Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Also Thinkin' We'll Need Us A Watermelon That's Been Coolin' in Shady Crick All Afternoon

Oh, I'm so glad y'all like the new look! The fun I had reading your comments, people! Like Christmas morning, I tell you. Thanks for all the kind words and the Happy Bloggiversary wishes.

And thanks for being so generous with the praise for Karen. I know after all of her painstaking labor gettin' that photo just right (which she'll tell y'all about later this week when I interview her), hearing you describe the exact things we'd HOPED you'd feel (that the new look is inviting and cozy and makes you want to sit out on that porch and drink sweet tea all afternoon) about the design were a balm to her weary soul, eyes and fingers.

I still have one more big, fun, new project left, and on this Thursday when it debuts on the world wide web, I'll finally get to SHOW it to you. I'm really excited (and a little nervous. Okay a lot nervous!) and hope y'all will be, too. So plan to be back here in the morning for yet another big unveiling! Then we can all sit back, put our feet up and laze around ponderin' life as we sweat peacefully, like you're s'posed to do of a summer afternoon.

I'm also ready to get started on that writing coaching project I mentioned a while back. Y'all be patient with me -- I want to start off slowly and learn the best way to do this as we go so I don't end up wasting your time telling you the wrong stuff, or telling you the right stuff in the wrong format, or just havin' the whole thing blow up in our faces. I don't handle complete failure well atall, people.

But I plan to choose a couple of you to work with next week and then I'll gather feedback the following week, make revisions to the process (or give up all together, if the feedback is REALLY frightening!) and depending on when this little guy of ours decides to make his appearance, maybe I can work with one or two more people before shutting down Operation Writing Coach and firing up Operation Newborn for a couple months or so.

I hope y'all haven't lost interest in the whole deal while I've dilly-dallied around the past week.

Lastly, I wanted to give my fellow bloggers and lovers of bloggin' a quick nudge to go read this post, about a new online talk show called Behind the Blog. It's a show just for us, developed, produced and hosted by a couple of the most talented and knowledgeable people I know in our "industry" -- Melanie of Blogging Basics 101 and Karen of Simply Amusing Designs. They've quickly and efficiently taken an incredibly smart idea from a tiny, hopeful seed to full bloom and they'll go live with their very first show next week. Now this isn't a podcast - it's a real call-in talk show that'll include meaty interviews with your favorite bloggers, up-to-the-minute-and-beyond tips and tools for bloggers, a live chat you can join to further the live discussion, and plenty of opportunities to ask the hosts and guests your own ponderous blogging questions via live call-in. Go read Karen's post - she explains it much more clearly than I have, and if you subscribe to her blog's feed while you're there you'll be set to get all the information and digits you need to participate in the first official show next week. I hope to hear and read you there. Mama won't be missing it!

That's all for now, y'all. After tomorrow morning's big revelation, I oughtta be back out on the porch with the ice cold sweet tea and lemonade, swingin' and chattin' every day like I like to be.

Hope to see you here, too!


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  1. I love big revelations...waiting in anticipation.

  2. Thanks for the plug! {I'm shameless!}

    And've been holding out on something else? I can't wait to hear what it is... :)

  3. Biting my fingernails with you. And they don't taste good, so that's saying something.

  4. Gee, I wonder what your new project might be, I say, COMPLETLEY INNOCENTLY?

  5. ooooo it is totally cool the new look. :)

    So sorry I have been MIA. I have virus on my computer at home. ugh....
    I'm at work sneaking some blogging time. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I am racking my brain to try to figure out what you are up too...with this new adventure.....I suck at surprises.

    I'll just have to hope my computer at home lets me peek tomorrow. :)


  6. Oh anticipation!!! I can't wait!

    If I do the "Pick me dance" will you pick me as a guinea pig??? I will do it for you!!

    Can't wait for tomorrow!

  7. Well - now I can't wait for tomorrow! I'll be on the porch, ready for you!

  8. Well heck, I just love BIG reveals.
    I wish you lots of luck!

  9. Megan, I meant to tell you the other day, but I do love the new layout. It is so you. I really think you were made for this bloggin thing.

    Heather and Cami

  10. You are just full of surprises these days, Megan. Happy blogiversary to you, by the way!

    I love your look - it's very relaxing. I love blue and white - and porches - and all that. :) I feel very much at home!
    AND I like your picture! The haircut is very cute.

    I'm gonna go browse around now and catch up and do some linky lovin'. That sounds kinda wrong...
    but you know what I mean. ;)


  11. ok, I came back bright and early for the big Thursday news.

    I gotta tell ya,I just love me some fried okra first thing in the morning...


  12. It's 11:22 central time...where are you?

  13. Sorry y'all! I'll be here at NOON SHARP to tell you the big news. Just gettin' all the proverbial ducks in their appropriate rows.

  14. Is it crazy that I had fried okra last night and thought of you? My daughter (7yrs old---teaching them young) ordered it with her hot dog at a little diner we went to. How about that? Fried okra instead of fries!! It was yummy!!

  15. LOVE the new look! So cool and breezy!