Friday, May 23, 2008

Crows Feet, Crunchy Hair and Chocolate - Gotta Take the Bad with the Good, I Reckon

I'm over at Chic Critique today talkin' about wrinkles, frankincense and M.C. Hammer. You won't get to be the first commenter because Mari's already been there, done that, but you could be a respectable second or third or eleventh if you hastened on over right now.

I got my hair cut yesterday, NOT by my Maha, and it's just okay. I went WAY short this time and I feel like I look old and perhaps like I'm wearing a bad wig, but maybe it'll grow on me -- you never can tell what your hair's actually gonna look like it when your stylist puts in too much waxy, weird product and then dries it into a ceeee-ment helmet. I'll try to post pictures for y'all later after I've had MY way with it. Corey, I still owe you pictures of Bean (we didn't get around to it yesterday while she had on her little seersucker dress, unfortunately). She's mighty cute right this very moment in her hand-me-down jammies from cousin Maura-Katie, right here beside me, her hair all disheveled, with a sleepy smile on her face, sucking those two middle fingers of her left hand while twiddling her belly-button with the other hand. She's a creature of habit, just like her parents, this one. And Peanut is too, is just that right now all of his habits center around his resolute determination to CRUSH ALL MY VITAL ORGANS.

I left OUT a chocolate recipe. One of the BEST, actually. Can you believe that nonsense? In the words of Dr. Pheeyul, "What was I THINKin'?" I'll try to get that added this weekend. Sneak preview: There's actual Nutella™ involved. And there are already 13 lovely cooks linked up with their own chocolate recipes there, too. Well, a dozen, anyway. Thanks, everybody! They all look s'good I don't know which one to try first. I know need to try all the great brownie recipes though, and see which one's best. The category for next Thursday's Top Ten recipe post is gonna be sandwiches, so be thinkin'.

Cancer Q&A
The cancer answers are back from last week's question session for the Texas Oncology doctors that Karen brought together at her Simply A Musing Blog. Go read those! They've answered the skin cancer questions first, so I know many of you will want to go read about that, since summers on the way and there have already been some sunburns to beat the band. TRACEI.

I'll be back later, hopefully, with pictures of this hair and more answers to your questions from way back when.

Y'all have a good Fri-dee mornin'.


  1. Oh wow, my oldest daughter sucks the same fingers and rubs her bellybutton, too...well, more like pulls her innie into an outie and rubs it!!

  2. LOVE Nutella. I eat it by the jar on strawberries when they're in season.

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures. I'm sure you look cute as ever!

  4. I'll be holding you accountable for those pictures. I NEED life just isn't complete right now with out a bean fix. :)