Friday, April 18, 2008

Blowin' Through the Jasmine in My Mind.

I looked out in my backyard last night around dinner time and caught a glimpse of my three new little jasmine plants, tiny little yellow flames of baby blooms flickering on each young stem. Can the fragrant purple blossoms of lilac be far behind? Finally, a breath of spring. Finally a day or two of beautiful soul-warming sun. Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow.

Y'all can count on seeing pictures of every bud, blossom and bloom unfurling in my yard this month - last year this time we paid a landscaper to come install beds and borders in the front and back. All winter long I've watched the temperatures and held my breath, praying the plants would survive and give us the show of color and aroma I've hoped Bean will associate with spring's arrival. I'm sometimes literally breathless with anticipation to see what the next weeks will bring.


I'm over at Chic Critique again today, (I know, who do I think I am?) discussing a delicious body wash that's phthalate free for your kids, but still distinctly grown-up in scent and cleansing-power. Go check it out!


The answer to Wednesday Puzzler came from my amazing friend Mari at My Little Corner of the World, a beautiful, loving wife, mother, nurse, friend and blogger who is also not from Walla Walla, Washington. But I treasure her friendship, her comments and her occasional comforting, reassuring emails so much, y'all. And she's smart, too, because she knew why the water in my potties (and her potties, too!) sways when the wind blows hard outside. It's because of the sewage gas vent that pulls all the fumes from the house's septic system up and out through our roof. See, the vent is open so the STANK can go up and out, which is a very good thing, because I don't want that kinda STANK getting STUCK anywhere near my nose, do you? Anyway when the wind blows across that vent (poor, poor unsuspecting wind - can you imagine just blowing along merrily minding your own beeswax and all-of-a-sudden breezing through a cloud of sewage gas?

(Tangent)Kinda reminds me of the roadtrips we used to take with my Grandaddy Clover down to Flagler Beach, Florida, these roadtrips upon which we would drive past about seven hundred "papermills" - ahem. Did y'all know that "papermills" put out a wide and abominable range of the most (ob)noxious gases you have ever laid your little nose upon? But that those gases will actually dissipate if you OPEN your car window and let the wind blow in from the outside, which seems odd because that's where they're coming from in the first place, but lo and behold it still works? Yes yes, it is all fact. And it is also fact that if you can manage to say Kushlamarie! at EXACTLY the right moment, which is hard to do indeed, but if you can, your garage door will open magically before your eyes as you sit very quietly in your Grandaddy's car with your hands folded calmly in your lap? No? Well my Grandaddy knows ALL of these things, and he lovingly instructed me over the course of my childhood and now I know them, too. "Papermill"-dotted south Georgia farmland and its noxious gases, and Kushlamarie! - these are my proud heritage, people. Does this give you a little glimpse into why I am who I am?

Mmmm-hmmm, I thought it would. (/Tangent)

Oh brother. Where on EARTH was I?

Oh yeah. The wind whipping across the top of the sewage gas vent. It creates a vaccuum in the plumbing, and tries to suck the water out of the potties and up through the pipes, but even at 40 mph, all it can do is make the water sway a little bit. Probably weakened by the STANKfumes, wouldn't you think? And there you have it!


We don't have any huge plans for the weekend in the FriedOkra household. I'll be too busy cramming for my Glucose Tolerance Test on Monday. I'll also be getting ready for the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival next week, so make sure you come back and register to win a delightful freebie courtesy of yours truly, FriedOkra.


  1. Me, too. I just want to be CLEAN. My husband LOVES a clean-smelling woman. :)

    Being from the south myself, your posts are always quite amusing. There is this one spot in my hometown that always has a STANK. You're breezin' down the bypass, feelin' good, then suddenly, wham, broadside STANK.

    Thanks so much, Megan, for sharing in our baby joy!! We're feeling extra-special blessed on this gorgeous Friday, when all seems right with the world. God is so good, and sometimes we realize it with fresh clarity and KNOW what it is to be humble.


  2. Y'all DO get that the papermills weren't really responsible for the gases in the car, right? You get that? Tell me you do.

  3. I do remember the papermills that we would encounter on the way down to the beach when I was younger.

    We also have a papermill somewhere around where I live now. And every now and again when the wind is blowing in the "wrong" direction, we get that STANK. Outside, inside - makes no difference - YUCK!

    Also YUCK are those nasty glucose tolerance tests - HATEM, HATEM, HATEM! With BOTH pregnancies, I failed the 1-hour test and was forced to endure the 3-hour test. Thankfully I passed the 3-hour test, but it was torture!!

    Dontcha' just love those wonderful things that grandparents and parents taught us that we get to pass along. I just wish my grandparents could have been here to see/meet/enjoy my sweet little ones. SNIF

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I am so glad to know why your water sways, my brain was swaying trying to figure it out.
    Do you get to eat candy bars for your glucose test? My last pregnancy, they told me to eat a candy bar every day for 3-5 days before I went for the test. I am not sure why and wished I'd been told to do that the first two pregnancies. I love any excuse to eat a Snickers.

  5. I had to laugh at your first paragraph because my daffodils are blooming. I took a picture of them and thought, "I hope my bloggy friends aren't going to get sick of seeing the flowers bloom". After making it through winter, I'm just so excited to see flowers! Also - I'm really not that smart because I've never thought to open my care window when a stank gets in! I'll try it next time!

  6. Flagler Beach? We'll be there 3 weeks from tomorrow!! :-)

    I'll think of you when we arrive!


  7. Just remember if you don't keep the glucola down, the test starts over! I failed my one hour test too and had to endure the 3 hour test - on the day after Halloween no less! Oh well, at least I passed that one.

  8. From one transplanted southern gal to another, gotta say I'm enjoying your blog. Went back and read some of the older posts. I'm also a fried okra lover who has trouble making it herself. :-( And haven't been able to find any place up here that makes it right. Too bready and I don't think they fry it in hot enough oil. Anyway, whenever I get "back home" I fill 'er up to get me through 'til the next time!
    Made me some pinto beans and cornbread last week. I inherited my daddy's well used and well seasoned cast iron skillet so I can finally make decent cornbread. Ahhh, life is good.

  9. Oh my goodness, I realized my last comment sounds odd. I'm not saying life is good 'cause my daddy died (he's been gone 8 years) but that life is good 'cause I can make good cornbread. After a houseful of company for the past few days and throwing a big ole party today, I think I just need to go to bed and get some rest so I can sound sensible.

  10. I'm so glad I know smart people, we have a papermill not to far from us but far enough so's we don't get the smell at home but do occasionally drive by it. I will remember to keep the winders open for sure!!!

  11. We live a few towns over from a paper mill and on cloudy days, we can SMELL IT! ICK!
    We have a septic PIT, which is different than a septic tank. We never smell it, though.

  12. Our town in Wisconsin had a paper mill and I was AMAZED at the LACK of stink. I don't know what they did differently, because the one near my college was enough to make me want to keep a container of Vicks with me when I had to drive by it.

    xo ~K