Saturday, July 26, 2008

And If That Ain't Enough to Make You Flip Your Lid, There's One More Thing: I Got the Pink Slip, Daddy!

Hey Y'all! I'm excited to show off the FriedOkrari at this weekend's Blog-to Show, hosted by Liz at Successful & Outstanding Blog(gers).

I've cleaned the plugs, flushed the engine, rotated the tires and Son-of-Gunned the dash -- all that good stuff. I'm ready to show 'er off to blog buffs from all over.

Take a look below and you'll see I'm spotlightin' a few of my favorite posts from recent days, so blog enthusiasts get a taste of what this Bloggy Hotrod can do.

Just click the highlighted post titles and take yourselves a spin, y'all!



Kick the Tires (Down and Dirty, Quick and Quippy)

What NOT to Say

Behold That Fine Co-rin-thian Leather (Smells as Good as It Looks)

My Grandmama FriedOkra Could Flat Out COOK, People.

Take A Look Under the Hood (And See What Really Makes This Little Machine Purr)

Moon Over Charlotte
Why I Love Weekends
My Knight in Shining Wingtips

Check Out the Body (Now THOSE are Some Curves, Baby)

Buck Naked in the Maternity Store

(Need even more road-testing? Check out my sidebar for The Leftovers: A Little Ploob of My Past Favorites.)

Drive It Home Today!

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  1. Aaah. You are so clever. Love you!

  2. What a fun way to showcase the blog - you're a regular hot rod, you are. :)

  3. You're the stinkingest cutest bloggah I know.

    I FORGOT to do one of "these" I guess I'm not makin' the most of it, ya know? I was all caught up in finishing my "rain" post!

    Daggumit :).

  4. Just checkin' in to see if you're still prego.