Friday, April 4, 2008

Hie Thee Hither, Y'all.

I'm talking about bustin' the winter crust over at Chic Critique today, as the final installment in a great series about schmearing on that increasingly-popular fashion accessory and beauty treatment, the tan-in-a-can. Go find out how to shed your winter skin and get spring-ified, just in time for a beautiful, sunny weekend.

Happy Friday, my friends!


  1. Megan-
    Love Chic Critique and would like to advertise for it on my blog...if that's okay. I was wondering how I could get a button widget thingee (love my technical jargon?) to display.

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  3. Oh, where would we be without tan-in-a-can? Blind, that's where - blinded by the dazzling WHITE of my legs in spring!!!! :)