Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to Dye Eggs, By Bean

I still don't have a picture for y'all of the final outcome of all the cake hoopla, but it'll be along soon. I'm hoping Bean's little tutorial on Easter egg dyeing will make y'all smile. We sure did a lot of smiling while we were making it. And we're still smiling. As we bleach the pink splotches out of the sink. And wonder how long we're going to have green and orange fingers.

(And dream lusty dreams of all the egg salad and horseradish deviled eggs we're gonna be eatin' starting tomorrow!)


In case you can't follow the pictorial, here's a quick run-down of the steps for dyeing eggs, according to The Bean.

1) Put some water and binegar and dese little colored pills into some cups on plates on newspaper on the table.

2) CAREFULLY place de eggs into de cups with de colored H2O.

3) Wait and wait and wait and wait. Sigh. Pose for Mama as she dances around you with her camera like she thinks she's Annie Leibovitz.

4) Gently take de eggs outta de colored H2O an' put dem on some plates dat Mama covered with paper tyels.

5) Look at all dose pretty colors! Look at Mama, still with the camera. Roll eyes dramatically. Refuse to roll eyes again so Mama can take picture of that. (Hee hee.)

6) Den look at all dose pretty colors UP CLOSE. And talk a blue streak about dem. And tell Mama whass inside de pretty colored eggs. (Scrammled eggs, of course.)

7) Relinquish de eggs fer a minute so Mama can attempt to take some artsy-fartsy pitchers. Be quietly relieved Mama is not pointing the camera at YOU anymore. Oh waitaminute, here she comes again. Make goofy face, fast!

8) And dat's it.

Happy Easter, Y'all, from FriedOkra Manor.

9) Okay, Mama. Whass next?

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  1. How cute! Those directions make so much more sense then the ones on the box...