Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are You a Plumber, Or Are Those Just Low-Rise Jeans You're Wearin'?

Oh, wasn't that a pure-tee HOOT, y'all? Thanks for being GREAT sports and attempting to solve yesterday's little puzzler - the Mystery of the Mischievous Husband, His Twitchy Nose, and the Self-Lighting Lightbulb.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: The correct answer was sent in by Lora Lynn of Walla Walla, Washington.

O-KAY, she's not really from Walla Walla, Washington (are you, Lora Lynn?). I have just always wanted to announce a winner like that. It sounds so official, don't you think? Why, I could be in radio, don't you also think?

Anyway, here's what happened. I turned that light on at the switch and nothing happened. I closed the door immediately, heck-bent on finding out why the darling man had climbed up that dadblasted ladder to hang up a galldurn tennis ball but hadn't changed the lightbulb located not two feet to the right of it. (Wow, that makes me sound like such a pill. I'm really not a pill. I was just curious. Maybe a bit self-righteously curious. But we'll just forget that part. Because they don't let pills be on the radio, do they? Oh wait. Dr. Laura.)

(/TANGENT.) (Ahem.)

So I came in the house and asked the question. And that man. That QUICK, SMART, AMAZINGLY WITTIFIED man of mine - oh, I don't know how he does it - he figured out in a split second exactly what I meant, exactly what had happened, and he came up with that Bewitched! thing RIGHT THERE, RIGHT ON THE SPOT! And he knew it would work, too, because HE knew that the bulb, Yes, Lora Lynn of Walla Walla, the BULB in question, the one he HAD replaced, was an energy saving flourescent bulb which takes a minute to fire up and come on, and I'd given up on my sweet husband, and unquestioningly accepted that he was a no-count varmint/schlep, just like that, in a split second. But the bulb came on, I'm sure, just as my faithless, uncharitable, no-benefit-of-the-doubtin' hand slammed that door shut. All it needed was a second to warm up.

You know, I should really take a clue from that lightbulb.

Samantha I mean, Honey, I admit, I was total goober. You are the BEST man - and I shouldn't have doubted you for a second. And I love that instead of getting mad and snarling, "I DID change the &$@#! bulb, WOMAN!" you very cleverly made me laugh instead. You deserve way better than me. (But let's not go testing that theory, okay?)

P.S. T of TwithHoney also sent in the right answer. She's an engineer, y'all.

And now, because we had us a rollickin' good time with yesterday's puzzler, I'ma throw you a BONUS puzzler, as I solved another little mystery today and I wonder if you can too.

See, Chicagoland's livin' up to it's moniker, The Windy City, lately. I mean it always does, but the past few days have been especially blustery. Today's winds are gusting up to 40 MPH. That's some serious wind, people. Like blow-neighbor-Nicki's-boys'-HUGE-basketball-goal-over-not-once-but-twice-so-far-today windy. Find-your-line-dried-nightgown-tangled-up-inna-bushes-two-houses-down-and-not-even-be-slightly-mortified-by-this-turn-of-events windy.

Well, on really windy days, a strange thing happens around here. The water. In my household potties. It ... well ... it sways.

So, do y'all know why it does that?


  1. Guess what - it does that at my house too! I think it's because of the wind blowing across the vent pipe on the roof, which changes the air pressure in the plumbing.


    Living in hurricane country, I know the answer!

    The house sways with the wind! You don't always feel it inside, but it does.


  3. No no its because the water in the lakes have white caps & big waves & they sway & swoosh all the way into the houses, yep that's it I'm sure.

  4. I asked my husband, the scientist, and he wanted to know if you live near a water tower.He didn't give anymore detail so I don't think he knows either. I'll be wondering all night.

  5. Stumped. But my husband is very curious. Maybe I am too! :)

  6. hooray for me! Actually, I'm from the Promised Land, aka Alabama.

    and I'm gonna leave your swaying toilet syndrome to some of these other geniuses...

  7. Hey, I resemble that title! Although I have been better about layering long tank tops under my shorter shirts.

    And, again, someone beat me to the right answer. I'm with mari this time and the 'sway' is caused by changes in the air pressure.

    Oh, just a quick little side note... me being an engineer had nothing to do with guessing the correct answer.

    That was my guess because many a night I have carefully tiptoed my way downstairs through the dark house and into the kitchen only to have to stand there for a minute or two after flipping the switch before I can finally see. It drives me bonkers!!