Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Or I Could Just Post My Recipe for 'Possum -n- Biscuits...

Mama gots nothin', y'all.

(But may I please say how totally relieved it makes me feel that so many of y'all have experienced the whole, "I know how many clams you shelled out last time you filled up the Mom-mobile, but I do not know your name" phenomenon? Which is not to say I thrive on your discomfort. Unless your discomfort is caused by the fact that you've given up the last Twix® bar so I can have it, in which case, I say, Bring it.)

(Nah. I don't need your Twix® bar. Okay, yes, I do. Really, rilly, rilly in a bad way. Need it, need it, NEED IT.)

You see how much nothin' Mama gots?

We've been busy around here this morning making up the weekly meal plan (a day late, because yesterday it just wudd'n happnin'), grocery shopping (Bean found one of those little balloon-on-a-sticks with a cluster of jingle bells on it and I kid you not, she skipped and hopped along in front of my cart the whole time, shaking that jingly balloon above her head, looking for all the world like a tiny, curly-haired, miniature court jester. I laughed my bummy off the whole time.) making a huge pot of bisketti sauce and we're fixin' to make oatmeal raisin cookies this afternoon.

And what are y'all up to? 'Cause I'd be interested to know. What are you and the kids doing today? How are you feeling? What's on your mind (besides Miley Cyrus, okay, because my Mom called me today and started talking about her. Yesterday neither of us woulda known who Miley Cyrus was if she'da come knocking at our doors selling Twix® bars - ahem - and today we're chatting about her like she lives down the street. You know what I think? I think if a 66-year-old retired nurse in Smallmilltown, South Carolina and a 40-year-old mother of a three-year-old, a mother who's been in cultural literacy lock-down for at least the past six months, are caught DEAD chattin' it up over Miley Cyrus, then the Cyrus family and their agents can sit back and say Mission Accomplished.)

But seriously. I want to hear from all of y'all. What's going on with you and yours? What's making you laugh, cry, smile, worry, hope, tune-in, turn-on, break-out, or just sit down and think?

Leave me a little insight into the pulse of your world in the comments. I'd love to hear just about anything, as long as it comes from YOU.


  1. I acquired a whopping headache today giving my batch of 1st graders a Standarized test. It was brutal and I am not really in the mood to talk about how three cried during it, how one girl broke 5 pencils, and a young lad asked to go pee 101 times. Please ask me why I went back to teaching . ANd if I growl at you, please remind me that I am supposedly called OR my husband has convinced me we need the extra cash (Esp. once he sees the total I spent at Target following my headache).
    Are you sorry you asked!?!?!

  2. Well, you know what is making me sad. But what makes me happy is people like you in this world.

    Let's see, what else:
    I have never had okra and I never want to try it. I write and eat left handed, I use my right hand for almost everything else.

    I love ice cold Miller Lite especially with spicy food.

    And I love margaritas, too. But I just started liking those.

    I love to bake but I hate to shop for the ingredients and I despise cleaning up afterwards.

    I really do hate folding laundry, although I have folded FOUR loads just today.

  3. laundry. Mopping. Then crashing on the couch and putting in The Lone Ranger for my fellas so I could get me some quick shut-eye. Growing baby number five is hard work, what with all the other ankle biters around here.

    What's on my mind: Am I cut out for this motherhood bit? Guess I don't have a choice, what with being on baby 5 in four years. But surely someone else could do it better... Or at least for like, thirty minutes, so I could take a nap or something. :-)

  4. A chance to talk about ME??????????

    Ok, let's see.....It's the end of the month so work is bedlam (it always is in an accounting office at the end of the month)and of course I am in the thick of it and loving it (what is wrong with me?)

    Taylor is finally over that horrific flu that came with 104 degree temps. SHe has finally decided (other than her one true love, soccer), what she wants to do with music. She is going to play the violin. I can hear my banker calling an politely Aheming me...."Ms Wise, you do know you cannot afford this, right?" I wanted a reason to quit smoking, I guess this would be the perfect reason.

    Ashes is going to be 14 in three weeks and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to do for her b-day. Sleep overs and skating rinks and bowling alleys just won't cut it this year. We did the makeovers at Merle Normans last year.....UGH! What to do what to do.

    Allen (my workaholic other half) is hitting his busy season now, so I have all the free time in the world. I won't see him resurface until maybe October (just kidding, he leaves Sundays open just for us)

    And then there is reading your blog! I want to know how you're feeling, how that new little one is doing and if he's beating mommy up yet. And, young lady....WHERE ARE THE SONOGRAM PICS?

  5. I somehow found myself putting together a fundraiser for a non-profit org I volunteer with. Unfortunately I can only work on any of it after my son has gone to bed which means I'm getting about 4 hours of sleep a night and no I can't call up some lady you chatted up at a town meeting to see if she wants to donate to the auction or attend the dinner - you do it because I can guarantee she does not want to hear from me at 1 a.m.! I'm sure I'll be nicer after I get a week of sleep.

  6. Let's was Mom's in Touch day this mornin', then we hung out w/ some friends for awhile afterwards, ate some lunch, vegged while watching Max & Ruby, went to babysit for a friend, played trains, read lots of good books while snugglin' with my boy, hit the school pick-up line, took the car by the repair shop b/c the new key doesn't work!, chatted with neighbors, refereed a few squabbles, cooked a great dinner, and just got back from our walk. Miss you.

  7. Not much going on here other than I am trying to ignore American Idol while my husband watches. I can take no more of it and just can't watch. It was a good day, I survived leading bible study, the garage door is fixed, and my boys are already asleep.

  8. What a bundle of cheer you are to me! Do you know how often I smile while reading your posts? Anyway - I worked far to long today. I started at 5:30 doing all the med and treatment sheets for next month, attended an inservice and admitted a new patient. I got out at 3:30, stopped at the grocery store, started a load of wash and then went out for supper with Andy and my Dad and his wife. (Bob and Heather were working tonight) Dad hadn't seen Andy since he came home so that was a happy reunion. We then went to my daughter Laura's house to work on a surprise, which I'll be blogging about next week, so you'll have to wait to hear more. I'm now home and checking my favorite blogs. It's been a great evening!

  9. Twix is my!


    Anyhoo, that's all that is going on with me. Just sitting here, drooling, thinkin' 'bout TWIX bars!

  10. I'm bummed that I forgot about Ben & Jerry's free cone day until 5 minutes ago. Too late for that now. Luckily I have a carton of Chippedy Chocolaty.

    I'd hit up Baskin Robbins 32 cent scoop tomorrow but we don't have any nearby. Would that help your hankerin' for a Twix go away?

    Other than the ice cream my days are are filled with at work reading blogs because I'm just not into what I'm doing but no one is complaining and I can't turn down the money. Or it could just be that Priscilla Maude Sybill is visiting right now.
    Tonight I had fun doing some 24 piece puzzles with Princess. It is so much fun to sit back and observe the ways she figures out how to put those pieces together.

  11. Well, let's see..where to start. I started my day off with tea and crumpets and then after my massage, I played a quick game of tennis with one of the girls from my bridge club. From there, I made a quick stop at Saks, where they were having a 50% off sale on Cole Haan and so I stocked up on my summer shoe selections before meeting another friend for lunch at Mulates. Then, after I dropped my poodle off at the groomer, I made a quick dash over to Starbucks and dropped $452 for gourmet coffee to make for my cat, who has been missing but came back with the promise of a caramel mochiatto. I met my husband for a lovely dinner of blue point oysters rockefeller and a Belgian endive salad.

    In other words, same ole, same ole. :)

  12. Currently? Eating "low sodium" crackers and "98% fat free" soup. And drinking water. My tastebuds are going on strike, soon, if they don't get some TASTY food! (sigh) I spent the day watching a wonderful and amazing woman clean my house (which made me feel like the scum on a sea urchin because she did SUCH an awesome job cleaning all the scum off the inside of this house). And then I pretended to be crafty by (finally) cutting the fabric to (eventually?) make some receiving blankets. Procrastinate much, there, Sally? :o)
    Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  13. let's see -- I've eaten my weight in candy the past two days... lead a women's bible study at church this morning... baked some brownies with my two year old...

    that's the short end of it!!

    xo ~K

  14. Now I REALLY want a Twix!

    I took my daughter to school, dropped my son off at a friend's so I could go to the dentist. You know it's sad when you don't mind going to the dentist because at least you get some peace and quiet! Then I picked my daughter up and met the playgroup at the park. It was sunny and windy and the kids had a great time.

  15. Inspite of the warm sunny weather we've had, I have been 'ho hum' on the inside.

    I need a refreshing.

    Tomorrow night I am going to a Third Day concert- Maybe that will help breath some new life into me.

  16. Oh so the usual: I work a little, check my bloglines, read a blog, work a little, check my bloglines, read a blog, then somewhere around lunch I sneak in my own blog post, back to work a little, check my bloglines, read a blog, work a little and so on.

    Soon, it will be time to go home and intermingle homelife with bloglife.

    itchin' for a twix now- thanks!

  17. I'd like to lose 50 pounds, would settle for 20.

    Our boy is home sick again today.

    My house is clean in the essential areas but borderline elsewhere. Reading to aforementioned boy on the sofa is more attractive activity at the moment.

    Otherwise, blank mind.

    Happy Sahm

  18. Who is Miley Cyrus? Cary's father-in-law died Sunday. He had already ourlived expectations. We close on the sale of 210 today. We are considering suing someone for defamation of character! How's all that for excitement? Aunt Joy.

  19. Wow, now I want a twix.

    Let's see. I am glad Beth showed me the way here, because you are so very lovely. Make me laugh and I'll bloggy love you forever...

    Hmph, I'm at work daydreaming of everything I'd rather be doing.

    Like eating a twix.

    or going to the beach to photograph things. Shooting photos of things and stuff make me so very happy.

    and my crocs are quite uncomfy today.

    So, i'm off to find that twix now

  20. I wish that I could be a SAHM. I came back to work this week after 3 months at home with my little girl and it is making me really, really sad.

    I'm lucky though because she's safe and happy with my mom and my gram and my sister. But I still wish that I could be there.

    I have alot of mommy guilt even though I know that my working is the best thing for our family.

  21. I'm over here because Beth (I should be folding laundry) ordered me to come and tell you something about myself. nothing.

    I know! Friday night I have a date with my hubby to see his friends band play. They are a Prog Metal band - should be fun! Cause I hate metal. Maybe after a few drinks they will sound good. :)

  22. I probably told you way too much about what is going on my life on my blog yesterday. But here goes.

    Funky, funk, funk, funk. HMPH. I feel bloated, crampy, crabby, and just plain out of sorts. And my teeth hurt.

    Man, I'm a whiner. How depressing. Try this.

    I am so thankful that the sun is out today, even though it's not as warm as I wish it was.

    I am so thankful for all my friends -- bloggy friends, and real life friends, and I wish I had more energy to devote to everyone.

    I am thankful for my husband's job so I can stay at home, where I want to be.

    I am so thankful for my health and the health of my family.

    I reallyneed to put my invisalign back in if they are ever going to straighten my teeth.

    I have a bunch of blog posts to write, but I'd rather read email. But email is eerily silent right now, so I guess I should get to work.

  23. Today is my birthday and I am doing NOTHING other than piddling away the day on my computer while my husband puts out the fires and I eat chocolate covered cherries from my friend.

    I really do read your blog daily, but I often read it on the google reader, and I don't always have time to flip over and comment. But I'm here, I really am!!! "If a tree falls in the forest and no one sees it...?" The age old question.

    Okay, got LOTS of nothing to do, so I really must go do it now. :)

    Happy days!

  24. Took the sulky 12 year old to the orthodontist, bought dog food, had the car serviced, bought groceries,(after writing down ingredients from a mouth watering friedokra4me recipe)! then changed clothes so I could get a quick 3 mile walk in. Read the paper and started drinking early instead. Can anyone tell me why I'm 50lbs. overweight???'s NOT the dog food.

  25. in about ten days i will hop on a plan and fly from FRIGID Boston to SUNNY Daytona for a week with my in-laws, who i HEART triple times.

    i think i forgot to pack my tan when we moved up north last year.
    i'm hoping to bring a new one back with me for the summer!

  26. Let's see: yesterday, The Baby was The Grouchiest Person in The History of The World, we walked her siblings to school and I talked to a long-lost friend on the phone in the evening, which led to the wistful thought that some friends are lost for good reasons. :(