Thursday, June 12, 2008

And I'm Just Thankin' My Lucky Stars She Knows Nothing of the Leftover Ice Cream Cake in the Freezer.

Last night was Bunco night at my house, y'all. It was a great time as usual, but we were up late cleaning up guacamole glops, carting recycleables to the outside bin and returning furniture, scattered to the four winds to accomodate the gaming tables, to its rightful places. Despite her own late retirement last night, B was up at her usual crack o' dawn, even-the-roosters-hate-her hour.

First words out of her mouth, as she peeled my eyelids open and beamed a sweetly manipulative smile into my foggy gaze?

Mama, WHERE did you put all those JELLY BELLIES from las' night?

(And that, my friends, is a line straight outta the You Know It's Gonna be a Long Day When ... Handbook. You recognize this, do you not?)

I've remained in a sleepy stupor despite her cheery attempts to jangle me out of it employing every cruel method her three-year-old mind can conjure up, short of dumping buckets of ice cold water over my head, so she's eating her breakfast in shifts: a cup of hot cocoa at 6:15, a handful of cashews at 7:30 and then the bunch of grapes in a bowl she recently finished up.

Mama, I finished up all my grapes. Can I have the whole bag of Jelly Bellies now? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?

I laughed.

You may have a FEW Jelly Bellies, but first you need to eat either a peanut butter spoon or a cheese stick. Which do you want?

Ummmmm... a peanut butter spoon! You know why Mama?


A peanut butter spoon is quicker!

Really? Okay.

I scoop SunButter, a nice big wad of it, onto a spoon and proffer it for her sticky consumption.

And I blink.

And she hands the spoon back to me, empty. Glistening. She's scraped the whole sticky wad of goo off the spoon in one big toothy gulp.

MMmmm mmmeady mmmr my mmmlly mmmllies mow mmmlease, Mama.

Yep. Long day, people.


  1. Next time remember to hide the Jelly Bellies in the freezer with the ice cream cake and claim that someone ate all of them.

    Or just shove them in a box and ship em to me. I'll smuggle them into work and our 3 year olds will be none the wiser. ;)

  2. Oh hope it gets better! I'm ready for a nap and it's not even noon.


  3. Hi, I found you through googlereader (and then recognised you from chicqritique). I love your blog, you have a true gift for writing and coming up with the longest and funniest post-titles. I really had to drag myself away from you blog because I was tempted to go through your archives in one sitting. But I decided to save some for later. I will be back!
    Love, Marianne (from the Netherlands so pardon my english)

  4. I love how you describe things - I can picture Bean with a mouthful of peanut butter ready for those Jelly Bellies! So cute!

  5. Oh boy, I know those days all too well. I'll bet that peanut butter mouth was just loverly.

  6. I am so sorry that Bean is such an early riser! I just couldn't imagine! What time does she go to bed? Hopefully she at least goes to bed early to make up for the early rising!

  7. I had to come back and comment again because I had this weird thought as I was contemplating an afternoon snack. You should have just given Bean a peanut butter and jelly belly (PB & JB) sandwich instead of a spoon of peanut butter. I predict it will be the next sandwich for preschoolers and will replace the Fluffer Nutter forever.

  8. lol twithhoney.

    And see what were we talking about this morning? You ARE so loved... :)

    I can totally see Bean talking with sunbutter in her mouth. My son does that - cracks me UP.

  9. Oh Yes - I remember those days! Hope you get lots of sleep tonight.

  10. Sounds like Jack. They can wear you down, these critters. I hope she went to bed EARLY tonight!

    Lately Jack has been wanting "snack with a movie" for his "rest time," but then come dinner time, he says, "what's for dessert?" Well, FINALLY I can say with great pride,

    You know your child is growing up WHEN...
    he informs you that he will have a "healthy snack" for "snack and a movie" so he can have dessert tonight.
    To my way of thinking, that is progress (lets not talk about the expectation of nightly dessert RIGHT NOW...) and it's called DELAYED GRATIFICATION. Thank you, Lord, it has finally arrived. :)

  11. The Baby spent the whole day having one big long tantrum for popsicles. YEESH.

  12. Megan,I have had a long day and It has nothing to do with children.
    That's all I'm gonna say.

    OH by the way you are up on both of my blogsites.

  13. The girl knows what she wants, that's for sure!

    (can she share her jelly bellies with me? I LOVE those darn things.)

  14. Isn't it amazing what they can do when they want something!

  15. I read this post to my husband and he thought you were such a good writer. Cute post!!

  16. tee hee... what a girl you have there. :)

    love it. thanks for the smile.

    I am sooooo behind on my blogging....ugh....I'm all catch up on the reading...but not enought time to comment on it all.