Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Knight in Shining Wingtips

Bean has her second tee-ball lesson tonight, which reminds me I never gave y'all the low-down on the first one.

Which reminds me that I have great news!

I didn't sprain, fracture or otherwise maim m'self, people!

(Insert wild applause here.)

I DID get that same look from Bean's coach that I got from the golf pro the first day of my golf lessons. The "you have GOT to be kidding me, lady" look. I was summarily dismissed from the action, in his mind, before we even lined up behind our orange cones. I take these things as a challenge, y'all.

And the mama? Y'all would be so proud. The Mama hung right on in there with the other Mommies and Daddies until that lesson was SLAP DONE WITH. And there was actual running! And scuttling. Wait -- shuttling? Scuffling? Hustling? I can't remember the word for it, but essentially running sideways. And we also ran backwards. And at one point, we ran straight until Coach Rick blew the whistle and we had to zig or zag where he pointed, all the way across the soccer field.

Oh, there were ALL SORTS of opportunities for me to earn myself AT LEAST an Ace Bandage and an ice pack, people. But no! Canyoubelieveit?

So about 40 minutes into the hour-long lesson I began to panic.

WHAT THE HECK AM I GONNA SAY ABOUT THIS ON THE BLOG? It's been hot, sweaty, sticky and there's been some grunting and all, but it's been essentially -- non-eventful.

BUT THEN CAME THE MOMENT. Not the kinda moment you'd expect on the soccer field, playin' Roll-the-ball-to-me-Bean- No-to-ME-Bean-not-way-over-crawl-crawl-crawl-THERE-pant-crawl-crawl-crawl-TO-ME-MEEEEEEEEE-Hello BEAN?-I'm-right-here-SEE-ME?, in the waning hours of a hot day, sun beatin' down, whistles blowin', Coach coachin', armpits sweatin', kids losin' it. Not at all. An incongruous moment - which made it all the more, um, momentous.

Are y'all sick of hearing how much I LURV my sweet husband? If you are, close your eyes for a minute, okay?

Because there I was, on that field, with Bean, at the t-ball lesson into which I'd enrolled her with my own hand and pen, of my own volition, stubbornly telling myself and anyone who raised an eyebrow at me that OH I CAN DO IT. ALLBYMYSELF. Eight months pregnant, plus. No sweat.

And I was makin' it just fine. And Bean was too. The FriedOkra gals were holdin' their own out there.


Well we WERE.

But at one point, mid-crawl, I took a minute to look up from my ball-retrieval mission and peer down toward the soccer goal where many other mothers stood placidly looking on as their husbands shepherded their own kids through these drills, and I spied him.

The man I love. Quickly striding across that soccer field in a dark suit and tie and a pair of sunglasses. OH. MY. GOSH. My heart did flip-flops and somersaults and tried to crawl up my throat, out my mouth and across the turf to gobble him up.

And I said, BEAN! Look who's here! I pointed. And her heart near 'bout exploded, just like mine.


I'll tell you people right now. I could have made it through that lesson without Al, and I'll make it through many without him, no doubt, because he won't be able to leave his office a full two hours or so early every Thursday for two months. But last Thursday, I had one of Those Moments. When seeing my husband happily approaching me, having (probably) moved pretty much heaven and earth to be there, literally about knocked me over with gratitude and sheer delight at having him for my partner, my friend, my mate.

He just does it for me, y'all.

And together, we finished up that lesson with Bean. Oh Al tried to shoo me away to the bleachers to rest, but there was no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks I was leaving his side. We were a team, the three of us, and I just wanted that moment of re-realization and amazement at the blessings constantly showered upon my little humble self to last a little bit longer. I wanted to be there in the moment with my sweet family, crawling around in the grass and looking at their beautiful faces in the setting sun - two of the three faces I know I'll love best until the day I die.

We finished up the class and headed back to the parking lot together, Bean between us, holding her big, strong Daddy's hand in one of hers, mine in the other, deciding where we should go eat dinner. I thanked Al for his wonderful surprise.

"Well, I couldn't miss Bean's first tee-ball lesson, could I? A-a-a-nd - I have another surprise for you. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to spend with My Girls."


Be still my heart.


  1. That is really a fun and sweet story. I tried a golf lesson (or "lesson" shall we say?) when I was pregnant. It probably scarred me for life.

  2. I love this! Its so much fun to do things as a family.

  3. Oh that post was a complete tear jerker moment..... I can see me in that siuation saying the same thing. My time is coming in a few years!

  4. Awww! You all are just a great family! And you know - in the midst of those family times, Beans watching... and learning, good things!

  5. I can feel the love from here!

    Isn't it amazing how these little things are the things we treasure the most? Sure diamond earrings, spa getaways and Disney vacations are real nice but making time to be together trumps them every. single. time.

  6. What a great story! Sniff...

  7. Ditto Susan said! Loved that story. Love, Mom

  8. Nothing like Daddy rollin' in early to make the day special. Know exactly what you mean.

  9. AAAWWWW. So sweet.


  10. Clap Clap Clap!!! Yay Al!! He's one of my heros you know! xoxo Julie

  11. Awww, I'm so proud of you! I'm not anywhere near pregnant and I don't think I could survive a tee-ball lesson! Al's the sweetest.

  12. That is super cool! What a man...and what a mom!

  13. Awww, what a guy. And what a woman - I don't know if I could hold up for a whole t-ball lesson. Though raised eyebrows and doubtful looks would probably spur me on too to show them all that I could do it!

  14. Ok, puddling here!

    How endearingly sweet!

  15. Man, I just love hearing a wife saying gushy stuff about her husband. "He just does it for me" - that's the best!

  16. Girl, you are so blessed!! I just love hearing stories about men who are such special husbands and fathers. It's so refreshing!!

  17. Our husbands are never more attractive - can you say sexy on this blog? - than when they burst out of their worlds into ours, suits, sunglasses, and all. It's a little... flustering! Makes me feel like a schoolgirl again, ahhh...

    What a hero!

    And by the way, you are, too - I'm impressed. Y'all have been hoppin' lately!

  18. That's wonderful, those are the best days! I love those moments when you're all together as a family and you're so happy. I'm grateful for those times as well.

    I'm glad you're feeling well lately! I remember when my oldest (who just turned 10!) was little (about three) we were playing ball together. I was about 9 months pregnant and I was pitching him little wiffle balls and he was just hitting them in his room, nothing big.

    Well you know what happened, right? Of course. He smacked one dead on into my watermelon belly and his six year old brother is still a crab about things.

  19. What a great post! I can tell how genuine the feelings were. My husband often rescued me during dance practice. Well, he came and picked up my boys who were bouncing off the walls anyway.

  20. Gosh...if you keep writing posts like that, I'm gonna love your husband too! You are blessed beyond measure and I'm so glad that the lesson went well!

  21. Seriously. I just got a little misty eyed at that last part! A surprise day off to spend with his girls! Who needs flowers, chocolates, and jewelry? (well...)
    Quality time must be my love language.

  22. You made my heart go all pitter-pat with this one. What a beautiful post & what a wonderful family!

  23. Oh my heavens have the BEST way of stoy telling...and your description of how you felt seeing your hubby....was so wonderful, I felt like it was me. wow! thanks for sharing!