Monday, March 17, 2008

New Heartbreaking Discovery: Shamrocks Really Not That Lucky Afterall

Well, we didn't get to make the cupcakes. I DID dutifully dye that frosting a bright tree-frog green while all the nappin' was goin' on, but then the nappin' kept goin' on and goin' on until the potential cupcake-baking time started encroaching on urgent dinner-making time and I made the executive decision to table our bakefest until the weekend. I naively figured when Bean finally awoke, I'd tell her quickly and honestly about the plan change and fix her up with some easy tasks she could do to help me get dinner ready.

Ready ... Set ... Divert Meltdown! Simple, right?

OHMYGRANNY. It was about as simple as kissing the backs of my own knees, people! There was crying. And gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair, wailing, snorting, snot-flinging, tear-staining and more. Followed by a full 45 minutes of forlorn hiccuping combined with perfectly (manipulatively) spaced muffled, broken sob-lets.


Eventually Daddy came in and with him came a rainbow of hope wrapped around the assurance we WOULD MAKE THE CUPCAKES on Saturday, and all was well except we had zero tissues left in the house thanks to the dramatic woe-is-me mopping up of all those tears.

And then it hit. The flu. Or whatever it was. I'd say it was definitely the flu except I don't think I had much of a fever. I can't be sure about the fever because my last treasured plain old (hideously unsafe yadda yadda) glass and mercury thermometer bit the dust a few months ago and so now the only way to check temperatures around here is with Bean's The Other End Thermometer and well? Yeah, um...NO.

So we still haven't made the shamrock cakes.

But maybe now I can skip the rolling up of the 36 little dadburn balls of foil and just make plain old round cupcakes, frost 'em up with my brilliantly-green goo, slap some jelly beans or Peeps™ on top and call 'em Easter cupcakes.

But as God is my witness, people, I ain't breathin' a WORD of this scheme to Madame D. Smearyfingers Lickabowl until we've both got our aprons tied and our whisks in hand.


  1. How incredibly HORRIBLE! Although it's probably a good thing it didn't happen that day because flu bugs tend to flit about a day or so before they alight in our some might have alighted on the cupcakes, and that would be bad.

  2. Hope you've bounced back. I think plain cupcakes with green frosting sounds wonderfully eastery, and I'm sure she will be perfectly content and happy as a clam!

    FLEXIBILITY, that's what we're trying to teach these kids!!! When do you think it will kick in??? I guess whenever rationality does. :)

  3. Oh you poor sweet Momma, I do hope you will get the green cakes made soon but git yerself back on track first.... Ya here!!!

  4. Oh no! This is a tragic turn of events! Hopefully the green frosted cupcakes will appease poor Bean.
    I had that nasty flu bug visit me too and am just starting to feel better. Hope your household is completely healthy soon. You've had a rough winter!

  5. The same thing happens around here when we have a 'plan change'. It ain't pretty!

  6. Oh My Word. I think that is the biggest difference between boys and girls. The boys were so laid back.... but the girls can flip a switch making them screaming, crying, snot slinging monsters. But then as quick as it started, it stops and they are sweet, smiling, love-hugging dolls.

  7. Aha! You've learned one of my secrets to sanity. Sorry I didn't share that one on my blog. But this is the exact reason we kept our trip to DisneyWorld a secret. I didn't want to deal with Princess if a blizzard or some such had kept us from meeting Mickey Mouse.

    If you're really ambitious maybe you could make these Easter cupcakes. It uses green icing.

  8. Mommy rule #1: Never ever let them know what you are going to do that is going to be fun or where your are going that is going to be fun until you are either doing it or THERE!

    Just this last weekend we had our coats and shoes on, ready to go to the train show; I thought it was ok to let them know exactly why we were heading out the door. I told. Then BLAM, we were diverted by a trip to the ER.

    I should have followed the rule.

  9. OK, your title for her made me chuckle. That is hilarious.

    Hope you're feeling better!!!

  10. The other end thermometer? Too funny and such a nicer way to put it than what we say! :)

  11. I am SERIOUSLY feeling your pain right now. Hope you are feeling better by now!

  12. oh sorry you had the flu on St. Paddy's occasion. And yes, some things have to stay under wrap until it is 100% certainity of happening. It is a tough lesson I'm always learning again and again!

  13. oh nooooooo you've been sick as well.
    I have beenunsure of my fever status for the exact same reason. I am unsure which thermometer is rectal free......

    Hope all is better.

  14. *sigh* I'm learning that the words "maybe", "we might", or "possibly" should never be used with my son. He's about as flexible as steel rebar! On the bright side, he does keep better track of my schedule than I do....

  15. Ih that is SO something that would happen at my house.
    Hope you're feeling better!!