Friday, January 25, 2008

Not That Anything I Write HERE is a Literary Masterpiece by Any Stretch of the Imagination, You Understand

Happy Friday, people!

Y'all sure have made me feel good (emotionally) with all your checking in and wondering how I'm doing and askin' after my well-being. There is truly nothing more soothing to the ailing female soul than a concerned friend with a listening ear. Oh, and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese®. (She said very sheepishly.)

I'm still blogging my way through this first trimester at my pregnancy blog. Of course everyone who reads here is welcome there, but I'ma warn you right now that it hasn't been a picnic so far and that you should steel yourself if you decide to wander over and check it out, because it's a pregnancy diary and it gets a bit, um, raw at times. My main goal at Found A Peanut is simply to capture thoughts, milestones and day-to-day ramblings, including the un-rosy stuff, because I want it to be honest and authentic, while I carry this Peanut, so I (and both of my kids) can read it again one day and know what it was like when Mom was pregnant. I wish my own Mom had kept such a log so that I'd have had it to compare our pregnant selves and get answers to some of the questions I had while I was carrying Bean and that I have now. I don't spend much time editing or even organizing what I write - it's stream-of-consciousness all the way. And occasionally I update the Belly Gallery with a new picture of my same old un-pregnant looking but plenty-flubbery little torso. I'm due to update that today and I think I may be starting to get a little bump finally! Might just be the mac and cheese though.

If the idea of a (raw, disorganized) pregnancy diary makes you want to run screaming into the night (I can't say that I would blame you if it did!), here's some basic info to keep you up to date.

1 - Today I'm exactly 12 weeks pregnant.

2 - I got to see the Peanut in a sonogram at 9 weeks, 4 days. There was a moment during the appointment that my wonderful doctor reckoned aloud I might be carrying twins, but she quickly (upon seeing me go white and begin clutching at my chest) sonogrammed me up good and found she was mistaken. This Peanut is full of surprises, so far! He/she looked healthy and normal and downright cute, if I do say so myself.

3 - I'll go back to see Dr. Make-Your-Heart-Stop-for-a-Minute next week, right before the family leaves for a vacation on the Southern coast with Nana and my sister and her family.

4 - I'm feeling a little better? Some days? Still extremely tired out, but the nausea has been taking a day off here and there. Those are great days! I live for those days. There's more to the nausea than just nausea, and in ways, the "more" is the worst part, but I won't go into details about that here.

5 - I do have a few interesting cravings already. I'm craving cherry-flavored anything, but especially cherry pie. I had some cherry Jello® last night and reacted to it exactly like Meg Ryan at the diner in When Harry Met Sally. It was so. incredibly. fantastically. delicious! Al just sat there and stared at me until I was all done. Then he calmly handed me the rest of HIS cherry Jello®. I also love anything that contains fake powdered cheese. The oranger the better. And canned baked beans.

And hmm... that's about all I can think of. What else do y'all want to know?


  1. Glad you're having some good days here and there. Baked beans? THAT must be an unpleasant place to be these days. ;-)

  2. I am so glad that you are feeling better. It is rought being pregnant sometimes.
    I craved orange anything...and goldfish crackers. They hit the spot everytime.
    Hope things keep getting better and better!!

  3. You're getting there - 12 weeks! I'm so excited about the Peanut blog. It'ss give me my little Okra fix, now and again!

  4. I have been wondering about you. I'm glad you're back, and I hope that you keep continuing to feel better. I'm so excited about your other blog. I will have to do some readin' this weekend. I'm with Mari- we need our Fried Okra fix:)

  5. Hey, thanks for sharing the pregnancy blog with us! I like my reading raw, so I am looking quite forward to it. You look darling, by the way.

    Oh, and I have to thank Kraft and their fantastically unnatural mac and cheese for getting me through my first trimester with AJ. It's just about the only thing I could tolerate!

  6. Stop by my blog to pick up an award!

  7. OK Megan, it's about darned time you posted something new! I was worrying!

    Just kidding. I hope you are feeling less discombobulated.

    Now I will actually go and read your post. Hugggggggggs


  8. Ok, now that I've read it........have you ever wondered upon looking at my blog, why I am a brunette, and Taylor is a brunette...and Ash is so damned BLONDE??????????

    I bleached her! I did!

    When I was pregnant with her, I craved only the spiciest or most sour food and candy imaginable. See! I did bleach her.

    Luv M.

  9. exciting stuff, girlfriend! so good to hear an update!


  10. Oooh food tastes the best when you are pregnant! Now if only Cheetos could add a little cherry zip to their powder-y puffs...

  11. are just so cute. I think I have a crush on you....and yes...I know how stalkerish I am.

    have a great cherry, cheesy weekend.

  12. The name of it caught my eye...I LOVE me some Fried Okra!!

    Congrats on the lil peanut! Mine is now 8 months old and she's way too much fun. When I was prego, I craved bacon dipped in vinegar! WEIRD! lol


  13. Sweet potatoes. That was my big craving for a while...It's a wonder my son didn't come out a sweet potato orangey-brown!
    I love how you wrote about your hubby staring at you while you ate your cherry jello! I could just see it play out in my head like a comedy routine. Ha!
    May you enjoy every milestone of your pregnancy, may it be blissfully uneventful (medically), and may the nausea stage end quickly!
    Looking forward to more of your writing, Shug!

  14. cherry flavoring and powdered cheese.

    no wonder you're nauseous!

    I actually ate peach oatmeal and sweet pickles for breakfast with my first.

  15. Glad your doing good. If you like yogurt, the cherry flavor always seems to satisfy my cravings for sweet.

  16. I always love to hear about people's cravings - they are so funny and weird!

    When I was pregger with Jack, I craved orange anything. I would down 2 tall glasses of iced orange juice in one gulp practically, and then eat 2 naval oranges. I bought them by the 10 lb bags!!! John would look at me with bulging eyes - what in the world? I'm not naturally an orange-juice woman, either. Weird.

    I remember nothing tasted right. I could smell any tiny little "flavor" that was off, like the chlorine in the tap water. Usually I love tap water - but I had to buy bottled water while pregnant for the taste factor. Wow, being pregnant is a big job, isn't it? :)

    Glad to hear it's letting up a little.

  17. Whoo Hoo!! 12 weeks is wonderful. I'm sitting at nearly 17 and craving Tuna salad and bean with bacon soup. And Coca Cola. Been pretty good about avoiding the Coke craving, though.

    Mmmm, JELLO!