Friday, May 16, 2008

What Questions Do You Have for My Answers? Part Two.

Plum near wore m'self out with that looping, somewhat ponderous and melancholy essay answer to Mari's question in Part One of this little series. Time for some short answer questions. Well, short as possible, given my strict adherence to the More than anyone ever, EVER, needed to know, EVER, about ANYTHING policy of blog-writing.

Vintage Dutch Girl asks: What do you do for fun without the kiddos (assuming you have the energy and time to do so!)?

And lemme tell you, that parenthetical caveat's a real party pooper lately. We have ourselves a bit of a baby sitter quandry here, as the lovely young lady we trust most with Bean (and the one she adores most, and the one who also happens to live next door with her parents, BUH-LESSED ASSURANCE) has a "real job" and can't get here to sit for us on the weekend until 8 PM, which means there are exactly 59 minutes between the moment she knocks at the door and we entrust Bean to her gentle care, and the moment my eyes involuntarily begin closing. So whatever we do for fun lately has to have an extremely low time:fun ratio. Which means, in short, well. We eat. Somewhere close by. I know. Boring. But that's what we do - we go out to a grown-up restaurant and enjoy a meal, just the two of us, in which we have actual prolonged and uninterrupted conversation and blissfully forget the very existence of chicken nuggets and ketchup for a entire meal.

On week nights, after we get Bean in the bed, we spend an hour at our respective laptops, where Al studies and I do important work on my blog. Then we turn out the light and watch a Frasier re-run or two until we're asleep.

I know. Pathetic. We used to hike, and work out together, and go to baseball games and movies and fantastic concerts and take fabulous trips. Now, we watch Frasier.

But I wouldn't change a thing. Not a darn thing.


Shelli wants to know the extent of my okra addiction:

You probably have answered this somewhere already, but I'm new here and have to you like pickled okra? That is my favorite way to eat it, pickled, on a salad, haven't had it in forever!

Shelli, my advice is to rectify that situation post haste. As in IMMEDIATELY. Girl, if you can't get you any pickled okra where you live, you let me know, and I will send you some. Because a life devoid of pickled okra is not worth livin'. And yes, I do love it. I keep a jar in my fridge at all times. Here... want one?


Amanda of The Sarasota Grapevine is pregnant, too!

Dearest Fried Okra,

I know you are pregnant, but I can't remember for the life of me when your lil guy is due... I am due in late September. I would like to know:
What do you drink while pregnant? I feel like I'm pretty creative with my bevvies, but I adore the usual suspects (water, milk, and even the sugary stuff like Gatorade and juice). Lately, I'm a fool for a milkshake of any kind. I've even had a few N/A beers in the past week since a few of our sports teams are rockin' it nicely.
What do you love?

Oh, Amanda, my soul sister. I think about beverages ALL THE TIME. Do you? I've hit the lips-constantly-stuck-to-my-teeth phase of this pregnancy a bit earlier than I did with Bean, and when I read your question, I just got thirstier! Right now I go about my days with a large tankard glass of Gatorade®, the original lemon-lime flavor, with plenty o' ice, attached to my right hand. I LURV Gatorade® when I'm pregnant. I drink it all day long and dream about it at night and my first thought every morning is Please pass the Gatorade®. I don't love water, but I'll drink it. I love ice cold milk, but I limit my intake of it to mornings. I love and crave but VERY rarely drink Cherry Coke®, lemonade (fresh squeezed, please), and rootbeer. For a special treat as it gets much hotter this summer I'll be whirring up ice and apple juice in my blender to make an apple juice slushy-type thing. YUM.

Oh, and Peanut's due date is 8/8/08. Neat, huh? Good luck to you and your lil Peanut - keep me posted, okay?


My good friend Julie is still trying to crack me on the baby name thing:

How about you answer a question about baby boy names. If you don't want to give it up, maybe you could list like 10 names and have ONE of them be the right one?

Well, okay. I don't think that could hurt, could it? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Roman, Thomas, Reggie, London, Keaton, Micah, Jonah, Ishmael, Abraham, Isaac, Gabriel, Sidney, George, Daniel, Peter, Paul, Mary, or David. Or Edward or Edmund.

Yeah, that was twenty-something. What can I say? They just kep' a-flowin'!

Which one do y'all think it is? Any guesses?


I'll be back with more tomorrow or so. Enjoy your Saturday, people!


  1. I go for Roman, Rome for short. And you can ask, "Have you ever Bean to Rome?"
    Okay, very corny I know. But I keep waking up at o'dark every morning and I can't take naps and the sleep deprivation has short circuited my brain so I am only allowed to have silly thoughts. I've heard that pregnancy kills brain cells. Well I'm hear to tell you that so does perimenopause.

  2. Why don't you just him "Sue"?

    Loved your answers - if I did a Q&A, I'd have to ask all the questions :)

  3. Of course, you can't go wrong with David. Beloved. And Gabriel has interesting possibilities. "He's an angel straight from heaven!" And I've always loved Isaac, which is quite appropriate.

  4. Keaton. I hope, haha. Or David maybe.

  5. I'm hoping it's not Mary - just wouldn't be right! Keaton or Micah maybe? The possibilities are endless!

  6. Oh wow, your evenings sound just like ours - right down to the Frasier re-runs! LOL How funny! One of the best sitcoms ever, I do believe.

  7. Hey! My due date is 8/11/08, but I'm hoping for the 8th because my Woggie's birthday is 6/06/06 (insert comment about antichrist here). I just feel it would be a whole lot easier to remember 6's and 8's.

  8. My guess is Keaton. My oldest daughter's birthday is 8/8/00, so she will be 8 on 8/8/08 which I think is pretty cool!! What a great day to have a baby!!!

  9. I love so many of those names. Maybe we need more than 3 boys so I can pick another name,hmmm....We've only used one of the names on your list. We always had our name picked ahead of time but we still waited to see their face to make sure the name fit.

  10. I have no idea what to guess - I think it's going to be one of those disciple names, though. Since those were on your mind - John, maybe? Or not. Whatever you pick is going to be perfect for your little boy! As long as you don't name him Chuck A. - hee hee? remember?)

  11. Gabriel...'cause he's a little angel :).

  12. loved your answers. I'm gonna guess Micah. :) It is sort of sad how long I sat there and reasoned it out. LOL

  13. I have to root for Isaac. It's our oldest's middle name. We picked it out because one of the meanings was "laughter." And let me tell you, it fits. He's in the living room with his daddy right now giggling loud enough to beat the band.

  14. Micah was my other choice for Declan.

    Isn't it hard!!??

    xo ~K

  15. My husband's name is Daniel and my son's name is Peter so both of those would be my top choices!

    I can't wait to meet little Peanut and find out his real name...assuming you are going to divulge it on the blog...

  16. Ishamel it is!
    We found naming our third kid pretty much impossible because a) my husband had been forced to talk endlessly about names in our first two pregnancies and just did not WANT to anymore and b) we'd already used our favorite names up. But we managed.

  17. It's Keaton, isn't it? I just know it. It goes reeeeeeeally, reeeeeeeally well with Bean's first name. hee!

    (Oh my gosh, if that's really it, please forgive me.)

    Seriously, I think it's Isaac. But they are all lovely choices.

  18. I would have to go with Jonah, just cause I love that name. In fact, no don't use that name and if ever I have another baby, and it is a boy, I may just use it myself!

    I can't wait until your little peanut is born, and what a lucky due date! Both my father and my mother-in-law are hoping my wee one is born early, on the 4th of August, as that is their birthday. For me, having three birthdays on the one day would be way too stressful!!

  19. My guess is Gabriel George. And he'll be Gabe to everyone cept when he's in trouble!

    That is my first guess.

    xoxo Julie

  20. Hmmmmm well I'm going to uess Sidney, as I know you lovedf that name when it was on our list for Jove. I still love that name too for a girl or a boy :)

    Middle names...I dunno, maybe London? Or Reggie? Love those names too ;)

  21. I love, love, love names.
    I'm guessing Luke Matthew. I love the name Luke (it's my husband's name).