Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Okay, Okay, I Like It. There. I Said It. Are You Happy?

Hey y'all. I'm hosting Bunco here tonight, so things are a little busy around The Manor today. (Anybody wanna come help?) So anyway, here's a little sump'm sump'm from the archives, orginally posted September 19, 2007. Enjoy and don't forget to share your thoughts on the apparently somewhat controversial bedroom TV in the comments.

I'm at my kitchen counter right now, where I always sit to blog. Behind me, in the family room, shoved behind the post between two archways, sits Al's birthday present. My nemesis. The New Bedroom TV. I shoved it behind that archway because I am loathe to even gaze upon it. I waited until today to buy it, even, and kept hoping something would happen to prevent my having to Do the Deed, pull the trigger on a big-ticket item we've lived without for this long, me very very blissfully, but him somewhat grudgingly, I'll admit.

We've gone round and round, in a friendly, loving, joking manner, of course, ahem, about having a television in the bedroom since we were married. And my stance has always been anti-bedroom TV from the git-go, even though when pressed I've never been 100% sure where my strong opposition found its genesis. And Al has always been pro-bedroom television, because he finds the sleepy bedtime climb up the stairs to our bedchamber to be nearly fatal and is tired of facing a near-death experience on a nightly basis. He envisions us putting the Bean to bed, spending an hour or so in the kitchen side by side at our computers, him studying and writing another stinkin' term paper and me bloggin' and menu-plannin' and family-calendarin' and bill payin' and what have you (shopping on e-Bay, but don't tell him that, okay?) and then retiring to our room to suit up, brush up, and hop in the sack for an hour or so of mind-numbing, pillow-snugging, snooze-inducing viewage of the boob tube.

Which, in theory, would work for me, as the trek up the stairs around tennish is, for me, a stark interruption of the night's deep sleep which begins involuntarily, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, which has proven dangerous and embarrassing at times, yes!, promptly at 8:59 PM on the dot.


There is the little matter of Mama's peaceful and absolutely requisite slumber being interrupted throughout the evening by said television, which will inevitably be of comfort and entertainment to my bedmate for many long hours beyond which I find it so, and which will evenutally lull him to sleep mid-History Channel® expose, Napoleon: The Real Reason He Always Looked So Cranky and Uncomfortable, (though I can't imagine why!) and continue to drone on and on deep into the night, showering both of our sleeping, receptive minds with heaven-only-knows-what subliminal messages until it finally wakes me, at which time I will be forced to rouse myself fully and either stump over to the TV, or prod and otherwise perpetrate fearful retaliation against disturb Al for the remote so I can turn the infernal thing OFF.

And there's the matter of the few paltry weekend mornings we have two or three cozy minutes in bed together before Hurricane Bean alights from her boudoir to scurry into our room and demand that we duly alight alongside her and commence with the parenting and such, which have heretofore been spent in perfect, blissful, refreshing silence but will now, no doubt, give way to the scores on SportsCenter® and what have you. In my BEDROOM. On Saturday mornings.

Oh.. what have I done?

I bought the television because I love Al. And I appreciate him. And this is something he really, REALLY wants. And he works hard, he's completely selfless and adorably eager to give ME what I really want, so I want to do something special that's just for him, regardless of my own preferences, wishes, or paranoid projections of the certain doom we face if we break MY rule and try it his way this time. But it ain't gonna be easy. I'll try not to grimace when he does his Happy Dance, boosting the big, fancy Look--It's-A-New-Fancy-Expensive-Electronic-Man-Gadget above his head, all the way up the stairs to the bedroom. I'll try not to sigh when, as the clock rolls over to 10:03, the new television's still on, and my husband is lying by my side watching it, tears of joy and thanksgiving rolling down his grateful, victorious, albeit drowsy little cheeks.

Happy Birthday, Honey. I love you. Now hand me that stinkin' remote.


What about y'all? Do you have a TV in your bedroom? And why/why not?


  1. We do have a TV in our bedroom, but it is used mostly for ME to escape and watch when everyone else is watching their shows in the rest of the house! LOL. We never have it on at night. Probably because the one in our bedroom doesn't have a DVR!


  2. In the beginning I was against tv in the bedroom. Actually during my first marriage we didn't have a tv in the bedroom even though my ex wanted one.

    Chuck wanted one in our bedroom and I gave in pretty quick- having a new perspective on life that some things really dont matter in the grand scheme of things.

    Now I enjoy it. With four kids its nice to have the extra tv and the girls love to cuddle in my bed while watching cartoons.

    However, I still battle over tv being on/off during dinner. I want it off

  3. I am ashamed to say that we have a 46 inch flat screen tv in our bedroom - a 30th birthday present for my hubby. I enjoy sitting in the chairs in my bedroom in the evening after the baby is in bed. My husband is usually doing work on the computer and it is warmer and cozier in my bedroom than in the family room.

    Plus, how could I get ready in the morning without Matt and Meredith?

  4. I must admit that I too am anti TVs in bedrooms, particularly in kid's bedrooms.

    Having said that every time I'm ill I wish we had one in our bedroom!

    Al is lucky to have such a loving thoughtful wife :)

  5. Hey ... I'm hosting Bunko here in Iowa this month too.

    Only we do ours on Friday.

    Have fun tonight!

  6. No way. I'm like you, I don't think there's "room" in my bedroom for a tv - but my husband is like yours, so we "compromised" and we have our stinkin' OFFICE in pc and one laptop, two bookcases, three filing cabinets and a partridge in a pear tree.

  7. We also have a tv in our room, and it is pretty nice to have. I can hide away and not be bothered for a little while.

    The only problem, is now I am so used to falling asleep to the noise, that I have to set the timer and leave it on when I fall asleep. Such a pain . I am weaning myself, but it is still trying.

    Hubby loves it, and the kids love being able to snuggle up with us to watch cartoons on the weekends.

    It really is a toss up.

  8. I have to admit that I LOVE the tv in my bedroom. My husband and I both sleep to it, much to the dismay of others. Gasp!! I guess that is why it is a personal preference. By the way, my puppies like to watch it when we're gone (I swear they really do) so that tv stays on most of the time.

  9. In all honesty, I've always envisioned our bedroom being this romantic escape where the only thing in there is the bed, our clothes and some mosquito netting with french doors opening out onto the tranquil ocean view. But, in reality, we do have a TV that we use in the mornings to watch the news as we get ready. It's not really an issue at night (it never gets turned on in there cause we fall in the bed too exhausted I suppose).

    I was of no help whatsoever, huh?

  10. and, I was kidding about the mosquito netting. LOL

  11. We have a TV in our room, but we don't watch it much. I watch it during the day while on the computer mostly. The kids sometimes watch a movie in our room if we are watching something on the DVR in the living room. It is an old, small TV, so it is not great for watching movies in bed or anything. I doubt we will ever have a fancy TV in our room. We just don't use it much.

  12. TV in adult rooms- yes
    TV in kid rooms- no. never.


  13. I actually wouldn't mind a TV in my room. There's something cozy about falling asleep next to hubby as he sits enthralled with the news or whatever, as happens when we're in a hotel etc.

    He's the latenighter in our house, so usually I'm in bed while he's downstairs watching YouTube videos or other.

  14. the sleep timer feature is key!... if the TV doesn't have one, find a programable remote! There's nothing worse that being woken by something strange on tv in the middle of the night. I don't have a tv in my room simply due to logitics of severe lack of space and my resistance to paying for digital cable. On the other hand, kids rooms are a different story! There is so much trash on TV today that I wouldn't let a child have a TV in their room through high school... when they get to college, well... I enjoyed mine in college.

  15. We do have a TV in our room at my husband's insistence! I hated it at first, and sometimes I still don't let him watch it at night...I agree with the SportsCenter interrupting the mornings thing...but it is nice sometimes to watch a show as we lay down for bed! :)

  16. We don't even own a TV. We used to have one in the living room. We so rarely watched it we put it's old fashioned bulk in the basement. Where it sat for 6 years gathering dust because: who wants to sit in the basement? We finally dumped it when we cleared out the house to make room for the baby 2 years ago and have never looked back. And our bedroom? Barely has room for the bed. A TV would have to hang from the ceiling. And we live in earthquake country...

  17. I want a TV in our bedroom! In our current home, there are no hookups in the bedroom, so NO bedroom tv.

    Next house? We're getting the TV back in our bedroom.


  18. Unfortunately we have a TV in our room...that is where the PS2 is hooked up, so the kids all end up in there playing or watching whatever they're trying to hide from us....

    Hubby is glad that I finally gave in, but rarely watches anything in there...