Tuesday, May 27, 2008

But We Did Get New Toothbrushes. And Princess Tattoos.

Shew. It's been a rough day, y'all. Nothing I didn't fully bring on myself though and nothing a good evening of mindnumbing TV and sleep won't fix.

I'm not going to the Cubs game.

I know. I hear you. It's sad. I can't BELIEVE I'm gonna miss it. Don't make me discuss MY FEELINGS about it because most likely very few of us would get out alive, or at least get out without weeping uncontrollably.

Without getting into the finer details, I'll just say I felt this was the best decision for all concerned, based on scheduling conflicts and familial (and otherwise) states of mind and body, and based on the tremendous weight that was lifted from my Puh-syche when I finally MADE the decision and discussed it with Al, it was the right one.

Doesn't make the whole not-actually-going part any less of a complete BUMMER, though.

Let's just not talk about it for a few days, okay?


Bean and I went to the dentist this morning. Do you have any idea how much blood pregnant gums can produce when jabbed with skinny, pointy, metal devices of torture?

I do. Hint: If Jaws creator Peter Benchley could've witnessed this scene, he'd have wished he'd thought of it first.

Yeah, THAT gory. And BONUS! Painful, too! And? Lying down flat on your back with your head lower than your feet? Not the ideal position to be in when your blood volume is that of a rhinocerous. On iron therapy.

I came home and took an involuntary 2 hour nap, sideways across my bed. And still, 7 hours later, I'm feeling a bit odd.

But it was Bean's first time getting her teeth cleaned and she did GREAT. No crying, only a little bit of "I'm SCAY-ERD!" and a LOT of smiling and laughing and asking of questions.

That kid makes me so proud.


And... they didn't show the first pitch at the Cubs game on TV. Boo. He said it was low and outside, but maybe would've gotten a swing. Good job, honey.

Oh, and Michael Johns sung the national anthem, too. I wonder if Al stood near him on the field?


  1. I love Michael Johns! I'm really bummed for you. It wasn't on TV here, so I didn't get to see it. I still think it's just awesome that Al got to do that!

  2. Aw, that stinks that you didn't get to go. At least you got a princess tattoo--that always cheers my daughter up!

  3. We recorded it because Dave wasn't able to watch it...but I saw that I didn't see the first pitch. I was kinda corn-fused till I read this.
    Sorry you didn't get to go, but from the layers and layers of winter clothes on the made the right decision. Plus, maybe Al can do it again sometime after his son is born. :o)

  4. Ohhhhhh! I'm so sorry about your day. I know how disappointed you are.

  5. Gosh, if only this was something Photoshop could fix. I hate that you missed Al's first pitch at a Cub's game...I know how much you were looking forward to that.

    Glad you got new toothbrushes and tattoos, though! That's looking on the bright side...'cause your teeth are so clean - I gotta wear shades.

  6. Okay, I've got to BACK UP. I didn't realize AL was throwing out the first pitch.. how in the world did I miss that post? And I'm really sorry you missed it. xoxo

  7. hugs my friend. I'm thinking of you...and your swollen bloody gums. I'm glad your sorry mouth didn't scare the beanster.

  8. Too bad you didn't get to see it. But yay for Al.

    Missing the game on top of a visit to the evil dentist- my prayers go out to you my friend

  9. Your gums bleed just as much when you are breastfeeding too!