Monday, June 30, 2008

Ah, Well. Maybe Not Every One Has to Have An Actual Point, Right?

As I type this, Al's givin' Bean her first lesson in The Viewing of (Vintage) Looney Tunes on a Sunday Afternoon.

"And that's Pepe Le Pew." (Said this in his best French accent, too. Leaves nothin' out, this man.)

"Is he a cat?"

"A skunk."

"A SKU-UNK? Eeeeeeeeew! P.U."


"What's the dog's name, Daddy?"

"What dog?"

"That bad dog - he spins around."

"Oh! That's the Tasmanian Devil."

"Damamian Debil. Got it."

Lots of laughter.

And I should probably end this post there, because as you can see, I don't have much for you today. Oh, it isn't that my head's empty, or that we haven't had a fun, eventful weekend here at FriedOkra Manor. The weekend flew by like a shot as usual, packed full of neighborhood barbecues, diner breakfasts, and sunny afternoons outside. The summer fun quotient's been high, people -- we've been busier than ever, and if I put my mind to it, I'd know be able to conjure up plenty of anecdotes for y'all, but the truth is, I just don't feel anecdotal tonight.

For whatever reason, it's become increasingly difficult to bring this mind and body into a relaxed, reflective place - the very place from which I most frequently blog you. Instead, there's this pounding mental and physical urgency to get everything on my to-do list done, and get it done NOW. I'm simultaneously planning two upcoming vacations for the family, building the entire process and writing up the collateral for the writing coaching I mentioned Friday (for which y'all have completely blown me away with your enthusiasm, by the way! OHMYGRANNY!), reorganizing the baby's room, sorting, washing, drying and folding his entire newborn wardrobe, researching and trying to decide on and order a diaper changing table, finishing up an odd assortment of decorating details in the guest and master bedrooms and doing the family laundry while mapping out the events of the upcoming week and weekend and planning meals/writing a grocery list in my head.

I can't focus, people. On anything. As soon as I sink my mental teeth into one project or idea, another pops into my head and I'm off and running in a completely new direction. I'm like a slow, lumbering, outta breath pinball with ripe, swollen ankles and a mean case of heartburn.

I do believe, y'all, that we have entered The Nesting Phase.

Where we go from here is anybody's guess. Well, I mean. I guess we all KNOW where we go from here. We have us a baby. Soonish. Not too soonish, but soonish enough.

And you know what? I've wondered for the last 8 months if I'd ever be able to say this, but here goes:

I think I might be kinda -- ready.



  1. I bought the kids a classic Bugs Bunny dvd set. They love all the characters as much as I did.

    Run with the 'nesting' stage cuz not too long from now you'll be zombied from lack of sleep.

  2. It is getting close, isn't it? You just do your nesting thing. We'll be here waiting!

  3. At least you are on the home stretch, nesting phase is either productive or chaotic! Sounds like you are on the chaotic side....make a list, might keep you focused.

  4. My kids do a full rendition of Yosemite Sam, each has a line. My favorite is "Say yer prayers, wabbitt. I'm a gonna bwast ya!"
    (No, it's not Elmer Fudd, that's just how my 4 yo talks.)

  5. Nesting is such an exciting phase for me... full of anticipation and unknown possibility. Enjoy this special time!

  6. Vacations? Two?! You can't go anywhere. You've got to stay within range of your OB (and me), dontcha?

  7. Megan, you were born ready. I've never seen anyone who is more able to handle everything life has to offer. You seem so "together", which may seem totally pee-your-pants funny to you right now. BUT, that's exactly how I see you. You always manage to learn (sometime not as quickly as you like) to get a hold of every sitch-ee-ation that comes. Bravo to you, Megan!
    Your biggest So. IL fan

  8. I just smiled the whole time I was reading this post. Writing coach. Nesting. Ready for Peanut. I'm so excited for you!

  9. I was ready. Dec. 14th that little Monkey joined us and I was ready. Darlin' little booger too. I'm excited for you.

  10. Ah fun and tiring! It seems like it has come so fast!

    Yippee for being ready!!!

  11. I love the nesting phase, I always wish for that kind of enthusiasm, pace and productivity on an everyday basis!

    My kids love those looney tunes!

    I'm so excited for you, oh a little boy... they are glorious!

  12. We got Ten an iPod Nano for his birthday and he received iTunes gift cards.

    I was thrilled when we selected Looney Tunes as the movies he wanted to get - can't get more classic than that and so much better than anything on tv today (even with all the guns/anvils and various assorted tomfoolery).

  13. I sort of miss the nesting, because I actually got a lot done before I totally lost focus. Unlike now. Hmph.

  14. Oh my time is getting short, Isn't it..

  15. Uh Oh

    Nesting already???????????

    Is it that time? So soon?

    Our prayers are with you and this new baby.


  16. I can't focus on anything either. I don't have a good excuse, though. Nest away!!

  17. Other people's pregnancies just WHIP by!
    My kids LOVE Looney Tunes. And my husband loves the music from the old Warner Brothers cartoons, which means we often have "Drunken Swiss Oompa Band" playing in the background while we eat supper or whatever.

  18. Other people's pregnancies just WHIP by!
    My kids LOVE Looney Tunes. And my husband loves the music from the old Warner Brothers cartoons, which means we often have "Drunken Swiss Oompa Band" playing in the background while we eat supper or whatever.

  19. Girl you did it again...I started out laughin & ended up with teary eyes.
    Ready is a beautiful thing.