it was no big deal, all part of the exame. I laughed and said "not this exam"

  28. UNderpants are PRIVATE is why!
    That baby's wall needs some art, doesn't it!

  29. What is that color in your office? I really like it!!

  30. Love the desk, the chairs and table, and Peanut's room. And now I must go and read that post. See you over there.
    And HA! I do the same thing at the doctors' office!! So funny, I've never thought of the irony before!

  31. Ohhhhh....thanks for sharing pics of your humble abode. I love the red recliner in peanuts room and think that is such a phenomenol idea. It is very hard to sleep upright in a glider. Believe me I have tried. That would be awesome to just kick back the old recliner and take a snooze while nursing or just being up rocking in the middle of the night. Your house looks very inviting and calm.
    Heather and Cami

  32. Hahaha, I am cracking up! I do the EXACT same thing at the OB, and will now always giggle and think of you :)
    ...and your pictures are super - dee - duper cute. I heart your decor, nicely done!


    Okay, I've had 5 children and this paragraph really really made me laugh out loud!! You are too too funny.

    I am just so glad that I found you on Twitter and followed you here.

  34. I went in for a routine exam today--not preggie. Better not be, being that, you know, my hubby is in Iraq and all, ahem--but yes, I did the same thing, and thought the same thing, about them there panties. Funny creatures we are.

    Love the nursery. Adorable.


    has some cute decorating ideas. Hobby Lobby has some super-cute wall letters on sale. I put my children's initials on the walls.


  36. Oh, gosh! I'm glad I'm not the only one who folds up the undies and tucks them inside the o uter clothes!

    Love the pics of your blogging desk.

  37. This is my first time reading your blog, and I am enjoying it. I do the same thing with my unmemtionables at the OB. I also always wear socks, because well, I don't know, I guess if I have socks I'm not totally naked?

    I just had a baby boy in Feb. Exactly 50 days after my 40th birthday. AMA was bad enough, but eldery...YIKES!

    Your other post had my crying too!