Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh, H-E-Double Hockey Sticks NO, It Ain't Rainin' On MY Prom Night

Seems my pal Robin (The Pensieve One) has a you-don't-wanna-miss-it funfest up her sleeve for all of us StuckatHomeHers (i.e. those of us who aren't out in beautiful San Francisco hobnobbin' with our bloggin' heroines at Blogher '08).

She's puttin' together a carnival for us to link up our own Party Posts and then go visit some fun sister blogs, new and um... familiar, and she's even hosting a chatroom so we can all hang out together'n chew the proverbial fat this evening.

(Cocktails optional. BYOB. And check that self-pity at the DOOR, girls, 'cause we gon' outFUN those Bay Area beauties for sure!)

Grab this adorable button for your own blog and link back to Robin's post, the one that has ALL THE PARTY 411, like I've done here, so your readers can participate, too.

Here's the code you can copy/paste to grab the button and display it on your blog:

<center><a href = ""><img src = ""></a></center>

Now no more sittin' around mopin', gals, let's get out and spread the word -- we're havin' us a party tonight!


Guess what?

Peanut's full term today!

Yepper, I'm 37 weeks pregnant. As soon as I hit publish on this here little epistle, I'm typin' up his eviction notice. Where should I stick it?

(Waitaminute, on second thought, don't answer that.)

Time to make room for m'spleen again, Boy o' Mine!

I packed a little bag of Peanut's teeny-tiny little clothes and diapers and a soft, light blanket for the hospital last night, and Al insists that he and I must both pack our own bags this weekend. And a bag for Bean, in case she has to be unceremoniously dragged to the home of a neighbor in the middle of the night at some point.

Here we go, people! It's (almost) on.

I'm feeling reasonably okay for an ancient water buffalo in late July. A little sweaty for my own tastes, and still cranky, because the world-at-large and even the people closest to me refuse to just siddown and shaddup and be respectful of all the mental and physical strain this late-stage gestational suspense-and-rotund-fest heaps on a Mama.

Yeah, I know. Pity-Party-R-Us.

Jis don't pay me no neh'mind, y'all.

(I'll keep y'all posted on all the gestatin' as new information becomes available.)


I'm over at Chic Critique today, talkin' about a little impromptu chat I had with my OB this week regarding what we womenfolk oughtta be concernin' ourselves with, healthwise, in our 30s and 40s. Very enlightening, it was. Not a product review, because Mama likes to shake things up from time to time, but still great info for a woman who wants to remain FABULOUS well into decades 5 - 10.

Tomorrow we'll have the fifth weekly installment of The Best of FriedOkra: How I Met Your Father, so don't party too hard tonight. You'll need to be fresh and well-rested for this dramatic chapter! (And maybe you still have time to catch up by reading the first four chapters tonight - they're on consecutive Saturdays starting here.

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  1. I am going to have to make a "i am stuck at home" fun! Thanks

  2. Perfect party idea. You know I'll be there ... with my blog on.


  3. Party sounds like fun. Really like the button you designed.

    I feel for you - full term in July. I did that once - #1Son was born July 13 - all 9lbs 2 oz of him.

    Saying a prayer for that Peanut will make his debut really really soon.

  4. OH! Thank you for those prayers. I'd love me a July baby vs. an August baby, but I am not sure that's in the cards.

    I wanted to clarify that I did NOT make that button. If I made a button, it'd look like something the cat coughed up. This one was made by Karen, of Simply Amusing Designs. (Of course.)

    Sorry for the confusion!

  5. Yeah for Peanut being full term. I love that he has received an eviction notice. Now let's get him moving!

  6. Wow - full term - that's exciting! I hope for your sake that it's not too much longer!

    (I'm having trouble with the Chic Critique link - but I'm looking forward to reading your health review too.)

  7. Thanks for the comments on my blog yesterday - I needed that! Almost as much as you need Peanut to make his grand entrance. My peeps were born in June and August in Big State, so I feel ya pain, sista!

  8. He needs to cook a little longer, since I'm not finished with his giftie. At the rate I'm going, he needs to cook for a couple more months (hee hee).

    No, we are ready to "meet" Peanut ASAP. Just wish we were closer.

    Hang in there - I feel your pain.

  9. I learned something the other day that I wish I had known when my three babes were born. When you are packing your hospital bag, throw in a package of adult "diapers" like Depends. They will be much more comfortable than the monster pads they give you after delivery at the hospital and your jammies will stay nice and clean and dry!! They are also fantastic if your water happens to break at home so you stay dry on the drive there! Many blessings to you and your family!

  10. Don't forget to pack your laptop battery cord for the live blogging.


    (My hospital had free WiFi when I gave birth to Teyla in January. Gotta love living now.)

  11. Cant wait to meet the little peanut- as I'm sure you and Al are.

    Just dont be shocked when you first see Bean after being with little Peanut. I remember thinking my kids looked like giants- so grown up from just the day before.

    Now send that eviction notice and lets see the little buggah

  12. Being pregnant in the summer is NO FUN!

  13. Congrats to Lil' Peanut and you for making it to this milestone!!! What a blessing. And ditto what Rebekah said--be prepared for Bean to grow about 3 feet and 50 pounds overnight!


  14. THIS is what I was a huntin' 'cause I KNEW it was "here" 'cause I've pulled up your page a dozen times the past week and have I yet commented? That would be a "no".

    Lovely host I am, yes? :)

    Thanks for putting the word out...I am SO GLAD our little bloggity and twittery paths have crossed. You are sunshine to me today...pure sunshine!