Monday, May 26, 2008

And If It Turns Out There's Ice-Cold Watermelon Involved, I May Have to Hyperventilate a Little

Oh! We have such excitement goin' on around here I can barely stand it, y'all.

For one, tomorrow is the big Cubs game! Al's still unrelentingly blasé about it, and I'm still completely, ridiculously atingle. It starts at 6 PM Central, in case you are interested in tuning in to see if they'll show the first pitch. I'll try to capture it on home video, but you know how these things go.

For two, we finally bought the office furniture we've been needing, on major SALE, even! Plus we ordered upholstered occasional chairs with RED POPPIES all over them and a drum table for the sitting area of the master bedroom along with a wonderfully comfy RED rocking recliner for Peanut's room. We've been looking around for most of these things since we moved here two years ago.

(Tangent) I cannot WAIT to get all of our files and other assorted office-related junque out of the PANTRY, where it is takin' up precious storage space, thus preventing me from fulfilling my life-long dream of owning industrial-sized cans of shoepeg corn and very small young tiny baby peas and 20 lb. bags of rice from Costco. And OH! The excesses of bathroom tissue! That Mama could store right where that fax machine's sitting! That alone is worth the price of a hutch, desk and even even the coordinatin' return, ya'll.

To know one's household's replete with -- yea, even stocked to its ultimate capacity of bathroom tissue - well, that is to have finally ARRIVED as a homemaker, don't you think?

Okay, yes. I should also get my sister to teach me how to make my own mixed-berry jam, too. But then, when I have the bathroom tissue and the jam jars lined up, stacked to the ceiling side-by-side in my pantry? THEN I will have arrived. Nothing will convince me otherwise, people. (/Tangent)

Where was I?

The excitement in the household. OH YES! THE CHAIR, Y'ALL! The chair for Peanut's room! Which reclines and rocks with a smooth and steady motion, like gentle waves along the Carolina coast, and which sports a fabric so durable, so cleanable, so lovely and luxurious and RED that just to think upon it brings a tear to mine eye. Dare I say that I am almost looking forward to the midnight feedings? And the 1 AM, 2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM and so on feedings, on and an ad infinitum, for each of which I will be enthroned in The Chair, my people, The Goddess of All Seating (and Lying, and Anything at All My Heart Should Desire Between the Two, Hallelujah!) Vessels, The Ultimate Comforter of Backs and Buttockses. It's the stuff chair dreams are made of, it is. And it's mine. All mine. (Contented sigh.)

In 4 to 6 weeks, with free delivery, offer void where prohibited.

And today!? Well, today dawns a glorious, sunny, brilliant Memorial Day after yesterday's plant-and-fertilizer-fest and last night's nothing-but-providential rip-roaring thunderstorms accompanied by several solid hours of steady rain. And the husband's got a bike ride in the works for our Bean, who will finally get to make her highly-anticipated christening voyage in the new-to-us bike trailer I got for $15 at a garage sale last week.

He's also already planning a hot dog feast on the back porch later today.


Everybody have fun and stay safe, okay?


  1. Where was I? As in where was I when you posted about the cubs? I have you in my Google reader and still I somehow missed that post! I am so excited for you and although I am not a big baseball fan I will be seeing if I can tune in for the big pitch. Have fun, take lots of pictures and just bask in the excitement of it all!

  2. It's always a thrill to read your posts, tangents especially. (LOL about(/tangent). You crack me up!

    So happy about your red chair! Sounds perfect for you and Peanut. Time is getting closer, I can't believe it!

  3. I need a pic of the poppy chairs! AND I must admit you gave me pause when I read "buttockses." Wow. Is that a redundant plural? (Or more than one "set"? GASP!)You are such fun! Enjoy your beautiful family, and Happy Memorial Day! From Emmie, daughter, wife, and mother of Air Force members.

  4. Oh I soooooo want to see a picture of The Chair, but I fear it will make me cry, such is my own LONGING for a chair like this (with zero chance of getting one, poo!). Still. Post a photo anyway! I will stand by with the kleenex ;)

  5. Oh man! That was me. Standing by with the Kleenex, that is! Sorry! xxx

  6. We bought a great comfy purple rocking chair before our first son was born and now four children later it is still my very favorite chair It's in our master bedroom and I still rock various kids from time to time, but mostly just read in it and relax in it now.

    Hope it will be the chair of your dreams!

  7. Now, of course I want pictures of the chair. Maybe even of the stack of toilet paper in your pantry (well, maybe not of the TP, but definitely the chair).

    Mary, mom to many

  8. Amen! to the toilet paper--nothing makes a mommy accomplished but endless supply of necessity! I know the feeling.
    The chair sounds lovely!

  9. You sounds so happy. I'm so happy for you! And looking forward to photos. :)