Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Red Bull®, Goals & Dreams, Happy Days & You: I Will Still Post About Possum & Biscuits If I Have to, People.

Oh, your comments from yesterday's post have been a joy to read! I've loved hearing from y'all. So much so I want MORE, please. I'm just needing a little bit of a break from talking about ME for awhile, and what better way to get all rejuvenated and ready to spin a good yarn or humiliate myself with another tale of my complete dunderheadedness than to hear about you?

None better. That's what.

So let's hear from ALL of you. (Ahem, lurkers!)

I'll even give you some thoughts to ponder as you come up with something to tell me about.

As Beanie-girl and I were racing (And she can win now, y'all. Quite easily. Puff, puff, puff.) around the gazebo in my teenytiny town square this morning (we were down there mailing out the books at the Post Office!), I saw a guy blow by behind the wheel of a black BMW, chugging a Red Bull®. And it reminded me that I've always wondered about Red Bull®. What's Red Bull® like? Have you ever had one? Do you like it? What does it DO for you? How does it make you feel? Am I wrong in my assessment that people who regularly drink Red Bull® (or similar beverages of that ilk. Isn't ilk a fun word? Ilk ilk ilk.) like to live fast and perhaps a little loose? Because the only person I've ever actually met who drank Red Bull® regularly is my landscaper, and frankly, although he's a nice enough guy, he scares me a little. HE! TALKS! LIKE! THIS! (only a great deal faster than I just typed that) and he paces around like his drawers are on fire, and his eyes are a little odd. They don't ever look fully focused, to me.

But that man can put in a shrub faster than I can eat a Twix® bar, and that's sayin' sumpm, people.

So, somebody give ol' Mama the 411 on Red Bull®, wouldja?

And then we'll switch gears. It seems like there're a lot of BLAHs going around lately. I hear y'all on that one. I wonder why everybody's BLAH at the same time? Is April National Blah Month? The Mumph of Harumph? I don't know, do you? But we need some cheering up, all of us, so please, tell me about a goal or a dream you have for yourself or your whole family. Doesn't have to be anything huge like building your own 15,000 square foot log cabin from scratch or climbing Mt. Everest or, you know, catching up on the laundry. Just one goal or dream that you have in your mind that you're really working toward right now and sincerely hope to reach or achieve.

I'll throw a couple of mine out there to get you thinking. When I started blogging in July 2007, I set a goal for myself of writing (or whatevering) well enough and being a "good enough" all around blogger to have a certain (hopefully realistic) number of subscribers by the end of my first year at FriedOkra.

I also have a dream of being a much more relaxed and happy mother to Peanut as a newborn than I was to Bean.

And Mom? Yes. One day I even dare hope to replace the $5.99 Post-It® brand stick-on paper blind on the window in my kitchen with an actual fabric treatment of some sort. Which will involve me making a DECISION. Which is not my forte right now. But a girl's gotta have a dream, people.

And lastly - what's the BEST thing that happened to you today? Me? I got Peanut's new little crib bedding in the mail. In a BIG ol' box. And his curtains, too. And it's all seriously cute! And that made me WAY happy.

Hmm. I still seem to be talking about me.

Okay, your turn:

  • Red Bull®?
  • Goal or Dream?
  • Something happy that happened today?
  • All three?

Yes, YOU.


  1. Something good that happened today? I found your blog! :) With a name like Fried Okra, I had to read! ;)

  2. I'm a lurker, but I'll de-lurk to help get rid of the blahs.

    I don't drink redbull, so I have nothing there.

    A dream we're working for is to build our dream house. We're running out of room in our current home, and so a nice big house with a basement for all the toys would be wonderful.

    And something happy? I just remembered I had a frozen lasagne in the freezer for dinner. No cooking for me tonight!

  3. My husband had to shoot a training video at home today, and needed an empty house... So, I went visiting friends in the morning and then shopping in the afternoon and found lots of cute clothes and some stuff for our house. (And the kids were REALLY well-behaved all day too.)

    I've never tried Red Bull, but I have a goal (and a dream) to learn to play the piano some day. Right now I'm just resorting to forcing my kids into lessons (which they go along with quite happily, most of the time). But maybe in a few years I'll join them...

  4. I've never tried Red Bull and I don't know anything about it - sorry! A goal - I really need to work on losing some weight. I keep losing some and gaining it back. A good thing - I had the day off and spent it with both Heather and Andy. It was wonderful!

  5. Gotta go anonymous on this one, even though I'm a regular commenter :)

    I found out today that I am expecting our second baby :)

    I'd say that's pretty cool.

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I can't stand it! I'm so excited! Congratulations! When can we know who you are? OHMYGOSH! C'mon! Fess up, whoever you are.

  7. I'm an occasional commenter so here you go:
    * Red Bull®- Love 'em, or rather a different brand of energy drink since I think Red Bull tastes like liquid metal. I'm naturally fairly sloth-like so I think they get me going at the speed the rest of society runs at.
    * Goal or Dream- That I'll forgive myself for a mistake I made on Sunday. It was an earth-shatterer so I'm not sure how to get past it.
    * Something happy that happened today- I'll have to get back to you on this one. I'm not having the best day.

  8. I'm as puzzled as you about the people who drink Red Bull and such. My words, life is exciting enough without adding extra adrenalin to the mix!
    Goals & Dreams: Ours just got a little closer! We learned yesterday that we can leave for Argentina at the end of July. Woohoo! That made for a happy day that's still going on today :-)

  9. Red Bull: never had one and personally, I kind of like being sloth-like.
    Dream: to finally get our remodeling finished and get the property purtied up.
    Something Happy: I had a massage this afternoon!

  10. Don't know much about Red Bull, but Topher has had tried other brands of energy drinks. They made him kind of jittery, and he seemed to want more of it (and not sleep that well at night). He's given up on them - thank goodness.

    Busy week this week - I am trying to clean up a messy house for my mom's visit this weekend. She's coming down for my son's 8th birthday party which is at the local Miniature golf. Putt-Putt for the fun of it...

    It's hard to believe that my baby is almost 8 years old!!

    The house is a mess because we are in the middle of a bedroom swap. The kids are changing bedrooms mainly because my son's old room has 2 closets and the girls' old room had 2 girls.... We painted his new room a tan color and reorganized his closet. And we are slowly organizing all his STUFF.

    Next will be the girls' room which we will be painting a minty green color with pink and purple accents, of course. But that will be in a few weekends from now.

    We also plan on attending a local festival on Friday. In "honor" of the Kentucky Derby, our horsey town celebrates by having Lobster races (and yes they have actual lobsters and they do "run" actual races). Over the years, these races have turned into a street festival with rides for the kids and food galore.

    I also have a tennis match tomorrow morning - hopefully I'll play better tomorrow that I did today ('cause today was just sad!)

    That's about it for us - I should probably put this in my own blog!!!

  11. Red Bull: Never had it, but know many who drink it (hell, Red Bull and strong alcohol is a favorite drink here). Some say it tastes like pee. Those who like it, cannot tell me why.

    As to dreams and goals: Did you SEE my last post, grumping and groaning about my house? I want a new house damnit! (lol)

    Something that happened today:

    End of the month is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Red bull - I've had it once. And it was like 10 cups of coffee wrapped into one little can. Oh, and it tasted like Robitusin!

  13. No idea on the Red Bull. Sorry about that - I just don't get it.

    I have 3 goals right now. They aren't super-exciting, but here ya go:
    1) Save up enough money for my cat's surgery for his mouth so he can eat anything once more.

    2) Get a different car - one that I can actually drive home to Illinois in instead of renting all the time. Pricey trips, ya know?

    3) I want a Kindle from Amazon badly, desperately, hopelessly!!!

    My happy thought today - I got an Indiana Jones Mr. Potatohead from Amazon. It even plays the theme song when you press his hat! I'll be giving one away on my blog next month because I love this one so much & want to share the joy. He makes me giggle like a small child - which I am not - though I apparently act like one!

  14. Okay, I haven't ever even tasted Red Bull. I have a friend who occasionally drinks it instead of a strong cup of coffee - but it's always for a specific reason/need to stay awake.

    Goal... decide on what the heck we're doing with our lives. But that's on hold 'till Monday, no use worrying now!

    Today - took my bridesmaid's dress to the alterations lady, which makes me smile because that means my dress will actually fit! Which is a happy circumstance. I've GOT to find Drew and Madeline's wedding outfits to wear, we're down to a week!

    Oh! And Adelaide has been WALKING today! Fun.

  15. Never had red bull. My goal is to finish all of our projects on the house soon. Something happy-I spent the day with my boys, it was loads of fun.

  16. Red Bull= Gross in my book.

    Dream/Goal to have a good paying job that is close to home for the fall, and to sell our house in Florida and not loose our shirts.

    Happy thing? That it is almost time for bed! Its been a LONG day.

  17. I hope that the mood is due to April being National Blah month because tomorrow is May 1st - that means the blahs will go away! :)

    Red Bull® - never tried the stuff. The only people I know that do drink it are living the fast life, in college (think cramming for finals) or computer geeks playing some kind of network game marathon.

    Something happy that happened today: Helped Princess make flour tortillas for dinner. Rolling them out was a pain but they definitely taste better (and less expensive) than the store bought kind. And she had a ton of fun doing it with me!

    Goal or Dream: Ya know that master bathroom remodel thing I mentioned a while ago. Yeah, I'd love, seriously L.O.V.E for that thing to get back on track and some day be able to luxuriate in my own personal steam shower. Ahhhhhh.

    And Congratulations to Anonymous!!! Oh, how I wish I was that was my 'something happy'.

  18. I can not understand how someone could enjoy RedBull. I'm sorry, I have to LIKE what I put in my matter what the 'benefits' are!! I'd rather have a NAKED JUICE energy drink (those are GOOOOOD, my friend).

    Umm...Goal. To buy a house again. We owned our home, but had to sell and we have to save up to buy again.

    Happy bout a hilarious happening? It was 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins (that's happy) and my sons came from church with a friend. When they arrived, my oldest dropped his stuff in the front seat of the van and headed inside to meet me. We were enjoying our ice cream when someone overheard me saying his name. She showed me his Bible and asked if it was his. Then she said...he just left it in my van! HE PUT HIS THINGS IN SOME ONE ELSES VAN!!! LOL Oh Goodness, I will be giggling about this for days.

  19. So I'm here cause Beth @Folding Laundry said to come on over. Love the belly pics! That's one thing I regret not doing more with mine. I have one pic at 12 weeks, and another right before the Little Man come out.

    Redbull? Sorry , no help there.

  20. From an occasional commenter:
    Never had red bull before - i don't really like those energy type drinks. :S

    As for a dream, we are dreaming of starting our family one of these days soon! :)

    Something happy that happened today was being told I was doing an awesome job at work [I am a teacher]

    p.s. I love the Mumph of Harumphs and totally agree with it! :)

  21. issues has me wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy behindyhind on my blog reading. I just read like the last 3 posts at once, and I am so tired I can't think of anything inteligent to say other than...."pass the Twix!"

  22. just found you through beth @ i should be folding laundry....

    loved reading about you. =)

    i'm definitely out on red bull.

    dream: to spend a significant amount of time in africa in the next couple years.

    happy today: my ususally "put-me-in-my-crib-and-let-me-go-to-sleep-in-peace" 1 year old wanted me to rock her to sleep. nothing feels better than her warm breath against my neck. =)

  23. Haha! about the Post-it brand window coverings. I can certainly relate to that! One of my goals is to finish decorating Mini's nursery...almost done! It's only taken me since January but hey, I've been a little busy!
    The best thing about today was taking Mini for a well visit at the doctors. Even though Max was bouncing off the walls at the time, it was because he was so very proud to show off his baby sister. She's such a sweetie and I feel so blessed to be a bleary-eyed mommy again. I can't wait for you to experience this, too.

  24. - RedBull - not a fan. I had it once and didn't care for the taste. Just give me sweet tea!

    - A goal - Sell our house so that we can move closer to childcare/work.

    - Something good that happened - Well, it's not necessarily an "event" but my best thing about today so far was nursing my daughter at 4:00. I love that time with her - before anyone else is up and it's just the two of us. It's really special. But then 5:00 rolls around and I have to get in the shower and start my day. Sigh!

  25. RedBull-not a fan for a different reason. To me, it reeks of false sweetness. I bartended my way thru SFState and I worked one pub (the young party Irish and redbull are fast friends)and they put the redbull right into the soda gun system. Problem was the fake sweet taste contaminated all the drinks. When you poured a coke, it tasted like red bull. ugh.

    happy thing today: meeting with boss, where I proudly crossed off finished projects right, left and center before his very pleased eyes. Bring on Friday!

    goal: finances, finances, finances!

  26. Right before all the "filled to the brin with crack" energy drinks got popular, I was paid to taste test some. I seriously felt like I had just drank syrupy battery acid. I won't touch the stuff now.

  27. Red Bull? Never tried it, Never will...One of hub's employees drinks it instead of eating lunch. Then again, this guy also has some other addictions besides caffeine...wonder why he was kicked out of the Marines..and rakes my yard for a living?

    Good day...We were on time for school today with NO FUSSING, NO YELLING, TEETH BRUSHED, HAIR DONE, LUNCHES PACKED. Can I get an amen?

  28. I have never had Red Bull. I think coffee is like Red Bull except it's coffee flavored, which is delicious.

    Did spell check accept the word dunderheadedness?

    My goal - get out of bed, do the laundry, hug my kids. I have lofty goals, don't I?

    I'm going to the eye doctor today and taking my son to the doctor today because he thinks he has to pee all of the time. I love a day filled with co-pays.

  29. Never tried Red Bull ~ always wanted to. Scares me though. All the energy and stuff ;0)

    Only goal is to chop through my to-do list, which is completely out of control!!!

    xo ~K

  30. Red Bull: I worked at the wonderful Wally-world for 3 years, OVERNIGHTS, and one has to be AWAKE to actually work, so I drank WAY too much Red Bull and the like. And they are NASTY...a rather acquired taste.

    Dream: I have a dream of one day actually getting SLEEP...oh, and having enough $$ to pay the bills every month.

    Happy: Hugs from my two littlest girls make my day! That, and a smile from my honey when he gets home!

  31. I've never had red bull.

    My goal is to get started on a book I want to write (it's a graphic novel) and to be more organized at home. I think this involves me being on the computer less...ack!

    Today I had breakfast at a lovely outside farm restaurant with six of my best was marvelous.

  32. Hey, that lurker callout worked!
    LOL on the image of pregnant Megan chasing Bean around the square! Red Bull: if I need a bigger caffeine high than my cuppa Joe can provide I chug Mt Dew--tastier and cheaper than Red Bull.
    Goal: Paid writing job--hence the Blah blog as of late :)
    Something Good: Baby ChubChub walked up to me, said "I Do!" and gave me a big smackeroo. Cinderella 3 does have its merits I guess!

  33. I can't stand Red Bull, but my hubby did buy me this Rockstar light coffee-flavored energy drink before church Wednesday night. It was delicious...and it enabled me to live through teaching my regular kids' Bible study with no helper and the addition of a severely ADHD kid. That's all you can ask for right there!