Thursday, April 24, 2008

While I Sit Here Taping the Head Back on this Paperdoll, People I Love are Doin' Other Stuff that Really Matters

Land sakes, I'm a mom! I'm simultaneously taping the head of a paperdoll back on while mopping up little girl toddler tears and repeating the mantra, "It's okay baby, Mama can fix her, Mama can fix her" and trying to explain the concept of positive and negative space to a three year old. So I'm prolly not gonna be all that funny in this post - I'm stretched purty thin at the moment.

While I work on that, I'ma send y'all off to check out the amazing, inspiring things a few of my favorite friends and bloggers are up to these days. Because I love them, I'm proud of them and so very happy to call 'em my friends, and I hope you'll feel the same.

First, note if you will the "Bite Back" button on my sidebar over there (actually it says "Bite Bacl" because it's too big to fit the whole "Back" in my stinkin' shrinky dink sidebar, but you get the message.) That little prollem aside, if you click it, that button will take you to BooMama's place, where Sophie's challenged us to donate enough funds in 50 hours to send 50 mosquito nets to Uganda to protect young kids and their parents from the dangerous and totally preventable disease, malaria. BooMama just got back from Uganda on a trip for Compassion, and you can read her funny and touching accounts of her trip, what she saw, and how she's been moved to serve God by advocating for these children, in a link on her sidebar entitled "I Went to Africa with Some People." She's broken up the mosquito net goal into "bite sized" pieces, if you will, and my bet is that if she hasn't already, she'll blow that whole 50 in 50 goal out of the water and over the rainbow and send hundreds of nets to Uganda. But that's just me. Go see for yourself.

My friend Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry's turning her family's recent tragic loss of twin boys James and Jake at 20 weeks of pregnancy into a blessing for all of our future children. She's created a team in honor of James and Jake who'll be walking six miles in the March for Babies, a March of Dimes event, coming up April 27th. Beth and her boys have my heart, y'all. I miss those boys every day, and I pray for sweet Beth and her family's continued strength and healing from their loss. The three of them will always be built into of the bond I have with my own son, Peanut. (Whom we really aren't going to name Peanut, I promise.)

My FIRLs David and Lainey have been led to create an Etsy store to sell David's beautiful work, the proceeds of which will go toward sponsoring children through Compassion. David, who's a professor at a local college and a talented professional artist, just announced today that he'll be giving away a piece of his amazing pottery at his blog as part of the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival going on this week. I hope you'll go over and register for that drawing, and then take a look around at the new Etsy store, MoCoffee's Art Cafe. He makes beautiful things. We have several pieces (which are full integrated into our daily lives, not sittin' up on a shelf somewhere) he's blessed our home with over the years and we treasure them. TREASURE. THEM. Gorgeous, solid, unique handmade cups made by a man we admire and adore and have known for 20 years - well, they beat the heck out of my old cracked freebie Washington Mutual travel mug any day, I'll tell you that right now!

Lastly, but not leastly, my BFFs and neighbors Nicki, Katie, Christy and Kim will be walking as Team Cure or Bust in the Breast Cancer 3 Day event benefitting Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure here in Chicago this August. I can't tell you how inspired (and a little jealous) I've been as I've watched these 4 beautiful women train daily for the grueling task of walking 60 miles in 3 days in the infernal Chicago-in-August heat. They've got blisters on their blisters, but they just keep going! Each of these ladies' lives have been touched by a friend or family member who's battled breast cancer, and they each have a special reason and determination to raise funds for this worthy cause, and you can read their individual stories, track their training ups and downs, and donate to help them reach their team goal here. You go, girls! I'll be walking beside you in spirit, even if I also happen to be pushing out a baby at the time.

To all of these inspirational friends, seeking out ways to help others in need or sickness or danger, I personally thank you. I am so proud to know each of you and I wish you the very biggest, best successes in all of the work you do. Thanks for being you, being strong, and being part of the solutions. May God bless each of your endeavors to the fullest.


  1. Wow what a great post full of truly inspirational people....including the post writer herself :)

  2. Reminds me of an editorial I just read about some boys who started the "rebelution" for teens... they wrote a book encouraging other teens to "DO SOMETHING HARD." I keep thinking about that today... That is certainly not something I aspire to... :)
    but it's definitely something to think about. Hmm...

  3. remember to add "paperdoll fixer" to your job description. :)

    Thanks for all the links. This world really can be a better place. :)

  4. What a great roundup of do-gooders! Thanks for the reminder that there's a huge hurting world outside these walls!

  5. Taping the head back on a paperdoll IS something that really matters. Trust me.