Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Letter 2007

Oh, My Dear, Sweet FriedOkra Family,

Ho Ho Ho! What a year here on Feldin Road. Santa has enjoyed watching another year of your lives unfold, once again with so much love between and among you that it makes his toes curl up like elf shoes.

Bean, you are the prettiest, sweetest, smartest and funniest three-year-old on Santa's route, and Santa knows it's safe to tell you that because you're also very modest and humble. Santa loves the magical sparkle in your eyes and the merry dimples in your cheeks, and appreciates sincerely your wit, charm and infectious laugh.

Al, Santa watched you faithfully and good-heartedly hang in there in your old job, though times were tough, always doing what was in the best interest of your family, and then carefully but diligently and gracefully seek and find a new position that will not only make excellent use of your talents, but also bring you a bit more peace and satisfaction. Well done, young man.

Megan, Santa watched you spread your wings a bit as a wife and mother, as well as a friend and neighbor, and most surprisingly, a blogger! Santa is proud and happy to see you developing more confidence in yourself, taking on new challenges and practicing your skills as a writer.

You are all special people whom Santa loves very much, and Santa hopes you will spend the coming year together in peace, love and much happiness.

God loves you all, too, and He hears your prayers and welcomes with joy your gratitude and praise as well as your sadness, pain and needs. He is your Heavenly Father, your Creator, your Rock. Lean on Him, give Him your trust always - for He is the One who will never fail you. He is the one who sent Jesus, your Savior, whose birth we celebrate this holy season.

Merry Christmas to All,


Santa S. Claus

Added to the back of the envelope, apparently in haste:
"Santa heard he'll need to plan to fill one more stocking next year! HO HO HO! Congratulations to you all and a special Merry Christmas to Baby Peanut!"


  1. Aw. That gave me chills. So sweet. (and all so true). Now I wanna read all the other ones! ;)

  2. Merry Christmas!
    I so have enjoyed your blog -like a gift everyday!

  3. What a nice letter from Santa! He sends letters to our family too, but they are usually scolding people for their behavior during the last year! I'll be posting about this tonight - we have a lot of fun with it. Like Santa, I am thrilled that you are blogging. I am always happy to see a new post from you!

  4. Thanks to you and your family for making our Christmas day special.

  5. How very usual! Glad to see a post from you--hope you are feeling better!

  6. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Megan! I couldn't be more excited about your peanut...Bean is going to be such a sweet big sis!

    Merry Christmas, my friend!


  7. What a great letter! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Oh, Megan. I just read up on your posts that I missed over Christmas, and I'm commiserating with you over the morning sickness, which I also had, 3 times, and it was horrible every time. How do we do it? We are "overwhelming," as my son said tonight... it was his new adjective and he was trying it out. He thinks it has something to do with superpowers, which must be what God gives a new mama - the strength to ENDURE!!!

    About the red paint...
    One night several years ago, I dropped in to see a friend as she and her husband were putting their 9th coat of red on their kitchen walls. What a guy her husband was...
    I'm sure it will grow on you, and it's probably a knock-out to visitors, but not so easy on the stomach, I'm sure. Here's the rule: don't make ANY decisions while you're pregnant. You think you're in your right mind, but YOU'RE NOT!!!
    Trust me on that one. :)

    As soon as Peanut pops out, you'll either A) suddenly LOVE the red walls, or B) find that the red walls will so violently remind you of morning sickness that you will forever hate red. We'll see. I still can't wear Pear Glace lotion from Vickie's Secret, or burn any raspberry scented candles after morning sickness from 11 years ago. Gag a mag. There are also particular songs on the radio that make me hasten to switch the dial because they conjure up more than images. Bleh.

    Anyway, it's survival for a few weeks! And then the bliss of normality. Well, kinda. And THEN... aaaah, a lifetime of reward. ("Rocky" music playing in background...)

  9. Awww, lovely. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

  10. OkraMomma
    You must be so sick - and tired too! The holidays can sure wear out anyone, let alone a pregnant mother of a small child! Hope you're back to blogging soon. Miss hearing about your beautiful family. I also could use a good laugh, which I always get from reading FriedOkra. Toodles!!

  11. Happy New Year! Beautiful letter! Still waiting for mine to get in from North Pole AK! Why I felt compelled to have Santa send a letter with a North Pole cancellation mark to two children who cannot read is beyond me :)

  12. Happy new year to your sweet family - all 3 and a half of you! I have enjoyed visiting you occasionally and "seeing" you at Pam's blog. Trust you are getting stronger and that morning thing is totally gone away like the christmas cookies that transformed and are now are hiding (not very well) in my elastic waist fleece pants! Blessings to you!

  13. It sounds like Santa was happy with your family this year:) I hope ya'll have a Happy New Year and that you will be feeling much better soon!!!

  14. Megan!! I am so psyched for you that you will be havin' a new one this year!!

    I am sending you a long distance hug from here in sunny South Africa, and hopefully that will warm your toes a bit.

    God bless!