Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watch This Space: A Blog About How I Will Blog Later. About Blogging.

Bleedfest '08 continues apace.

Bean and I were up and att'em today for a trip to the OB, where I got my inevitable list of burning questions answered, heard Peanut's heartbeat, was complimented on my lack of stretchmarks again, and then unceremoniously bled like a stuck pig.

Yeah. Gave my three vials worth and THEN got a Rhogam shot for good measure.


Aw, it's not that bad. I mean, compared to the gettin' weighed part, right? You know, the part where the nurse takes one look at me and moves the BIG WEIGHT AT THE BOTTOM up 50 lbs. before I even step on the scales, and I proceed to blush until my eyes water? That part.

The OB/GYN office -- Humility's Favorite Pick-up Joint.


I will blog again today. I just wanted to get that OB stuff out, you know, because it was WEIGHING me down. But later I'm going back to the Reader Mail Bag (which, by the way, I love more than Fannie Mae Mint Meltaways right now. I DREAM about these questions at night, and come up with all these clever, expository, witty replies, which of course I've completely forgotten by the time I wake up the next morning) and answering some questions about blogging.

But in the meantime, can y'all tell me something, honestly? I'm thinking of going through my entire make-up routine, complete with product information, on Friday's Chic Critique. Just lay it all out there in the order I apply it, with some detail on HOW I apply it, and maybe add a picture or two.

Does that sound even remotely interesting to you?

Y'all don't forget about our big Lunch Date tomorrow. Go claim your copy of the Cutest Bloggy Button ever and post it today, then be back here in the morning with a link to your post about the best sandwich(es) in your repertoire!


  1. Make-up break-down sounds interesting.

    I hate the scales at the OB office. THEY LIE.

  2. i think make up stuff interesting...did you check out my giveaway, perfect for a new little one.

  3. You know. You scared the crap out of me when you said "Bleedfest." And as a person who has never worn make-up, I actually think that it would be interesting to read about how someone goes about doing it. It's sort of a mystery to me, haha.

  4. I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow! I've got mine all ready to go. I would love to hear about your makeup routine.
    PS - I had to do the Rhogam thing too. I'm so glad they have it though - I have an aunt who lost a baby because of the negative factor.

  5. You scared the pooh out of me with "Bleedfest"! I was WORRIED, woman! I'm glad it wasn't the horror I pictured and that Peanut is all good, stretch marks or no. Speaking of which, would you like some of mine?

  6. Of course we're interested in your make-up routine! I could use some pointers.

  7.'re PREGNANT! You are supposed to gain weight!

    I also didn't like reading about the "bleedfest" comment, you're scaring all of us in the mommy blogger world who are loving you and worried about you and, and, and.........Oh, long as you and bean and peanut are all ok..

    Luv ya, and Hugs..


  8. I was thinking you could just video tape it and post the video. Step by step. By step. By step. You could just talk and you wouldn't have to type a single thing. I'd love to see me some pictures of Megan. I know! Maybe Bean could narrate! Al could take the day off to be your camera guy. :)

    xoxo Julie

  9. ooooo Megan...did you get an email from me today????? or did my computer toot?

  10. For a start, after reading your 'bleedfest' remark, I thought that you were still bleeding from your dentist trip, and I was mentally vowing never to go to the dentist again! And as a non-make-up-wearing person, it would be very intersting to find out how it is done.

  11. Are you okay, sweetie?
    I have to get Rhogam shots throughout my pregnancies, too. Good times.

  12. I see I'm not the only one who's attention was grabbed and choked by "bleedfest"! My gracious!

    Nate's Mom

  13. I am the cleverest, funniest blogger ever at 2AM but not so much in the actual light of day. ;-)

    (I didn't like the bleedfest part either, by the way! Made me worry.)