Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Almost Better than Cute New Shoes. NO, SERIOUSLY!

I wasn't planning to reveal this until Thursday, but it is SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE AND FUN AND WONDERFUL and has elevated my pitifully low spirits so very much today it occurs to me that Y'ALL must see it NOW.

And also, if you love it and want to pinch it and put it on your blog today, rightthisminute you certainly may. Be my guest.

Check this out, y'all.

No WAIT! First let me tell you what it is!

It's a button. To promote this Thursday's Top Ten Recipes list, topic: SANDWICHES! Because EVERYBODY loves sandwiches and knows how to make at least ONE really awesome one. And they're easy and fun and even portable! (SQUEAL!)

So I thought I'd talk about some of my own favorites, including a few regional specialities from hither, thither and yon. And I want y'all to join in and post recipes for your favorites - the bold and unique or the simple, comfortable favorites you make every day, or your region's famous native bun, er, son, of sandwiches. Seriously!

And because I'm feelin' woozy generous, I'm gonna let the definition of sandwich include anything made with a bread-like substance and a filler, like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, burgers, dogs/sausages, barbecue sandwiches or what-have-you.

Y'all spread the word on your blogs and let's do lunch on Thursday -- all of us. (Oh! Wouldn't it be fun to all do lunch for real? Maybe one day we will!)

Okay, NOW, look at this ADORABLE button:


<a href=""><img src=""/>

Smaller, for your sidebar:

<a href=""><img src=""/>

Karen (Does Karen mean "genius" in Latin? It does, doesn't it?) at simply amusing designs made it for me. I said, "Can you make me just a simple little graphic for my blog, kinda like a movie poster, with Hugh GrAHnt eatin' a sandwich?" and she made THAT! Man, to have that kind of talent and creativity. Karen, you spanked it out of the park, girl! Thank you!

Anyway, y'all can grab the code for this button above and post it at will. You may have to resize it to get it to fit, because it's nice and big.

To accomodate all of its cuteness, you see.

Thursday at FriedOkra: Sandwiches. Get your, um, buns in gear, y'all.


  1. Love the button - it's posted over at my blog!

  2. Can't wait! I love the button, too...I posted it as well. Have a great night!

  3. That's cute and what a great idea for a carnival!

    I can't grab the entire code for some reason but I'll ask my husband about it. I have an old monitor and the window can only be stretched so wide.

  4. I'll get it posted tonight! I'm so glad you liked it! :)

  5. LURVE the button.

  6. Probs with the code for your too cute button, but don't's me, not you!

    I'm excited to see what ever'one comes up with. Great idea, Ms. Thang!

  7. That is GENIUS. I'm racking my brains right now, trying to think if I have any good sandwich recipes... hmm...

  8. It is the best button EVER! I wish I could put it up, but I don't have a clue how to make it smaller.

  9. What what? You had me at cute shoes but then you go and show a picture of my Hugh? With a delicious sandwich? I'm pregnant... go easy on me! : ) I just might have a sandwich or two to talk about.


  10. Hugh/yummy + sandwich/yummy = Yumarific baby!! That is the cutest button, I'm SO putting it on my blog.
    K haven's commented in WAY too long so:
    Dentist - awesoome! I'm scared to take my kids - they all freak out about lots & loud...not fun!

    New furniture - that's so great, sounds comfy & cute.

    Pics of Bean - yum as usual, she is just a lil dolly! Planting flowers is hard work! I'm still working on mine but I have to prepare all my bedding areas as well as plant *sigh*

    Ray Charles rocks!

    Love me some Q, any Q - hey I'm from Washington, we're known for seafood, not Q! And I can't say James Talor rocks exactly but I love him just the same :)

    And last but certanly not least,

    I LOVE your new do - soooo cute!

  11. My spelling is sad today!
    haven't instead of haven's
    And Taylor instead of talor.

  12. Wouldn't it be great if Hugh just happened to be at lunch with all of us too! : )

  13. So, it IS the cutest not-shoe button EVAH, but I have a confession.

    Don't hate me.

    (I wish I knew how to make tiny type in comments, but I don't think it's doable...)

    Me no likey sandwiches. Which is WEIRD b/c I LOVE good bread. This is one of those times my hubby would say I'm complicated (NOT high maintenance...two VERY different things).

    But I will read some of your readers' Top Tens when they're linked and clap from the sidelines, k?

    Don't hate me....puh-lease?????