Friday, June 27, 2008

Or We Could Pretend I Never Said Anything About This and All Walk Away Completely Unscathed

Happy Friday, y'all!

I'm over at Chic Critique this morning talkin' about your fun new monthly opportunity to participate in all the glamour and glitz that is beauty product reviewage. Clickity click click, people -- go check it out -- I've got a hunch some of you will really dig this idea, and if you want to get in on the ground floor, the sooner you've got all the details, the better!

Which reminds me, if YOU want to guest post at Chic Critique, we would LURV to have you, so let me know and I'll give you the particulars, okay?

Now, here's an idea I'm kicking around, for which I need maybe three beta-testers. And about two pages worth of caveats.

And a hugely over-inflated view of myself and my own abilities, apparently.

Now y'all (caveat caveat, hedge hedge) I truly don't fancy myself an expert on Matters of Blogginess, and I even consider myself quite the student, still, when it comes to writing. I'm here almost every day, sweatin' it out in the Big White Blogger Box, just tryin' to get better at this craft of ours, develop my skills, lose my bad habits, and otherwise make myself read-worthy.

So I'm not suggesting that I have talents above any of your own, or that any of you ARE BADLY IN NEED OF MY EXPERT OPINION at all. Of the blogs I read, I consider many of you consistently better writers than me, and all of you utterly unique and entertaining in the stories and insights you choose to share. I'm delighted to be part of the blogging community not just because of the friendships, the intelligent ideas, the support and the FUN y'all inject into my life, but also because in reading your words, I am constantly learning new things about writing. It's all a huge give and take, isn't it? You know, It takes a village and all that.

But here hangs this degree in English I earned about a million years ago, and since then I've had a few jobs and a few hobbies that've afforded me the luxury of practicing the art of written communication in various settings, and I'd love the opportunity to pass along some of what I've learned to bloggers who might find a bit of writing coaching helpful. Just for fun. Very informally. Between friends. To see if it's something I could do "professionally" (insert laughter) someday and actually be of service to someone, you know?

So. Would two or three of you (probably just newish bloggers at this point) be interested in working with me one-on-one, for a couple of short sessions over a few days, on-line, during which we'd take a look together at some posts you've written or want to write, and I'd lend you a few pointers to help guide you in your quest to further develop your own style or voice, capture the attention of your readers, and maybe find new ways to convey your stories and ideas on your own blogs? For free, of course. Just to test me out. You'd also need to be willing give me honest feedback on how the process worked for you and if you found it at all helpful or valuable.

This would be exclusively writing coaching, nothing technical or graphic. We'll leave all that to someone who doesn't need instructions on how to plug in a power cord, m'kay?

If you're interested in a little writing coaching, you may leave a note in the comments below, including a way that I can get in touch with you, OR you may email me at friedokra4me at gmail dot com.

Thank you and have a lovely day, my people.


  1. I just sent you an email. Would like to know more about what you have in mind.

  2. Megan,

    What a FABULOUS idea - I've always wanted help with my writing and although at one time, my creative writing teacher told me I could write a book about my childhood...I think I've digressed somewhere along the way.

    I think it's so stinkin' awesome that you're doing this.

  3. Would you do that internationally too? For someone who not only just started this blogthing but is trying to do it in a foreign language (=english) as well?? If so, than please please I would like some help. Allthough I am not sure I am courageous enough to try and measure myself up to your standards. But I would love to become better at it and desperately need help.

  4. You are SO cute! what a fabulous idea. I know I'm not a newbie, but I'd love to have a real live English major give me a li'l feedback at some point. Let me know how it goes!

  5. I love this idea! I really enjoy your blog & I would love to take you up on this! Right now, our family is heading into our super-busy camping season, so the next 7 or so weeks are booked, but I would love to get in touch with you this fall about it! :) Have a great day!

  6. Good luck, Megan! I find your blog entertaining and I know that you'll be terrific at helping others!

    I seem to be a better blogger during the school year when the boys are not home, ha ha.

  7. I am always about getting help to make me better!!

  8. This might turn into a lottery, you'd better watch out! I think I'm interested - yes, put me on the list.

  9. This is a great idea. Even though I've got ye olde English degree somewhere in a dusty box, I'm always looking to improve my writing style.

  10. I think I would be interested. I know I could use some tips.

  11. Girl, sign me up. I think you have my e-mail address. If not, leave a comment on my blog and I will get it to you. I also want to guest at chic critique.

  12. Yes! I need help! I just can't seem to get my blog off the ground! I seem to think my life's not all that interesting to write about....but who knows. Others might think it is! Please feel free to email me!

    spinchok at hotmail dot com


  13. Looks like you may already be overwhelmed, but I am def interested in 'finding my bloggy voice.'

  14. Good idea. Okay, it's kinda weird to say I don't need help...uh, so I'll put it this way...

    Have fun with whoever you're helping!

    I totally thought of you today becuase I posted my make-up progression on my bloggity blog blog.

  15. "whoever" or "whomever"? hmmm, maybe I should dust off my grammar book.

  16. I consider myself a great writer but with low self esteem, I can't keep a blog for over 3 months. I'm at a point in my life where I desperately need to blog. My thoughts have merit, Courtney at atripleblessing dot blogspot dot com liked the title and tagline I suggested for her blog rename. I was so thrilled!

    I really need some coaching!

    shelliakers at yahoo dot com

  17. You are such a wonderful and generous person Megan. I have no doubt that anyone you chose to grace with your help will be honored and much appreciative.
    what I lack in writing skills...I hopefully make up in photograhy. tee hee

  18. Sounds like you're onto something. Consider me a willing subject matter.

  19. Sorry I haven't commented until today -- been on the road since last Thurs and FINALLY have internet --- Me! Me! Oh pick me! You're my bloggy hero! I think you have a lot you can teach me. I utterly hate writing -- 'cause I'm not that good. But I'd love to learn. I need your help! See all these exclamation points -- yes, I'm one of THOSE people.