Friday, May 30, 2008

I've Never Made You Laugh Harder

Happy Friday, y'all. I'm over a Chic Critique today, takin' you step by step through my daily make-up routine. And there's a picture of me without a lick of anything on my face, which, as you know, is like unto showin' up at the County Fair buck nekkid on Saturday night, for a Southern gal like me, so if you could just hie yourself hither on over there and lend me a little support in the comments, I'd probably feel much better, and you'd get a good chuckle. And who doesn't need a good chuckle on a Fri-dee morning?

Come on, who?

Go on now, git!

Also, the second installment of cancer answers is up at Ms. Karen's place! Thanks again, Karen, for providing us all with some very very valuable information.


  1. You really are pretty, even without makeup. But boy, what a difference just a little bit can do to make us look down right bee-U-tiful!!! Looks like you've got your beauty regime down pat. Thanks for the tips in Chic Critique.

    Cathy from So. IL

  2. There's always been a raging debate in our fam as to whether the phrase is "buck nekkid" or "butt nekkid".

    I see where you'd cast your vote...and really, it sounds much more polite :).

    (Loved your CC post!)

  3. I'm on my way!
    In reference to Robin - in our parts it's "buck naked"!

  4. Girl- You look good with no makeup! I wear the lip gloss, too. Love it.