Friday, June 13, 2008

To Me, Baseball Means a Hotdog in One Hand and a Cold Beer in the Other. What Exactly Am I Supposed to Do with This Glove-Thingy Again?

Yeah, we didn't have a Top Ten Recipes yesterday. I know. I'm sorry, but it's been One of THOSE Weeks - jam-packed with Stuff of Enormous Importance and Time Suckage. Yes, indeedy. Let's do Top Ten Summer Fruits Recipes next week, okay? Your favorite fruit salads, pies, cakes, cobblers and what-have-you that utilize the ripe berries and melons and so-ons of the summer season. Sound good?

And speaking of Stuff of Enormous Importance, I will have you to know that I went to my first-ever organized-ish sports meeting tonight - as a parent.

My daughter is going to learn how to play baseball, y'all.

I know. It makes me clutch at my chest a little, too. And it will no doubt provide you hours of endless hootin' and howlin' because, get this: the class requires full-time interactive parent participation. From, like, me.

You know, I think y'all need a minute to mull that over in your heads.

Are you visualizing?

Got the image up yet?

(Here, lemme give you a little help in the way of sound effects: Waddle waddle waddle, zzzzzzzzzzzzzhip, WHONK. Ow! Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow...)

Yes, come next Friday, I feel quite confident that you will be reading something plenty humiliatin' about yours truly and a Nerf® baseball and grass stains and perhaps even a few lacerations and contusions and if we're lucky, thankfully only a mild sprain. Mark my words, people.

But my kid, she's not like me, a fact for which I am eternally grateful. She has balance, and poise and aim and grace. Compared to her bumbling clod of a mother, this child is an ambidexterous gazelle with a wicked fast ball.

And speaking of horned, hooved animals, I'm reviewing MOOSE I mean MOUSSE over at Chic Critique today. Trot on over and have a few more laughs at my expense. I'm not proud.

Y'all have a good Friday. And watch out for errant baseballs outta nowhere - I'ma be practicin' m'skillz over the weekend.


  1. Oh how you crack me up! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Let me just say that your Hugh sandwich pic in your sidebar is making me hungry this morning...


  3. Time Suckage is better than just plain Suckage (which is what my week was filled with). ;)

    I have asked Monkey if he would like to be involved with any sports or even anything but he always shakes his head "no" (as hard as he can) and says he'd rather read a book. I can't help but feel relieved, I'm not even good at WATCHING sports, forget playing.

  4. By the way, since you mention time suckage... I used to say that men were the masters of time suckage because I could never get anything done with a man around. I like my peace and quiet. Now that I have a husband who works all the time (including every weekend), I wish that he would suck a little more of my time. That didn't sound exactly wonderful, but you know what I mean:)

  5. Aren't you pregnant? Can't you get a signed note from your doctor saying that you can't possibly participate?

  6. Love the title...My 2 yr old son sleeps with his glove-thingy. seriously.


  7. You have some great times coming up - those t-ball and little league games are such fun to watch. You may want to consider having Al be the involved parent. I don't know if I trust you out there!

  8. I can't wait for the details!

    When Taylor started soccer, I really thought she would be a lady. Nope, no way....She runs OVER the boys!

    Good Luck!

  9. you are so funny.

    I know I say that all of the time.

    And I always say that I say it all of the time.

    but you are ;0)

    xo ~K

  10. You crack me UP. I'm pretty sure I've told you that in the last 49 posts...but you know, I just wanted to say it again.

    Softball is so fun - except for the heat. Most definitely not fun in Texas. But, we managed to make it last summer - my daughter has decided that this year, she wants to play basketball, because it's "indoors" we'll wait until Fall. (mom's secretly very happy about this)

  11. Have a fabulous weekend! lovely blog!