Friday, June 6, 2008

Oooo, ooo, oooooooo, What A Little Color Can Do For You!

Go see the final updates on The Paintin' Project, complete with AFTER pictures, HERE, y'all. I think you'll agree it's quite a transformation.

Mama is happy, happy, HAPPY!


  1. The pictures are fabulous! Will you come decorate my house please?!?!

  2. I love, love, love it! All the colors you picked are great. The combination in Beans room looks like a magazine. I can't believe you picked all those colors when I have been painfully playing with all kinds of different colors for my kitchen. Good job!

  3. So cute! We're about to move back down South - maybe I should just hire out the painting. Because I KNOW I'm going to want the kids' rooms there like they are here :)

  4. I love it!! Fabulous choices and accents! Well done!

  5. oh my grandpa! how on earth can they get it done and dry so fast?????

    beautiful....I love the camel color. hubby won't let me all our walls are white...sigh....

  6. Wow gloriously colourfully fabulous!

    Yay I was right about Bean's choice of colour! It looks amazing with the main colour though.

    I reckon all your choices are pretty sophisticated and subtle actually....I reckon you'd go blind if you could see our place, when we do colour we really do go BOLD! lol!

    (Still jealous of the kids/guest bathroom!)

  7. Love It. Great colors (I was actually going to say "love it love it love it- but then I saw Mari typed it 3 times. so I just settled for typing it once. Hmmm, I guess in actuality, I typed it 4 times)

  8. Your house looks fabulous! And the table? Totally worth the effort.