Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Mind is a Patchwork Quilt Today, Apparently

I suppose that's a shade or two better than it being a braided rag rug though, isn't it?

Y'all had some good guesses on yesterday's post about baby names! Nobody's guessed it yet - not all the way, anyway. That list contains both Peanut's first AND middle names, by the way. At least, as they stand now. There's a bit of klugeyness still in my mind, though Al is completely 100% sold on the names we've chosen. And of course Bean continues pushin' hard for Hoppy Feet. I must say, based on the information available to me at this particular time, Hoppy Feet's the most suitable name in the lot.

For a three year old, the child exhibits some shocking perspicacity.

(You have no idea how thrilled I am that I found an even vaguely appropriate use for the word perspicacity in this post.)

The FriedOkra family's had a darn fine weekend. I shouldn't build this up like I have done on Twitter, but wheeee-dawgies, I had myself one of those rare but truly meaningful "moments of clarity" in the car on Saturday morning. See, like most of y'all, I don't get much time alone in my car anymore, in fact the only time I really ever do is if we have to take one of the two in for some kind of service, which means we have to drive two cars to the point of service. And Al always takes my car with Bean in her car seat and I get to take his car, which was my car when we were childless, and drive it all by myself out over the prairie on the wide open country roads, where inevitably I find myself steadily adding volume and bass as I go, and by the time we're halfway to our final destination I am SANGIN' away at the top o' my lungs, dancing in my seat and drumming on that steering wheel like I think I'm 17 again. And that is good stuff, y'all, as long as it's brief and doesn't actually involve widely-belted Esprit sweaters, Jellies® shoes, or floofed-up crusty radio-tower bang configurations.

Anyway, moment of clarity for the Mama -- AND: It involved Chaka Khan, much to my own personal shock and wonderment.

But you will have to wait your lil self right there on those proverbial pins and needles until tomorrow, when I will share with you exactly how the Chaka Khan Moment of Clarity transpired.

Also, I believe we dined next to none other than Ms. Sally Struthers, who was eatin' a big stack of blueberry pancakes, by the way, at one of our favorite breakfast joints. And at that very same breakfast joint, I had a big bowl of cheese gree-yuts. I know you will understand completely when I say that particular outing turned out to be a precipitously high point of the weekend, indeed.

(No, I honestly have no idea why Sally Struthers would be hanging out in far-surburbian Chicagoland on a random Sunday morning, eating blueberry pancakes for all the world to see, but that doesn't mean she wasn't really there. I can't think of a rational reason I'd have dreamed that up, can you?)

Have y'all clicked on the FriedOkra in the Kitchen Where She Belongs link over there on my increasingly junky sidebar which reminds me of my basement and makes me nearly as nervous and fidgety? If you have, have you also checked out and been sadly disappointed in the paltry offerings made available under the Dessertish Things of Love, Chocolate & Guilt category?

Because I will tell you right now that every time I find myself on that page, I am deeply shamed by the paucity of chocolaty desserts provided thereupon. And I just want to humbly apologize and promise you that ALL WILL SOON BE MADE RIGHT IN SWEETSVILLE. Because this week, on Thursday, I'm gonna lay down for y'all my Top Ten Oooey-Gooey Chocoliciousest Chocolate Recipes and once again I'll be providing a Mr. Linky doohickey so y'all can REEEEEEEE-CIP-RO-CATE with YOUR favorite chocolate-laden goodies, baked or otherwise.


And people? I know that every single one of you has a good chocolate dessert recipe, so don't even TRY holding back on me. Bonus points if there's caramel involved, too.

I'm just sayin'.

I'll also continue pulling questions from last week's Grill-the-Okra Fest and answering them in my own inimitably long, rambly and competely-unrelated-to-the-matter-at-hand style. The comments to that post are still open, so if you've come up with a question you want to ask -- one like, ARE YOU SERIOUS? SALLY STRUTHERS? WHAT WAS SHE WEARING? WAS SHE WITH THE MEATHEAD? or WHAT WAS THE HOT TOPIC OF DEBATE BETWEEN MEGAN AND AL SUNDAY NIGHT AS THEY WERE DRIVING HOME FROM THE GREEK JOINT AFTER PUTTING AWAY A COMBINED TOTAL OF 10 LBS. OF GYRO MEAT? AND WAS THERE ANY SPITTING OF OLIVE PITS OR SMEARING OF TZATZIKI SAUCE INVOLVED? -- it's not too late.

Hope y'all had a great weekend too!


  1. You are bad! Of course we all have some luscious chocolate recipes and now we are going to be tempted by every one else's too!
    I'll be waiting to hear about your Chaka Khan moment!

  2. I wasn't going to get on the computer tonight but I am weak and now I am going to be wondering about your Chaka Khan moment.

  3. Moms who ROCK OUT: Next on Oprah.

    I've been known to thrash a few drums, bob to the beat and throw a few hands waves in the air -- even while I'm driving my mom-mobile. And my kids have been known to shout, "Mom, it's too loud! Turn it down!"

    I'm sooooo cool.

  4. As I told you before, I love me some Chaka I am on the proverbial pins and needles here, woman!

  5. Yeah, I like the music loud too. And the kids don't really mind it. But...rocking out to Pink Floyd in the gigantic minivan just makes the whole experience lose a little somethin'.

  6. perspicacity- I just like writing that word out! Hoppy feet has a nice ring to it! Looking forward to chocolate day! Yum!

  7. Oh man, now you've got me goin'. Greek food? Um, LOVE greek food - gimme some spanakopita & I'm good baby.
    Oh, I'm salivating now *sigh*